'Healthy' Snacks You Should And Shouldn't Buy – Mashed

'Healthy' Snacks You Should And Shouldn't Buy - Mashed

Trail mix conjures images of hiking and whole, roasted nuts, but the truth is that most trail mixes are far from healthy. According to Healthline, store-bought trail mix can be high in sugar, sodium, calories, and it can be easy to overeat. 

Eat This, Not That! rounded up some of the best and worst trail mixes out there, and found the main offenders to be loaded with candy, chocolate, marshmallows, hydrogenated oils, sweetened dried fruits, and other junk foods. If you still want to eat store-bought trail mix, remember that it’s more of a treat than a healthy snack, which means you need to stick to strict portion sizes according to Consumer Reports.

Or, why not make your own? Toast some nuts and seeds (walnuts, pecans, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds are good choices), and stir them into a small amount of unsweetened, low-glycemic dried fruit such as goji berries or golden berries, then add a few dark chocolate chips. Remember that even homemade, trail mix is still very much a treat, and not a snack you should have on a regular basis … especially if you aren’t exercising regularly.

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