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peanut butter toast  healthy sweet snacks

peanut butter toast  healthy sweet snacks

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We at Cosmo love our snacks (so much, in fact, that we even have a whole award series devoted to them!!). If you’re like me and can polish off an entire box of PopTarts without blinking, you may also want some healthier (but still yummy) alternatives to satisfy your sweet tooth. Finding that perfect snack to fulfill every sweet craving without heading straight to your stash of gummy bears is tough, though. The good news is that, in an effort to cut back on super sugary treats, I stumbled upon some of the most ~delightful~ healthy replacements for my go-to sweet snacks of choice—things I actually look forward to eating just as much.

Luckily, there is hope for all of us who have a raging sweet tooth. Of course, not every single thing on this list falls into the super-healthy category (yes, there is homemade ice cream on here, don’t be mad). But making some of these items yourself will result in fewer and more natural ingredients and way less sugar or preservatives. As food author Michael Pollan has explained, you can have all the junk food you want…you just need to make it yourself. (Sneaky healthy tip for ya!)

So enjoy these 30 healthy snack ideas for a fresh take on some of your faves alongside some new recipes to try. Have ’em all by themselves (especially after you’ve had a long day at work). Or load up a bento box with the yummiest (and less perishable) options for a rainbow-colored, nutritionist-approved snack box. Bon appetit!!

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Homemade Fruit Pops

Homemade fruit pops usually have fewer than five ingredients and they’re a cinch to make. The hardest part is waiting for them to freeze, tbh. Just make sure you have the molds and wooden sticks before you start.


Or Just the Berries

Frozen fruit is…a surprisingly delicious treat, whether you’re just throwing some grapes in the freezer or freezing them as a bar. Also, it’s lower in sugar than a more processed bar.


Better Bark

This yogurt “bark”consists of fruit and sweets mixed in, then the whole concoction is frozen for a crunchy cold snack. Like chocolate bark, only cold (and way better for you, so long as you don’t add too much sugar).


Fruit Sushi Pls

There are a couple ways to make this, but one recipe calls for making sweet, coconut milk-infused rice, wrapping fruit in it, and topping with mango or coconut flakes. Yummmmm.


Homemade Caramel Popcorn

If you’ve never had sweet popcorn, you are missing tf out. This is also so easy to make: melt butter, sugar, and baking soda together and drizzle over your popped kernels.


DIY Trail Mix

What’s great about this snack idea is that you basically take the nuts, dried fruit, and granola you love the most (maybe skip the super sugary candy) and make yourself a custom snack. Never not snackable.


Get That Granola

Basically trail mix in bar form, you can similarly customize your granola bars with whatever goodies you like (including dark chocolate morsels!). It doesn’t last as long as the store variety, but it’s way better for you.


Sweet, Sweet Salsa

Never had peach salsa? I was skeptical until I tried it, and now I want to make it every other week. This (and other fruit salsas) perfectly balance the spice and tanginess of peppers, tomatoes, and onions with a jolt of fresh sweetness.


Upgrade the Smoothie

Yes, yes, a smoothie isn’t the most ~original~ idea in the world. So mix it up—put real fruit bits in it for a surprise treat. Introduce new ingredients, like chia seeds. Use another liquid than milk or water. Really go for it, creatively speaking.


Just the Cutest Charcuterie Board

If you like ~presentation~, charcuterie boards don’t just have to be for having guests over (and they don’t just have to be cheese and meat!). Add cereal, fruit, nuts, and granola for a DIY snack alternative.


A Fruit Sandwich

Basically, take a cracker or bread, add whipped cream, then top with your fave fruit. You can also sub out the whipped cream with jam or coconut whipped cream, if you prefer (and want something a smidge healthier).


Syrups and Sauces, Oh My

Or, if you wanna branch out even more, make your own syrups and sauces. Boom: Now you have condiments you can drizzle over all kinds of food without worrying about a ton of added sugar.


