11 Weird Things You Didn't Know Were Edible – Mashed

11 Weird Things You Didn't Know Were Edible - Mashed

Picture this: you’re walking in a luscious green garden with fresh roses in bloom. You stop to smell one, and you can’t helping thinking that you want to have a taste of the sweet, sweet nectar-filled flower. But is that safe?

Fortunately, yes. In fact, roses contain a lot of nutrition from vitamins A and C, as well as minerals like potassium, iron, and calcium. You should exercise some caution and make sure that the plant hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides or other harmful substances before chowing down on the pretty petals (via blume)

Apart from the petals, the plant’s leaves, buds, and rose hips are also used in various dishes. Their flavor profile is rich and diverse, imparting fruity aromas as well as minty and peppery flavors, though they’re more known for their fragrance than taste (via Plant Addicts). According to Tyrant Farms, roses can be added to a variety of meals and can taste great in teas, syrups, and even butter.

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