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Earlier this year, former 90 Day Fiancé star Jenny Slatten stunned the show’s fans with her weight loss. This new attention grew recently, after fans noticed, via Instagram, how much slimmer the former TV personality looked. Since first appearing on season 1 of the show in 2014, Jenny’s look has continued to change. Many viewers likely remember when she was introduced on the series, alongside her then-partner, Sumit Singh.

The couple’s “age gap” relationship began with Singh catfishing her, by using a fake Facebook account. However, after over a decade together, the pair have certainly come a long way. While Singh’s conservative Indian parents keep attempting to separate the pair, as they just don’t approve, Jenny and Sumit tied the knot, and they’re building a life together. These days, the 63-year-old former 90 Day Fiancé star is grabbing others’ attention for more than her diverse relationship. It looks like her move from Palm Springs, Florida to India inspired her to make a few physical changes.


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Jenny’s weight loss was achieved through personal motivation. While the reality celeb’s never revealed how much weight she lost, she is proudly pulling off her revamped look. The TV personality managed to slim down by altering her eating habits and completing daily walks, by herself and with her husband. Her chef spouse continues to help her find meals that taste good, which make it easier for her to stick to a healthier diet. Since marrying Singh, the former 90DF star has made changes to her everyday look. This includes embracing Indian culture; for example, the former 90DF star has tweaked her wardrobe. She’s shown that she’s adapted to the nation’s traditional attire.

In several Instagram posts, Jenny proudly shows off her new figure while wearing brighter colors, and clothing that features Indian prints. She’s also taken a risk by sharing photos of herself in tops paired with shorts that expose a lot of her legs. Along with new wardrobe choices, she admitted in an interview with TV Season & Spoilers (in July 2022) that she’s abandoned some of her favorite drinks since moving to India. Although she loves Dr. Pepper soda, it wasn’t easy finding the drink in India. While this was a disappointment, she used the setback as an opportunity to drink more water.

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé have noticed Jenny’s weight loss, and how much happier (and more self-confident) she appears to be. However, some viewers express dismay when she proudly sports beachwear, and above-the-knee dresses. Several viewers have accused her of disrespecting Indian culture with her wardrobe choices, claiming that the pieces are inappropriate. Nonetheless, many other fans continue to come to the happy wife’s defense. Since marrying Singh, Jenny is glowing, and posts appealing photos, including pictures of her and Sumit traveling all over India.

Following her 90 Day Fiancé franchise debut, Jenny has made a few life changes, aside from marrying Sumit Singh. Her fitness journey likely wasn’t the easiest transition, but the former 90 Day Fiancé star continues to thrive in India with her husband. Not only is her new life as Singh’s wife continuing to make her happy, but it has also led to glamorous physical changes, and healthier meal choices.

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