Ice Cream From Your Own Kitchen

It can be a lil bit of a commitment, but making your own thick, creamy ice cream (using real fruit and flavoring, natch) is the best. Plus, you’ll have worked off a bunch of calories before you treat yourself.


Go for Fruit Leather

This will not taste like Fruit Roll Ups or the store-bought versions (which have a bunch of sugar). But (with some patience waiting for it to dry), your own fruit leather will taste quite scrumptious.


Or Upgrade With Fruit Bruschetta

A slightly fancier, dinner party-worthy pick is to combine thick bread, fruit, and cream cheese (these are sometimes called canapes, if you wanna get fancy).


Alternative Pancakes

Getting a gluten-free or multigrain pancake mix (or, even better, starting from scratch), then loading up on real fruit instead of just dousing it in syrup? You’ve got yourself a healthier alternative to IHOP.


Spice Up Your (Fruit Bowl)

Freshly cut fruit doesn’t sound like a wild time, but you can take the opportunity to eliminate all the fruits you hate (honeydew melon is my enemy) and drizzle on a little syrup, sugar, or even chocolate sauce.


Have a (Nut) Ball

This no-bake recipe comes together in exactly 10 minutes and includes nuts, dates, and peanut butter. Also, tell me their shape isn’t perfect for throwing a few into your mouth when you have a craving.


When in Doubt…Chocolate

I am of course referring to dark chocolate sauce, which (when homemade) isn’t bad for you. Also, you dip healthier things into it, so it’s not like you’re housing the entire thing in one sitting!


Get on the Fruit Boat

Take some big fruit. Put fruit and yogurt inside that fruit. Boom. I just blew your mind. This one is a papaya bowl, but experiment with different big fruits to see what makes your dream snack.


A Layer Cake of Yogurt

Don’t worry, granola and acai bowls are on this list, but if you wanna *make it nice*, do a little parfait situation with layers of fruit, granola, and yogurt. Also if you do want to host people, this makes for a visually gorge dessert.


Fruit on a Stick

Speaking of fancy dinner party desserts, putting fruit on skewers is an immediate way to elevate a simple snack. Extra bonus points if you use fruits that you can actually put on a grill and serve up nice and toasty warm.


Chips, but Make It Fruit

It can take up to 90 minutes of cooking in the oven to make your own banana chips, but it’s a snack you can then take with you for an on-the-go food.


Sweeten Your Salad

Similarly to salsa, you might not expect to blend sweetness into a savory salad. But there are plenty of ingredients that work well in salads, from peaches to strawberries, especially when they’re fresh in the summer.


Hello Jello

Real, homemade fruit jello is nothing like the kind you get in the box. It’s got the fun texture, of course, but the joy of actual fruit bits and less sugar will make this a fave dessert immediately.


Fruit Muffins!!

I dunno about you, but I find store-bought muffins to be…underwhelming. But when you go with a homemade option, they turn out so much fluffier, sweeter, and healthier. Plus you can make substitutions and additions as you like.


Veggie “Fries” and Sauce

Okay, yes, this one isn’t inherently sweet, so pair your chopped veggies with sweet and spicy mustard for that added bite of tang you never knew you always wanted. Plain veggies deserve some love, too.


Healthy(ish) Cookies

Bakers all over the world have managed to make yummy cookies while subbing out the less healthy ingredients. This version is gluten-free, can be made vegan, and has no eggs, sugar, or grains!


Or a Light, Flaky Crisp

Otherwise opt for a thinner, lighter, less crispy version with these apple chips. Again, fresh fruit is best here, and you want to be selective about the type of apple you’re using. But they’ll be gone in two seconds once you make them.


And Jam!

Jam is great, but have you tried making it? The homemade version can take time, and it requires you to have fresh fruit on hand, but you can make lots and store for later. Also it’s the best.


Your Best Granola Life

Granola, acai, and yogurt bowls are standard breakfast fare at this point. So the trick is to mix unexpected flavors, like chocolate and orange or mango and apple. Add in everything you like, leave out all the stuff you don’t.

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