6 Daily Habits to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

6 Daily Habits to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Everyone has experienced anger, sadness, disappointment, and frustration.

If improperly managed, these negative emotions can break a relationship, ruin a project, and even take a person’s life.

I’ve learned an emotion management skill that I find very effective.

I’ll share it with you today.

Imagine you can separate your feelings into different rooms. The skill is to simply keep different emotions in a different room and never mix different emotions in one room.

For example, I may be very frustrated with work, but once I am not on the issue, that room is closed. When I work on other projects or talk to other people, my emotion will be neutral.

I have 3 kids. When one kid made me angry, I will not bring my anger to the other kids.

Every room starts with neutral emotion.

I’m not saying you should suppress your emotion. In fact, it’s bad to suppress your emotion.

Don’t suppress. Let it out, but let it out fast.

I practice the 5-minute rule.

That means I will not hold on to a negative emotion for more than 5 minutes.

Well, I didn’t really time it, but once I have let out my emotion, I’m done.

I’ll simply keep it in the room and close it.

Just remember, your emotion ends with the event.

Over the years, I’ve learned to switch my emotion real fast.

Most important of all, I’ve learned not to bring emotion from one room to another room.

This skill has helped me to overcome my business and investment failures. It has been instrumental in keeping my mindset positive.

If you have a spouse, let your spouse know about this skill.

My wife practices the same skill and it has worked very well for us.

We may have an argument over certain things but our emotions end with that argument.

Next moment, we can happily discuss where to have dinner or have fun with our kids.

To your success,

6 Daily Habits to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Instead, try viewing stress as a  challenge. Psychologist Kelly McGonigal recommends in her book The Upside of Stress to reframe any stressful event or anxious circumstance as a challenge. Preliminary research shows that those who adopt this mindset exhibit fewer stressful events and suffer less from negative health effects.

Use this response to stress as an opportunity to grow as a person. View how you can react differently and what that will do to you and the situation.

How will you feel in the long run if you react this way? What if you view your stress as a long-lost friend who needs a break or some talking to in order to calm down? Well, if you talk to them, you may just hit it off and then you may not view stress as an enemy at all but as a friend who simply needs to be reasoned with. FIVE: Meditate I’m sure you’ve heard before about the benefits of meditation.  But if you know your day is bound to be busy and stressful,  put aside five or ten minutes each morning to ease into it with some mindful meditation.

It will likely be difficult to jump into a full hour’s worth of meditation so take it in baby steps.  Start with five minutes each morning. Once you’ve mastered that? Add an additional five each week until you feel comfortable.

Neuroscientist Gaëlle Desbordes demonstrated through fMRI research that changes in brain activity in subjects who had learned to meditate were unchanged even when they were not meditating.

Desbordes recorded brain activity and took scans of subjects’  brains while they meditated and after, while they completed everyday tasks. The scans still showed the changes in the brain activation patterns, continuing to the end of the study. This was the first time this sort of change had been discovered in the part of the brain known as the amygdala. SIX: Go to Bed..

. On-Time! Do you go to bed on time? What time are you watching this video? Sigh.

  If it’s past your bedtime, go to bed after this tip.  If it’s not past your bedtime? I am once again proud. It is vital to our mental health that we get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can impact our anxiety for the worse.

  According to research, not getting enough rest can increase the brain’s anticipatory reactions,  intensifying your anxiety and stress levels. So check the clock.

Is it past your bedtime?  It’s time you make going to bed on time, a daily habit…

.Or, a nightly one. So, will you practice these habits? Which will you try first? And which habits help you to relieve stress and anxiety? Let us know in the comments. You’re not alone in your anxiety and stress. Psych2Go – and the many Psych2Goers – are here to listen. If you found this video helpful, don’t forget to click the like button and share this video with someone who might need it. Subscribe to Psych2Go and hit the notification bell icon for more content like this!

As always, thanks for watching…

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The #1 Important Nutrient to Shrink Your Prostate

The #1 Important Nutrient to Shrink Your Prostate

Well, today, I have a very interesting video on the prostate and the most important nutrient to maintain prostate health. Now, this topic was inspired by my new favorite book called soil grass and cancer. Okay. This is a book that I found uh. It was very expensive. It’S basically 250 dollars. I couldn’t find any used books, but it’s filled with nutritional information. That’S just fascinating and each chapter is very, very different, so the last chapter was on insulin, which I did a video on that and then this one was on the relationship between zinc and the prostate gland.

There’S some great data I want to share with you. I think the first thing to talk about is this big confusion about what the prostate gland is. Very few people know what the prostate gland does. All they know is that as you get older and enlarges, and then it affects your urination 50 of men over the age of 60 starts to get an enlargement of the prostate gland. So what we do know is, as you age, the prostate gets larger and that can affect urination stream flow, libido retention of urine, and your bladder backup of urine in the kidney.

