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Five Healthy Habits That You Should Not Give Up

Nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary talks about five unpopular habits that you should stop being ashamed of.

Five Healthy Habits That You Should Not Give Up

Nutritionist encourages eating an early and light dinner

One of the best ways to maintain good health is to be particular about your food habits. If you eat the right food and embrace a healthy lifestyle, you will be able to avoid health issues. However, sometimes, you get a bit conscious about your healthy eating choices in public. Well, please don’t get worked up with such thoughts.

You must stick to your diet plans and food habits no matter what. And, it seems nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary agrees with us. She is here with five unpopular healthy habits that you should not be ashamed of.

In the caption, she states, “Taking care of yourself makes you happy in the real genuine self. I know a lot of women who feel ashamed of saying they are on a diet (I’m hoping this is a healthy one of course) and honestly, it needs to stop. I don’t see why taking care of your body is something you need to feel shy about.”


As per Rashi Chowdhary, these are some of the unpopular habits that you should never be ashamed of:

1) If you carry your own healthy snack and have it with your friends around, it’s good. However, if your friends are gorging on full meals, you are allowed to not follow the same practice. Copying your friends just to get along and eating away full meals might not be the best thing you can do if you’re trying to reach some goals or develop clean eating habits. The nutritionist mentions that you may be tempted to have a delicious big meal with your friends, but carrying your own healthy snack and sticking to it may help you keep off the meal without feeling deprived.

2) Saying you are on a diet, trying to lose weight, reversing your PCOS or eating clean etc, is fine. But being honest about your healthy eating choices goes a long way in helping you stay fit at a mental level as well. If your friends don’t get it, ask yourself, are they really being the kind of support you need?

3) You should not be sorry about using two cups of black coffee a day to curb your appetite naturally. Rashi says that about 250 mg of caffeine is also great for your heart and is loaded with antioxidants. However, avoid having it if you feel jittery or anxious. It’s advisable to avoid having black coffee the first thing in the morning, maybe do decaf or have your fat first by itself without the coffee.

4) You should not feel bad about modifying your meals at restaurants if required. Most restaurants agree to do this and some may not, but at least you can give it a try. Rashi states that she always asks for extra vegetables. She reveals that because she goes out to eat a lot, modifying meals has really helped her stay on track.

5) You should not be hesitant about eating dinner early. In fact, you must follow this and make your friends do it too. Don’t do it every day if it’s not possible for you. But at least, try to have your dinner early at least 3-4 times a week. You won’t stimulate your cortisol; you’ll help melatonin production and you’ll sleep better, the nutritionist adds. 

Follow these tips by Rashi Chowdhary and they will help you reach your healthy eating goals.

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