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If you’ve ever been on a weight loss journey, you know that it can sometimes feel incredibly daunting trying to find meals that will keep you full but aren’t high in calories. Because the one true way to see sustainable weight loss is to be in a calorie deficit, it’s crucial to eat foods that are filling and nutritious. One way you can keep your blood sugar stable and prevent yourself from impulsively making unhealthy choices is snacking between meals. However, what you snack on makes all the difference. Finding healthy, balanced snacks is the best way to stay full, have sustainable energy throughout the day, and see steady, consistent weight loss. 


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First and foremost, it is important to go into a weight loss journey with the right mindset. “One of the biggest mistakes is having a black and white or all or nothing mentality,” says Lisa Young, PhD, RDN, author Finally Full, Finally Slim, “You don’t have to be perfect; we are all a work in progress. And making improvements, even if they are small, is progress.” This is why it is so important to focus on nourishing your body every day, as opposed to diving right into a restrictive diet. Lisa shared four of her favorite healthy snacks for weight loss with us that you can try at home. 

1. Hummus and Veggies

“Hummus and vegetables make for a great snack. Here is a good chance to get a dose of colorful vegetables including carrots, red and yellow peppers. Hummus contains protein which will help keep you feel full. Aim for around a quarter cup serving of hummus and as many fresh veggies as you like.”

2. Greek Yogurt with Fresh Berries

“Greek yogurt makes for a great snack as it is a good source of calcium and protein. Choose the low-fat varieties which makes this tasty snack relatively low in calories. Top it with your favorite berries for a healthy dose of antioxidants and fiber.”


3. Vegetable/Bean Soup

“Soups make for a great snack. Soup is filling and takes a while to eat. Great choices are veggie based soups such as minestrone, white bean, and lentil soup. The beans contain fiber and protein which help you to feel full. One caveat: If you are eating it out, be sure to check sodium content, as many soups contain too much.”

4. Sliced Apple with Nut Butter

“Apples make for a great snack — high in fiber and low in calories. Add a schmear of nut butter –cashew, almond, or peanut butter–(approximately 1 tablespoon) for a serving of good fat and fiber which will keep you full and help keep your hunger at bay.” 

Ultimately, the most important thing when entering a weight loss journey is eating foods that are healthy and that you enjoy. Another important thing is how much you’re eating—although a food may be healthy, having too much of it could throw you out of a calorie deficit, and therefore prevent you from seeing results. Paying attention to what you’re eating, and how much of it, while also getting ample sleep and regular exercise, is the best way to lose weight in a healthy manner that keeps you feeling your best throughout the process.

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