And so I think it’s important to understand a little bit about the prostate in identifying. Why this occur? I mean it’s kind of weird that as men age, a high percentage of them start developing prostate problems, and then, as it gets, bigger, you’re more at risk of getting prostate cancer. But just because the prostate enlarges doesn’t mean that’s cancer. So, let’s first start with where the prostate is located, there’s a little bone in the front part of your pelvis called the symphysis pubis and the prostate is right behind that bone. Okay and then the prostate also is just underneath the bladder and there’s a little tube that comes down from the bladder that this prostate wraps around and the size of the prostate would be about equivalent to walnut size.

So it’s not that big, but it can get quite big, and then you have the rectum, which is right behind that. So that’s where it’s located, but what does it do? The prostate is about 70 glands and 30 muscles, so it does two things. It helps you secrete, a certain fluid which I’m going to talk about, and it also acts as a pump during ejaculation. So it helps push this fluid through the tube, which is the same tube, is where your urine goes through and then out of the body now sperm is created in the testicles, okay, and it takes roughly about 60 to 70 days for sperm to develop. So the sperm travels through this little tube up into the area of the prostate, where you have additional glands that produce fluid with the fluids of the prostate gland. All mix together into what’s called semen, and so the purpose of semen is to fertilize sperm and sperm. Is basically just the genetics from a male body which is then going to join with the genetics of the ovary to form a human body? So to do that, you need something to feed the sperm which is fructose from the semen. You need certain enzymes to help penetrate into the uterus lining because there’s mucus there and a lot of other factors to keep this sperm fertile and the sperm outside the body can last roughly about five days.

So, on the other end in the female, you have this egg, which is inactive and it becomes active once the sperm penetrates. So that’s a summary of what the prostate does in relationship to these other factors. Now, what’s interesting about the prostate gland in relation to nutrition? Is that it is the gland that has the highest concentration of zinc, so the prostate has a hundred times more concentration of zinc than your blood because if you test your blood and it’s normal with zinc, it might not tell you what’s going on inside the prostate Gland so in this book I want to mention a couple. Little points he’s talking about the relationship between a zinc deficiency and what happens with the prostate gland it actually enlarges. There is a study done and I will put some links down below that shows a normal, prostate, okay, and the level of zinc. That’S in it it’s like 744 micrograms, and then you have a mild, hypertrophy or enlarged, prostate gland that had a lesser amount of zinc which is 486 micrograms. Then they tested people with chronic prostatitis, and that was at 470 micrograms. Now, remember. This is all compared to a normal, prostate gland, which has 744 micrograms, and then he talks about prostate and cancer related to zinc.

Apparently, that level was actually on average 273 micrograms of zinc. So we have this relationship between a zinc deficiency and inflammation in the prostate gland, enlargement of the prostate gland, and susceptibility to getting prostate cancer very, very interesting. The other point I want to bring up about this is that you have a very powerful form of testosterone. Okay, called dht, so testosterone can convert to dht with a certain enzyme: okay, and that’s called 5-alpha reductase, and so there are certain medications that inhibit that enzyme to help reduce dht.

Four now pattern baldness, prostate hypertrophy, and erectile dysfunction because too much of that hormone dht can create bad effects. But what’s interesting about that is zinc is a natural inhibitor of that enzyme fascinating, and we also know that people with low testosterone are usually zinc deficient. So zinc is the most important trace mineral to make sure your testosterone is high, make sure that the fertility of sperm is there, and make sure that the size of the prostate is maintained. Now it’s going to get more interesting. Why would someone be deficient in zinc? That’S the big question. Okay, I’m going to go through the reasons they don’t consume enough red meat now think about this. What is the big push now especially for men as they get over the age of 50?.

Don’T consume red meat. Red meat is bad. Well, they never differentiate the quality of red meat. Okay, they lump red meat into one group. They don’t differentiate between processed meats and grass-fed organic. They just lump it into one big concept and tell you to get off red meat, and they tell you to lower your cholesterol foods which happen to be the building block of testosterone, and then what do they tell you to eat, eat plant-based, make sure you’re eating Enough whole grains, which is loaded with phytic acid, probably the biggest thing that blocks your ability to absorb zinc. In fact, two billion people on this planet are deficient in zinc, probably because they’re consuming too much cereal and too many grains.

Okay. Now the other interesting thing about aging is that when you age, you lose the concentration of stomach acids and we need stomach acid to be able to absorb this zinc. If you have low stomach acids, you’re not going to absorb zinc, not to mention if you’re taking an antacid you’re going to be deficient in zinc if you’re taking a diuretic that medication will deplete you of zinc. If you’re, taking statins you’ll have significant zinc deficiencies. Alcohol is another common thing that will cause a zinc deficiency.

