Best snacks to eat after a workout – Insider

Best snacks to eat after a workout - Insider

  • Insider spoke with fitness trainers and nutritionists to find out what foods to eat post workout.
  • After a workout, you should consume foods that will help restore your body.
  • Consume protein and healthy carbohydrates after training to see the best results.
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Whether you’re working out like Meghan Markle or training like an NFL player, the food you consume post-workout is extremely important. When you return home from the gym with that sweaty glow, you need the nutrients to replenish your body.

Insider spoke to three trainers and three nutritionists to find out the best foods to munch on post workout.

They all agreed you should time your workouts to finish right before mealtime. Working out before breakfast, lunch, or dinner helps you eat healthier and more nutritious meals. But, if you’re going to just eat a snack, the experts agree protein and healthy carbohydrates are the best options.

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