Frozen Meals Are Part Of The New Normal As Inflation Drags On – Tasting Table

Frozen Meals Are Part Of The New Normal As Inflation Drags On - Tasting Table

In a report released by NPD, the company cited the country’s current record inflation as a primary motivating factor for an increase in the consumption of frozen food by lower-income households. Food inflation is at a 40-year high, the outlet reported, and households making $75,000 or less per year are employing a number of strategies for shaving dollars off their food bills. Those include dining out less often, choosing less expensive brands at the supermarket, and eating more shelf-stable and frozen foods.

The report states that lower-income earners consume nearly 90% of their meals and snacks at home, with frozen options being attractive due to their lower prices. Single-serve frozen meals are growing rapidly in popularity among this subset, with the report noting that record-high prices on healthy foods is becoming a barrier to eating a balanced diet for many Americans. Earlier this month, Information Resources, Inc. reported that in July, prices for refrigerated eggs rose by 46.8% and fresh citrus fruit by 26.7% as compared to July 2021.

“High food prices affect all consumers, particularly lower-income households,” David Portalatin, NPD’s Food Industry Advisor wrote in the report. “Our research shows that households with incomes under $75K represent 46% of the U.S. population. These households are a critical demographic for food manufacturers, grocers, and foodservice operators to understand how these households manage their food spending today.”

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