Consuming a lot of sugar will cause a zinc deficiency eating frequent meals like snacking lid at night, while you’re watching the tv creates insulin, resistance which can also deplete zinc, and so I’m trying to prove a point here. If you’re not consuming enough zinc. That’S going to affect your libido, your testosterone, sperm count the size of your prostate, and eventually, your urine flow. One of the best sources of zinc is shellfish, as in oysters, but the second best source is red meat, and to be totally transparent. I do have a zinc product. It’S my trace minerals product, but I’m going to tell you right now. Taking zinc is not going to guarantee any type of cure for enlarged, prostate, lower testosterone, reducing your risk of prostate cancer, or anything related to any medical condition, because there are a lot of other factors involved. Your diet, how much alcohol do you drink? How much stress do you go through and a lot of other factors related to your medications, etc, etc? All right so now that you know a little bit more about the relationship between zinc and your prostate. I wanted you to watch this next video on zinc, which is quite interesting check. It out. You

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Find a How Old Are You That Matches Your Marketing

Find a How Old Are You That Matches Your Marketing

Do you know that almost every cell in your body is replaced every 11 months?
White blood cells live for about 1 year, red blood cells about 4 months, skin cells only about 1 – 3 weeks.
Most parts of your body are at most 11 months ‘old’ at any time!
What I want to illustrate is that roughly every 11 months, most of ‘you’ are no longer ‘you’ because most of your cells have already been regenerated.
Question is, what decides the health of your newly born cells?
It’s how you think NOW.
By changing your thoughts, you can rebuild a new YOU every 11 months.
Your achievement in life is pretty much the same.
Because the law of nature applies to the law of success.
Your thoughts NOW decide your achievement in the not-so-distant future.

Find a How Old Are You That Matches Your Marketing

In fact, from personal experience, I feel that our thoughts manifest into reality in much shorter than 11 months, probably about 9 months, I feel.
Think the right thoughts NOW.
They will soon be reflected in both your achievement and physical health.
Your future has nothing to do with your past, but everything to do with your thoughts NOW.
To your success,

How Does Inflammation Work in Your Body

How Does Inflammation Work in Your Body

Inflammation Process Steps

<?xml encoding=”UTF-8″>
Inflammation process stepsWhenever I hear that a new health product claims to reduce inflammation some red flags go up in my brain, it’s one of those words. Inflammation process steps That’s gotten more popular in health marketing in the last few decades, and people are willing to pay real money to do something about it. But inflammation is a normal biological process that our bodies use to keep us safe. We don’t want to get rid of all inflammation, so today we’re going to dig into the inflammatory response and come away understanding why the Inflammation process steps health claims need a little bit more nuance attached to them. Inflammation itself is an immune response to some kind of problem in the body that response might be acute, which means it comes and goes quickly or chronic.

It stays around longer. It could be triggered by any kind of infectious or non-infectious problem in the body. Anything from bacteria in a dirty cut to frostbite to a splinter. Regardless of what initiates it, though Inflammation process steps, the response is similar from just living and being a human you’re, probably familiar with the five signs of inflammation firsthand heat, redness, swelling pain, and loss of function, and they range from mildly annoying to seriously debilitating.

But they actually serve a specific role in protecting you from further harm and kicking off the healing process. Contrary to what some may think, the increased heat is not there to try to bake the infectious agent it’s there, because the blood vessels around the inflamed body part expanded, bringing more blood to that area.

That’s also why the area gets redder, you’re, passing more red blood cells through the inflamed tissue, just like how your cheeks get warm and red when you blush our blood is warm and with more blood flow, we feel more heat along with more blood the vessels that transport, that blood expand and become more permeable, which fills that area with fluid and shows up externally, as swelling pain, comes from the stimulation of pain receptors from the initial injury or from the inflammatory response itself.

Finally, the loss of function could come from either increased swelling, which reduces mobility, or from healthy tissue being replaced with less flexible scar tissue over time, and that’s only what we see from the outside of our immune systems, orchestrate all these different chemical messengers called cytokines cyto for Cell kine for movement, they’re chemicals that get cells to move to the inflamed area. You may have heard about cytokines in the context of a cytokine storm before when these messenger molecules recruit more immune cells which release more cytokines, which recruit more immune cells.

And you get this feedback loop that can cause sepsis or death and during the normal, acute inflammatory response, they’re recruiting mostly white blood cells to the area to attack any pathogens. And all of this is a thing so that your body can stomp out whatever’s, trying to hurt it, whether it’s a bacterial infection or a sprained ankle. But sometimes this process takes a little bit longer.

Our bodies continue to ship chemical messengers and white blood cells to the site, and, if that creeps into the multiple week-long territories, it’s classified as chronic inflammation, you don’t always need an acute inflammatory response to develop. Chronic inflammation, though, like rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of the joints. There was never one big injury that kicked it off either way. Chronic inflammation is where this whole inflammatory response gets more problematic.

For instance, in patients with atherosclerosis, a narrowing of the arteries around the heart that predisposes folks to heart attacks will have elevated, cytokines and inflammatory proteins in their blood. Because of that, healthcare providers might look for inflammatory markers in your blood as a way of predicting your risk of heart disease. If your liver experiences too much inflammation, you can permanently damage the hepatocytes cells that play a big role in metabolism and immune function.

