Healthy snacking while working from home is beneficial for your health – The Financial Express

Healthy snacking while working from home is beneficial for your health - The Financial Express

By Aashima Chhatwal,

We have been working from home ever since the pandemic hit us. In these testing times, we have faced many unique challenges like keeping our work and personal life separate, and distractions while working. Hampering of eating habits is another aspect affected by this change in lifestyle, which further deteriorates our health overall.

Food can become a remote worker’s biggest stressor. While taking a break we are in the kitchen grabbing an untimely, unhealthy snack or at times we forget to eat at all. Food and meal preparation can become overwhelming and difficult to manage alongside work as well. Therefore, it is important to have a healthy meal plan.

Proper large meals can leave a person feeling lethargic and lazy, so it is vital to make these meals a little smaller and have small snacks in between to keep us energetic throughout the day. Healthy snacking is especially beneficial for people with health issues like hypertension and diabetes. Blood sugar levels might spike and drop after a big meal; snacks help balance this depletion between meals and maintain this equilibrium. Since we are all sitting at home and working without any physical activity, unhealthy eating habits can lead to weight gain and health issues. One must abide by healthy snacking to cope with this sedentary lifestyle and stay fit.

Some healthy snacks one can have in between meals are any fruit, nuts/seeds and dry fruits, popcorns, oats, yoghurt, peanut butter toast, eggs, and tea/ coffee. It is important to replace our unhealthy snacks with healthy ones. You can replace your chips for some makhanas to munch on while working, you can also try replacing your sugary drinks with green tea to make them healthier. These small steps make one’s lifestyle more fulfilling and long-lasting.

Healthy snacks also have nutritional values which help regulate mood and boost brainpower. The omega 3 found in dry fruits, nuts and seeds help boost brain health, balance hormones and regulate mood. They also help improve concentration and attention during working. Skipping meals or taking long gaps between meals causes more harm to the body than any good. It can lead to gut health issues or disorders; it can also cause disruptions in the sleep cycle.

Our gut and physical health are in link with our mental and emotional health too. In times of stress, we find ourselves stress eating and binging on junk. Munching on healthy snacks can be better as they reduce stress and help uplift the mood. To have complete holistic well-being, we must be mindful of what food we consume and how. Snacks often offer us nutritional value that might be lacking in our normal meals, so your health needs to include them in your diet plans.

(The author is Counselling Psychologist at Kaleidoscope- a unit of Dr. Bakshi’s Healthcare. The article is for informational purposes only. Please consult medical experts and health professionals before starting any therapy, medication and/or remedy. Views expressed are personal and do not reflect the official position or policy of the Financial Express Online.)

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