Exercise Tips For Walking With Preschoolers – Moms

Exercise Tips For Walking With Preschoolers - Moms

As busy moms, fitting in any type of exercise can seem almost impossible, and when parenting a preschooler that can be even more difficult. They can’t be contained like babies while you work out, and they don’t care/understand that exercise is crucial to you like older kids do. Going on walks with your preschool-age children may be one of the best ways a busy mom can get some exercise while parenting a young child.

When it comes to exercise, we can sometimes overlook walking because it isn’t a high-intensity workout, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it. It can up your heart rate and the extra movement can really add up.

Here are 10 exercise tips when walking with preschoolers. They range from ways to get in more of a workout for you to make the walk easier for all involved.

10 Lunge Or Squat Away

When out for a walk with your preschooler, you don’t have to just walk. To switch things up, do some walking lunges on your path to add some muscle toning for your legs. You can lunge walk for 20 reps, then keep walking, and then lunge again.

If lunges aren’t your thing, squats are also a great option. Give your preschooler a rest while you do some squats every 5-10 minutes. Do 2 reps of 10 and keep walking.

9 Make A Game Of It

Preschoolers will do just about anything as long as it’s fun. When going on a walk, make a fun game out of it. Have them collect different colored rocks, or have them be on the lookout for bugs or leaves or something else. They will love having something else to do besides just walking.

Very Well Fit suggests a game of I-spy for young kids to keep them motivated while walking.

8 Offer Them A Ride

A 30-minute to 1-hour-long walk may be just too long for the average preschooler. Their little legs get tired quickly. Instead of them walking, bring them some wheels, so they ride. A tricycle, scooter, or training bike are all great riding options for preschoolers.

If your child is small enough, they can even just sit in a stroller or jogging stroller while you walk.

7 Carry Them

This is more work for you, but that’s the point. When your preschooler needs a break from your exercise walk, get them on your back and keep going. Their extra added weight is going to make it more of a workout for you and fun for them.

Just give them a little break from walking, and they should be ready to keep going.

6 Pick The Optimum Weather

This may seem obvious but sometimes as moms, this can be something we can overlook when we really just need a walk. Preschoolers can feel the heat more than adults and need to stay hydrated when out and about. Go for walks with your preschoolers when the weather is at its best. This can be morning or evening, but not during the heat of the day. That’s how to make this walk miserable for both of you.

Be careful not to take them on walks when it’s too cold either. If it’s below 45 degrees Fahrenheit you may want to rethink a walk with your preschooler.

5 Jog In Bursts

There is a type of exercise called interval training that busy moms can take advantage of when out walking with their preschoolers.

Instead of just walking, you (and your preschooler) can jog in short bursts. You can call these little races for your kiddo, but it’s really to pump up your heart rate and burn more fat on your daily walk. These short bursts of big energy are a great way to work on your health.

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4 Always Bring Water

You may be able to walk a mile or two without a sip of water, but your preschooler can’t. Just like with anything else, going on a walk as a mom is much more of a hassle than it may need to be, but it’s where you’re at in this stage of motherhood.

Pack a small bag or backpack with snacks and water before heading out. Your child will ask you for water and maybe you will want some too.

3 Have A Destination

When walking with a preschooler, set a destination in mind. It will keep them occupied and motivated to walk if they have somewhere to go. Setting out to a park is a great idea for any mom.

Your child can play before heading home and chances are they will want to get there faster than if just walking around a circle.

2 Don’t Expect To Go Far

As with any young child, it’s better to not have high expectations. Don’t expect too much or walk as far as you really want to. Your preschooler can be done with the exercise and that’s just it.

1 Make It A Habit

Your preschooler can’t start to love walks if they aren’t taken enough. Regular family walks are not only good exercise but your child’s endurance and tolerance will also increase, which will make walking for exercise much more enjoyable for the whole family.

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