Your lungs are in the same camp. One of the reasons that cigarette smoking is so lethal is because it causes a constant inflammatory response in the lungs that can narrow and stiffen the tiny airways in your lungs, making it harder for air to pass through. So in the case of livers and lungs, chronic inflammation literally leads to worse organ function.

With that in mind, you can see why people would want to reduce inflammation and certain drugs do that, but through different mechanisms, like if you’ve gotten injured, you might have taken ibuprofen a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory, drug or NSAID for the pain it works by inhibiting certain enzymes. In your stomach that make compounds called prostaglandins, those prostaglandins keep the Inflammation process steps process going so by inhibiting the enzyme that makes them ibuprofen reduces inflammation or people with rheumatoid arthritis might take a drug that reduces inflammation by inhibiting one of those chemical messengers called tumor necrosis factor Alpha both drugs result in a reduced, inflammatory response, but take different paths to get there.

Knowing all that Inflammation process steps, we can’t say that inflammation is clearly bad or clearly good. We need this process in order to survive, but too much for too long can be harmful. Thanks for joining us for season two of the seeker, human, I had so much fun with season one and I’m stoked to bring you more videos on this channel, make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more videos like this one and follow us on all the Social media, we’re at seeker on everything


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Inflammation Process Steps

How to Accurately Rate Your YouTube Content: PROFANITY

How to Accurately Rate Your YouTube Content: PROFANITY

– What’s up, insider’s Connor here not with the news flash this time, but with something that we know will be a huge importance to everybody in the YouTube partner program. what is that? It’s the advertiser friendly content guidelines. So why we’re bringing it up today is the page itself has been updated. There’ve been no policy changes.

However, there are a ton more examples added. And the lens through which we’re delivering these examples is through self-certification.

So, where as previously you would’ve seen tables with broader examples under a title limited or no ads. If you go to any one of the guidelines that relates directly to the questionnaire itself, you’re gonna see a guide to self-certification option. If you click on that option, you’re gonna allow it to expand.

On what you’ll see beneath that guide to self certification, is as much detail as we can publish around what falls in each of those three categories.

So the first category is what you can run ads on. The second is what you can’t run ads on, but some advertisers may update. And the third is stuff that we just don’t wanna monetize at all. So, why we’re bringing this to the creator insider community is because we want eyes on this article.

We want eyes on this article for two reasons. The first is to give you the very best chance at maintaining a high accuracy score in self-certification. And the second is to ask for more feedback. When it comes to inappropriate language, we are challenged by the sheer volume on changing nature of profanity, both on the platform and in the real world offline. So if there’s something that you feel is unclear in any of these sections, make sure you call it out to us in the comments below, make sure you send feedback through the send feedback line, whichever works better for you, but there are three things that I’m gonna let you know.

The first is that you’re gonna see definitions. Now we’ve worked really hard to make these definitions as clear and concise as possible. But, if I’m looking at the article now, as I hope you are, I’m gonna see self like sensory profanity. And we say here that it refers to things like bleeping or muting the word as well as covering written words with black bars, symbols, or textiles and post-production. That’s hopefully really useful information for when you’re filling out the questionnaire in your account.

Now, the second thing I’m gonna point out is some helpful tips in these examples.

So thumbnails containing strong profanity is actually something that you can run ads on, but only for brands who opt in to run those ads on your content. These are small things that may not have been clear before, but we hope with all of the detail that we put into this page, will be a lot clearer now. And the third point appointed is a lot broader. When it comes to these questionnaire options, We’re really trying to condense a big book of policies into one page.

So when you’re selecting those options, we’re picking out the things that are most common in any different category. But the questionnaire language itself is obviously not gonna be comprehensive. Think about the platform we can’t possibly put in every permutation of content out there. So that’s why our feedback loop, when it comes to this article through the comments below through the sent feedback link, is really, really important. So, if you have ideas about something that may be missing here, something that we could improve on, please let us know.

We’re gonna be updating this article on a constant basis on the basis of the feedback that you provide. Now, we’re gonna be coming back every week and taking a part each one of these guidelines sections. So that’s it for this segment of the advertiser friendly guidelines series. Make sure you provide that feedback to us. Thanks for checking in and as always from the creators of YouTube to YouTube creators, it’s been a pleasure presenting you the information today.


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6 Tips for Better Audience Retention!

6 Tips for Better Audience Retention!

How do you get people to watch the entire video? We’ve seen a lot of videos on our Creator Insider channel About the audience retention feature. And you now know the YouTube system in search And Discovery loves videos that people love And an excellent way To determine this, is audience retention. But from a content strategy standpoint, From a creative strategy, How to keep followers following you? I’m Matt Koval, and I want to give you six ideas On how to keep followers following your video.

Let us start. I have my notes here. And the number one is a “strong cause for suspicion”. There’s a reason this video won’t start With the phrase “Hello Creator Insiders.” My name is Matt Koval.

I’m the YouTube Creator Coordinator. how are you? I hope you are fine.

It’s raining a little bit here. No, I didn’t start with all of that.

