90 Day Fiancé's Jenny's Best Outdoor Photos Since Weight Loss – Screen Rant

90 Day Fiancé's Jenny's Best Outdoor Photos Since Weight Loss - Screen Rant

Although Jenny Slatten plays coy about her weight loss on social media, 90 Day Fiancé fans have been noticing how fantastic she looks in her outdoor photos from India. The Palm Springs woman Jenny first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 1 alongside her Indian boyfriend, Sumit Singh. Jenny had met him when Sumit was catfishing her on Facebook, by pretending to be Michael Jones. However, Sumit actually developed feelings for Jenny, and the two have stayed together for almost 10 years.


Sumit may have been hopelessly devoted to Jenny, who was twice his age, but his Indian parents thought of her as a hindrance, and married him off to a different woman. Sumit kept his ex-wife a secret from Jenny, and even after he came clean and divorced the mystery woman, he found it difficult to commit to Jenny. Finally, in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 3, Jenny and Sumit got married, without telling his parents. Jenny has been living in India since before 2020, and fans feel that she’s getting younger by the day, thanks to Sumit making her happy.

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Jenny’s weight loss secret is taking daily walks and eating a healthy diet. Sumit, who now works as a cook, helps to make delicious meals for his wife. Some fans also claim that Jenny may have gotten plastic surgery, as she certainly looks younger than her 90 Day Fiancé peers, such as Angela Deem and Lisa Hamme. Regardless, the fact of the matter is that Jenny’s skin glows in all the photos that she posts online, especially the ones where she dons stylish Indian outfits to show her fitness progress in her 60s.

Jenny Finds Her Way To California

There have been times when fans have asked Jenny why she and Sumit don’t move to the U.S. While Jenny may feel homesick for America, it seems like Sumit is the one holding her back, as he’s not interested in getting a visa. However, in July, Jenny finally posted photos from California which shocked her Facebook friends. It turns out that Jenny spotted a place called California Burrito in a local Noida mall. However, apart from Jenny’s surroundings, it was also her clothes that made jaws drop. While Jenny is usually not one to take fashion risks, she wore a long red kurta and layered it with a sheer button-down shirt that she tied in a loose knot at her waist. “Love your outfit,” a fan told fashionable reality TV star Jenny, while someone else mentioned that they loved her with her hair tied up.

Jenny Shows Off Her Good “Jeans”

Jenny admits that she’s normally dressed in shorts, except for when she’s out on shopping dates with Sumit. Now that she’s lost oodles of weight, Jenny has been trying out different types of outfits, as is evident from her newer social media posts. Jenny braved the humidity in India by dressing up in loose flared jeans and a tie-dye jumper. She kept the blue theme of the outfit in mind when using a matching indigo dupatta as a scarf. “Happiness looks good on you,” reads one of the comments on Jenny’s FB update. In fact, one enthusiastic fan wants Jenny to get into the fashion business. That 90 Day Fiancé viewer encouraged Jenny to start her own clothing line.

Jenny Spills The Tea

While the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 7 trailer is hinting at a possible violent relationship between Jenny and Sumit, the couple’s social media updates hint that the drama may not be real. On August 17, Jenny and Sumit celebrated their first wedding anniversary by heading to the hills in South India. Jenny looked cheerful in her all-pink outfit, which she accessorized with large sunglasses for a tea-picking outing. She added more photos of herself wearing a floor-length yellow kurta with spaghetti straps, with a matching silk dupatta, as a very glam and vibrant Jenny posed like a Bollywood actress in the mountains of Ooty. She was ringing in another happy year with her 90 Day Fiancé partner.

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