Epicuriosity 101: These healthy after-school snacks double as appetizers – The State Journal-Register

Joshua Dineen

Joshua Dineen

I can’t believe it’s time for my kids to go back to school. Summer always goes by way too fast when we are having so much fun. I have four fantastic children who have all embraced my love of food. Over the years, I have found no matter what they ate at school for lunch, they come home near starvation. We have always tried to keep fresh fruit, granola bars and other quick snacks available during the school year to keep them alive. On days that I pick them up from school, I always ask about their day and what they had for lunch. Inevitably they seemed to have eaten a large lunch but can’t wait to get home because they are so incredibly hungry. I think I look forward to this conversation because it makes me giggle to myself.

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