You start with what I think you care about, Which is what I clicked, How to increase audience retention for your videos. So if you can, when you think about how to design Your video or how to write your script, List what they care about up front. Check if you can raise the value of the video in advance Something tempting helps people know They must stay. Second, “delivery speed.” I’m not usually a quick talker, But when I’m in front of the camera, I am trying to increase the speed, and I am trying to increase my energy My speed of delivery and my positivity.

Because you have options, you have millions of options Another thing you can watch is now.

So, I want to try a delivery This information as quickly as possible. So when you create videos, raise your energy level. Try to speak a little faster than usual And using jump cuts to cut out all um and uh. Number three.

“Add a lot of visuals”, If you can, or mix sites. Now you might know Casey Neistat, Very talented filmmaker and vlogger But it does record a vlog on many different sites. And if you’re paying attention For how he creates his videos, He tells a story like everyone else, Directly to the camera, But it doesn’t sit in one place all the time. He is trying to get up and trying to change the angle And he goes here and there.

I don’t have time to do that now.

So I hope you stay with me. But if you can show a lot of people visuals, Be it graphics, animation, or at least Move the camera and show people different locations, It can really help maintain their attention. Well number four is Drama and Conflict. Here in the United States we have these offers Like Dateline or 2020, And they are incredibly captivating. I can’t watch one of those series, even for one minute.

Without getting caught up in it. So, is there anything about what you do Can it generate some drama or conflict? I hope it is not a real drama or conflict, But drama and conflict can really grab people’s attention. Number five, “grand climax.” Is there anything you can put in the end From the video, this really exciting moment That people will wait for them anxiously?

We’ll go to another content creator A favorite of my son is MrBeast. And we saw a video a while ago about MrBeast Buys the largest fireworks fireworks can be bought. Its price was $ 600,000. But the video started setting off firecrackers Its price is one dollar, so it started slowly and slowly It climbs to higher and more expensive fireworks. At the end of the video, There was a moment of great climax He set off fireworks worth $ 600,000.

that’s what I mean. Can you put anything in the end From your video where people will really stay for it Are craving him? What is the climax of this video? I didn’t set him a climax, it was probably number six, This might be the best, and maybe not.

Number six, “Public Loyalty.

” When your fans and viewers are They look like you, they tend to watch longer. All the work you do is to build a fan base All weekly videos or daily videos, You are building that bond Or that relationship with your audience, And this really helps retain your audience In my opinion, this will keep your followers following you. So let’s summarize here. We have a strong reason to get stuck at first, We have speed in delivery and power, Try to make it sexy, We have a lot of visual elements And many more sites, if you can.

Number four is some drama or conflict, If you can create that, maybe there is some suspense.

Number five is the big climax Near the end of your video. And you’ll talk about this first, On the hook, to see if you can lead people Along near the end, the big climax moment. And the sixth is the loyalty of the public. All the work that you do, really helps create this bond It will get people to view more of your content.

I’m Matt Koval.

Thanks for following. Check out all the videos on this channel About audience retention. There are some great new features to help you understand Retain audience and when to come viewers And they stay longer in your videos, So check those out. Thank you for staying till the end. Are you still here?

You are great, I appreciate your patience.

Well, be on your own..

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HEALTHY MORNING HABITS » + printable checklist

HEALTHY MORNING HABITS » + printable checklist

Welcome back to PICKUP LINES or if you are new. Hey, I’m a sadist. Morning can be a source of stress for many people Hurry to prepare, so that they can go outside. Or think about the things they need to get done during the day. For me, personally The morning is the favorite part of the day, and by adopting these 10 healthy morning habits, I think it would be your favorite too, if it wasn’t already. In the description box Below, you will find a download list for the things I will mention in this video. You can use it as a tool to help you start healthy morning habits. right Now Do you need to follow every habit I mentioned on this list? No, of course not Just pick the one you think will make you grateful for the morning or the most helpful.

Let’ Begin. I am strongly against rushing in the morning I guess how our day begins, gives a glimpse of what the rest of the day will be like. You start tense You will tend to stay charged with emotions. Start relaxed and your mind will be more relaxed during the day Wake up a little earlier if you need. So you don’t have to hurry. For some stimulation, put together soothing, gentle music to help you get up. And do not hit the snooze button when you hear the alarm Let the natural light in to boost your mood, let your time coincide with the morning light Meditation. Grainy as it looks. Many of us have heard of it and yet have not. And I am not preaching to you to begin with. The idea of ​​sitting on the floor in The complete calm of someone who has not yet contemplated before, it may be an uncomfortable thought. So if meditation doesn’t work for you, and it’s not amazing as I think it is. Try this as an alternative Take a deep breath and then do the 5-4-3-2-1 exercise.

