Healthy Diets For Self-Conscious Teen Girls – Moms

Healthy Diets For Self-Conscious Teen Girls - Moms

Being a teenager is always going to be difficult, and there is a lot that they have to deal with and navigate. Teenagers are in a stage of development where they are trying to find out who they are on their own. They may be balancing school, a part-time job, and social life.

They are also dealing with pressure. Pressures from their peers, their parents, and the world around them. The idea that they need to look a certain way, or be a certain weight, is all-encompassing. It can be a lot for a teenage girl to take, and this can lead to struggles with body image and self-esteem.

If mom notices that her teenage daughter is struggling with how they look, like spending too long in front of the mirror or making comments about their weight, mom may want to try and meet them halfway. They don’t want them to try any crazy trend or diet to lose weight, but they want to acknowledge how they feel and help them.

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This means that mom may want to find some diets that will work for her teenager. Diets that are healthy, hearty, and that encourage a good relationship with food. While the answer may be different for each teenager, there are some things that moms can do.

Diet Versus Goals

When it comes to diet, mom should talk to her teenager about the difference between a diet and a goal. According to Healthline, there is nothing wrong with your teenager having some goals for their health and body. The problem comes when your daughter tries unhealthy diets to lose weight. You want them to have a weight goal that is realistic, and that is healthy for their height and age. Do some research and find out what that is for your child.

One strategy that mom can use is to tell her daughter what she should cut out of her current diet. If her daughter drinks a lot of sugary drinks, maybe those can go. If she has too many chips, and salty snacks, maybe those can be cut out.

As long as she is focused on the basic food groups, and making sure she gets enough physical activity, she should be just fine.

The Basic Foods

It may be wise to try and talk your daughter out of doing a “diet,” and instead just to stick to the foods that are good for her health and growth. According to Mom Junction, this means that your teenager should be eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy, grains, and oils. If you set that out as her “diet,” and make sure she avoids what we previously mentioned, this may be the perfect diet for her.

It is also important to make sure she knows that she doesn’t need to get rid of all her snacks completely. She is still allowed to have treats occasionally, and this is all done in moderation. This is how you make sure she has a healthy relationship with all her friends.

A teenage girl who is having body image struggles may be at an increased risk of developing an eating disorder, and this is what mom wants to avoid.

The Spaced-Out Diet

According to Fueling Teens, your daughter may also want to focus on spacing out her meals. Sometimes, the best diet can look at how we eat, and when we eat. If we space out our meals properly and make sure they are portioned correctly, it can have a large impact on the amount of food we take in. It can also prevent them from snacking when they are bored, or when they are studying.

If your daughter plans her meals and snacks, it may prevent her from eating when she is not hungry. Again, this is something that needs to be taken with care, because you don’t want your daughter to turn this into a dangerous, and strict schedule.

If your daughter is really struggling with body image, and you feel she is near the point of having an unhealthy relationship with food, mom is always advised to seek help. Speak to her doctor about what is going on. Sometimes, your child’s doctor can talk to them and assure them that they are healthy and that nothing needs to change, or they can advise them on the best way to do it.

Either way, this is a tricky thing to navigate, and the best thing mom may be able to do is model healthy eating, and go on whatever “diet” they choose with their teen.

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