Tell yourself five things you can tell Carpet, plant type *, candles, bowl and books. Four things you can feel on a sofa behind the back, Attachment on the armrest, hair on the neck, A warm cup in the hand. Three things a bird can hear on a tree The sound of the refrigerator, the kettle boils the water. Two things you can smell Essential oil, The aroma of tea. One thing you can taste, even if you don’t drink or eat anything There is a taste in your mouth, be aware of it. This exercise is the most interactive way to have your mind present at the same moment I’m also against turning on the TV in the morning, because I think it strips us of our ability to stay in a clear mind Present moment And I think it can add tension, especially if you watch something like the morning news.

Are you used to watching TV? If he tried to replace it with quiet music as an alternative If you need to check your phone for messages, do so after breakfast. The morning deserves your attention Drinking water helps restore hydration after a long night’s sleep It helps stimulate metabolism, helps the body flush out toxins, and helps maintain regular bowel movements. I used to have a tall glass as soon as I woke up before breakfast. Do not drink water every morning? Here is a way to make it more attractive. Add Cucumber, berries, lemons, lemons or orange slices to taste. If you feel so Too stressful Add a little 100% of your favorite fruit juice to give it some flavor. Me, too, keep hydrating all morning with plenty of tea. As a nutritionist and dietitian, This is an area that I attach great importance to. Eating a nutritious breakfast helps boost our energy and start our mental focus for the day. Includes whole grains and fruits Vegetables, nuts, seeds, plant-based milk and yogurt. Breakfast time and fiber will keep you full for the rest of the morning, so you can focus on things other than your grumpy stomach.

I also used to take vitamin B12 and vitamin D supplements for breakfast, too. Here is an important suggestion. Enjoy breakfast with someone, if you can Family, partner, roommate or friends Communicating and talking about your thoughts and plans for the day is a great way to start the day. You enjoyed breakfast alone, ditched the TV or computer screen, and instead practiced the mindfulness method, which I mentioned before In fact, look at your food, and feel the texture in your mouth, Hear the sound that you make when you pick it up with a spoon or bite into it, actually you smell the food and the taste, Really taste the food instead of eating it mechanically. Don’t you think it deserves your attention? Some people choose to write down a list of gratitude or intentions each morning. Personally, I prefer talking to them rather than writing them down. So if I share breakfast with someone, which is most of the morning, Then these are questions that I ask the other person and they can ask me too. I think it helps to build a closer bond with this person It also keeps you accountable for the intentions you said and the insights they shared with you that you may find actually helpful Start your day.

But if you are someone who enjoys breakfast yourself, no problem. You can fill out the questions in the downloadable PDF file. Questions to answer: What do I think? How do I feel emotionally and why? How do I feel physically? What are my intentions for today? What are two things I am grateful for? What is the one thing that can increase my happiness today? By checking daily what is going on inside you, You will have more control and understanding of what is going on around you. Some people recommend creating a plan or to-do list for your day in the morning. But personally, I prefer to do it the night before, that way I can hit the run. Instead, I spent a few minutes in the morning reviewing this list and actually Imagine what I’m going to do for today.

Visualization is a very powerful tool, So if you can actually dedicate even a minute or two Plan a movie in your eyes about the things that matter to you to accomplish the day. Is likely to occur. Preparing your snacks for the day in the morning means you will be less likely to graze throughout the day or reach unhealthy The right foods when hunger strikes. Chop some fruits until ready to eat. Dice up some nut butter and crackers or set aside some dried fruits, like figs or dates. So they come in handy when you need something to conserve your energy. I mentioned it in a previous video and it’s a habit I live by.

So try to get used to Clean the surfaces in your home Before you leave for today. Clean up your kitchen counter, dining table, coffee table, or any mess and wash the dishes as well. By doing this, even if you have a really long and stressful day, you know you can take home somewhere clean. You may have heard of this important thing called exercise. do not worry I’m not about to preach to you to begin with. When you know it’s helpful to do, and if it’s something you haven’t already started, Then we might just need to try a new approach. Remember, the scariest part is always before you start. Try to start as soon as you get some fresh air. Go out to the balcony Or have tea on the patio in the morning. It becomes very easy, then get off the bus one at a time and stop driving Little bit or try riding a bike to work or school, as much as possible. If the weather is holding you back, try doing some gentle indoor stretches Small changes made in increments will get you closer to an active morning in no time, and if you are a person prefers Exercise in the evening It’s still important to get a little fresh air or maybe some light stretching in the morning, if you can.

And the There you have it, 10 healthy morning habits. Hope you found them useful Don’t forget to download the PDF in the description box Just below and start checking out the items you choose to follow. You can also use this as a tool to add your own Custom healthy morning habits. Things like remembering my thread or remembering to pack my lunch for the day.

Another recommendation I have you to add or change Only one new habit at a time. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm yourself and then don’t commit to it after a while some days. They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. So once you’ve held it for the full three weeks, consider adding a new habit if you like. OK, This is from Pick Up Limes today. You know the exercises: like subscribe. I’ll see you in the next video..

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Earthing and Grounding Products Overview

Earthing and Grounding Products Overview

Fine, my name is Chelsea. I’Ve commuters, brief presentation on earth advice. Earthing is known as the barefoot equipment endorsed using others and products. You receive the same benefits as walking outdoor barefooted on the grass. The earth donates its electrons to you. It connects you with the Earth’s natural rhythms and it drains body voltage induced on your body from electromagnetic radiation. All these are the mechanisms of how earthing could be beneficial to our health and wellness by our energy products, which is a training name of EVP technology. Limited first got involved in at the in 2009 by James Hoffman, who wrote the foreword to the earthing word. We’Ve been selling sporting products since then, in addition to being in clinical nature of public practice since 1998. This is the only book written by planned over who developed the earthing price. If you haven’t read the book yet, then it is a highly recommended breed. Earthing sheets are the night time, earthing item and they’re available as a half sheet or as a fully fitted sheet. Earthy mats are great for daytime use. You can use them under your feet and you worked it. You can use them as a desk map on top of your desk and they’re large enough to take your keypad and your mouse, you can also use everything. That’S at night, with your feet or hands on them as part of the lead into the sleeping process. The recovery bag is designed for fast recovery and athletes find an extremely beneficial Lance Armstrong who won the Tour de France. Many times used it as part of his toolkit to recover after an arduous days, cycling, bands and patches of rain from local use. Where you want the input of electrons directly to an area of distress such as a spraying of wound, a small innocent hearing. You can connect any earthing product in one of two ways you can connected via a special connector into the earthing safety line, that is in most power sockets. Alternatively, and perhaps more naturally, you can run a small paper outside and connect to a rod that pushes easily into the ground if you want to walk outside with conductive contact to the earth. But you do not want to walk barefooted, then there is a range of price parameters and plugs ballet shoes that have a conductive carbon centerpiece and do the same connection as. Finally, it’s good to know that your devices are working. There is a tester to test that. You have an earth connection, remain sockets and other testers for testing that the system is operating correctly. The earthing sheets are magic or overnight use. They provide a recovery input for your whole body. There are half sheets which go across the bottom of the bed and fully fitted sheets for single and double beds right up to king-size. The recovery bag is six foot long, which is great for me, since I’m 5 foot 11. Aha, it’s 3 foot wide, which means it’s very comfortable for one person and a very nice intimacy for two people. It is zipped around one side and the bottom, which means it can be opened up to cover a whole bed. His recovery bag opened up onto our 6 foot by 6 foot. Uk king-size bed. It comfortably covers the whole bed. So what you have is a very good arrangement where you have a recovery bag, the travel and you have a sheet that will cover a large bed. The sheet is ideal for nighttime use and for daytime use. There is a mousepad, 27 inches long by 10, inches wide that can be used either under your feet or, alternatively, it makes a very convenient desk pad it’s large enough for the keyboard to sit on top and the top surface is textured to be very friendly to Using your mouse, so when you’re at work, you also can have the benefits of birthing sheets, radio, the nighttime use and the met provides a great opportunity to be earth during the day. Sometimes we have local issues that need a little bit more attention and can benefit from a little more direct contact with the earth so to service that to help with that, we have patches and we have three sizes of band: a small band for wrist and ankles. A larger one that will do thighs and a big one that would do the torso, the belly and the one chest area an example might be. If I had to cut myself, then I would have the choice of putting a hat shop or going to it and connecting in the same way that we showed you earlier or if I had damaged myself behind it, sprained my ankle or sprained. My wrist, then, to use a band would give the exchange with the earth over the whole area. So these are an additional item for local news and connect in exactly the same way as other items. Okay, workers at it. This isn’t working sheeting folded up version. It is a hundred percent cotton, with a crisscross of 99 % medical grade silver woven into it. The lines you can see on the sheet are the silver to connect it. There is a breast up in the top and one just clips the cable into that press done, and then it takes the other end of the table and it fits easily into the connector plate just by pushing in or alternatively into the cable that comes with the. So the connections are easy and the connection system is identical. A variety of testers are available. There are testers that will make sure there is an earth line present in your mains socket. There are testers to test the effectiveness of the whole system and for continuity of products for earthing outdoors. There are flip-flops and ballet shoes both have conductive plugs in the middle, which make a continuous circuit between your foot and a surface underneath they will work on grass concrete and certain types of bitumen. The flip-flops are available for both men and ladies and ballet shoes are available only for women. You

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Proven Sleep Tips | How to Fall Asleep Faster | Doctor Mike

do you lie at night in your bed tossing and turning not being able to fall asleep do you wake up in the night not able to fall back asleep do you wake up in the morning feeling not so refreshed fatigued throughout the day well do I have an answer for you introducing the revolutionary new magic sleep power introducing the revolutionary new magic sleep TV essential oil magic sleep juice magic sleep pillow jewelle included I know that seems crazy magic pills potions even pillows to help you get a good night’s rest but that’s what companies are selling and I’m dead against that I want to give you the proper evidence-based tips to help you get a good night’s rest first off I want to give a huge thank you to Cotton Incorporated for sponsoring this video and make sure you stick around till the end because I’m going to be answering all of your sleep questions let’s chat about all the things you need to do during the day before the night even starts to make sure you get a good night’s sleep number one exercise you know it sounds crazy but physical activity improves the quality of your sleep and extends its duration so even if you’re only going out for a ten minute brisk walk do it morning night evening it doesn’t matter get your physical activities number two is diet first and foremost you want to avoid eating too close to bedtime because that can stimulate your gastric juices and make you really uncomfortable when you’re going to bed on top of that you want to avoid spicy foods overly citrusy foods and something that a lot of people do before going to sleep that’s alcohol because you may fall asleep fine on alcohol but it will hurt the quality of your sleep and you won’t wake up as well-rested number three naps I’m not gonna lie I love naps but naps are a double-edged sword because they are refreshing and they can give you some energy as long as you keep them somewhere between fifteen to thirty minutes however they will decrease your sleepiness which is a good thing but then it will make it harder for you to fall asleep at night because you’re not sleepy so if you can avoid the nap unless the circumstances call for Caffey get your coffee fixed before lunch because caffeine has a half-life of six hours meaning it can take up to 12 hours for it to be fully eliminated out of your system and don’t forget caffeine is a diuretic so it makes you want to pee [Music] one embrace the darkness dim your lights when you have bright lights that affects your melatonin hormone and then it makes it more difficult for you to fall asleep and to stay asleep to decrease the amount of blue light exposure you get towards the evening I’m talking about iPads iPhones computers all of that blue light hurts your melatonin hormone and again makes it difficult for you to fall asleep and stay asleep 3 make your room cool and I’m not talking about decorations I’m talking about the temperature when you’re trying to go to sleep your body naturally wants to lower its body temperature if your room is cooler it’ll make it that much easier to fall asleep 4 hack your bedding and I’m talking specifically about your sheets make sure your sheets are made 100% of cotton synthetic fibers will sleep warmer and keep more bacteria on throughout washes plus cotton just feels good to the skin and that breathability that’s clutch make sure it’s pitch black in the room even if you have a candle flickering on the side-table that still affects your sleep to keep your cell phone alerts off I’m talking about that Do Not Disturb feature no one should be texting you and waking you up in the middle of the night sleep is important and it should be a priority what happens in case emergency someone needs to reach me well most of the phones nowadays have a customizable Do Not Disturb feature that allows calls from your contacts to get through especially if they dial twice 3 no pets and this is a tough one for even me to swallow I love sleeping with bare Roxy but the more you sleep with a dog the more sleep interruptions you get the worst quality of sleep you’re gonna get for the most important point of them all if after 15 minutes of tossing and turning you’re unable to fall asleep get out of the bed and do something relaxing and then try and go back to sleep after 15 minutes and I’m not talking about checking out social media on your phone the last thing I want you to do is to have FOMO because your friends are out doing something fun and you’re getting ready for the next day at work before we go I want to answer some of your questions that you have about sleep how many hours should the average person sleep per night I’ve said this before you should sleep seven to nine hours per night on average if you’re consistently getting less than seven hours of sleep you’re gonna see a decrease in your performance both cognitively and physically if I drink caffeine in the morning after a short night’s sleep does that make up for it there have been some studies on this in the military where they give caffeine to sleep-deprived soldiers some of their physical tasks like a reaction time can go back into baseline even though they had a short night’s sleep but still you will see negative effect especially in the cognitive area what can I take to help me fall asleep really my first step when someone walks into my office is to make sure that their sleep hygiene is on point that they’ve done all the behavioral modifications that we can and only then will I begin to discuss some of the pharmacological options but those are never my first resort what are some tips to fight jet lag I mentioned some tips on fighting jet lag in my travel video but what you can do is plan ahead and actually adjust to the time zone that you’re traveling to before you go on the trip and once you’re ready there use the Sun to your advantage to reset your circadian rhythm how dangerous is driving while sleepy very dangerous in fact it can be even considered more dangerous and it’s probably responsible for more accidents on the road than driving under the influence of alcohol when you’re drinking alcohol your reactions are delayed when you’re drowsy you can have moments of something known as micro sleep where for a second or maybe even for a few seconds you actually fall asleep with your eyes open and there it’s not a delayed reaction time it’s no reaction time so you can imagine how dangerous that is what are the most important factors to getting good sleep well that goes back to my three pillars of health but instead I have three pillars for sleep and that’s qqc quantity quality and consistency and consistency meaning going to sleep at the same time every night weekend or weekday if I had a pill that boosted productivity increased fat loss and decrease the chance of you developing some diseases you probably jump on it right now you have all the tools to get a night sleep and the reasons as to why getting a good night’s sleep is important let’s give another huge thank you to Cotton Incorporated for sponsoring this video and as always stay happy and healthy so I’ll pop out from here oh I just I just wet my pants oh no do you spend the beginning of your nights laying in bed laying in there lying in bed get yourself a high quality cotton pair of sheets pair of sheets [Music]

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Keep Your Goals Realistic With List Building!


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