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Daniel Craig is a British actor who has won the hearts of millions by playing the role of James Bond in the movie series by the same name.

His other movies include Defiance, Elizabeth, Cowboys & Aliens, Knives Out, and more. Besides his successful acting career, he has also been involved in multiple charities, such as Opportunity Network and S.A.F.E.

Daniel Craig followed a grueling fitness and diet routine to get ripped and efficiently play the role of James Bond in the movie ‘No Time to Die’.

He has certainly brought a sense of power and strength to the character of Bond in the movie. So, let’s look at the fitness and diet routine he followed for the movie.

Daniel Craig’s Fitness Routine for ‘No Time to Die’

Daniel Craig worked with his personal trainer Simon Waterson to get ripped for the Bond movie.

It was mentioned in an interview that it was about a year-long process for Craig to effectively train his body for the movie ‘No Time to Die’. Besides preparing for the movie before the shoot, the actor also worked hard throughout the filming process to maintain and refuel his body.

Waterson’s background in UK special forces helped him design a workout regime for Craig that was based on the movie’s script. That not only helped the actor get ripped but also enabled him to perform his action sequences effectively.

Daniel Craig generally followed supersets in his workout routine to prepare for the role. The supersets mean continually doing the exercises with little to no rest in between sets. That got his heart pumping and sweat breaking in no time.

Craig usually started with his fitness routine on an assault bike followed by a superset of strength training exercises. These included exercises such as low cable chest fly, abdominal rollouts, BOSU mountain climbers, standard pull-ups, Russian twists, bicep curls, TRX row, pistol squats, kettlebell side bends, windshield wipers, reverse cable fly, hanging leg raises, bodyweight dips, and more.

The agility-based exercises were also prominent in his training routine to mimic the movements that were required in the movie. These included exercises such as light resistance band training, cone exercises, BOSU ball exercises to build stability, plyobox movements, and hurdles. Additionally, he also learned action choreography to perform fight scenes and action sequences in the movie.

After intense workout sessions, Craig followed recovery methods to relieve pain and soreness from his muscles. They included light stretching, foam rollers, and percussive massaging. While shooting ‘No Time to Die’, his workout routine transitioned towards conditioning and injury prevention. Before the filming session, he completed a stretching routine along with muscle activation exercises for stunts to be performed on the same day.

Craig significantly ramped up his fitness routine with high intensity for ‘No Time to Die’, as he wanted to do as many stunts as possible by himself, without stunt doubles. The movie was packed with a variety of elements, such as movement, strength, agility, and speed. That’s why Daniel Craig’s fitness routine was also focused on exercises that helped in performing these movements efficiently.

Daniel Craig’s Diet Routine for ‘No Time to Die’

During filming, Daniel Craig used to eat kimchi, eggs, avocado, turmeric shots, and rye bread along with black coffee a few minutes before shooting.

Craig’s post-workout meal usually included protein shakes consisting of milk, green vegetables, and probiotic shots with turmeric root juice. That helped him with recovery after an intense training session along with giving him the energy to go on with his day.

Additionally, Craig avoided eating junk food, unhealthy snacks, and greasy foods. That helped him get ripped and have a low-fat percentage. Overall, his diet consisted of wholesome and clean foods so that he could be as healthy as possible.

Bottom Line

Daniel Craig certainly worked hard in his training and followed his diet routine to get ripped for the role of James Bond in ‘No Time to Die’. He trained hard in the gym, with cardio moves and strength training exercises. Even at the of 54, he’s amongst the fittest people in the world.

With his breathtaking performance and ripped body, Craig impressed fans, media, and critics alike. You can also get a ripped body like him by following a good workout routine tailored to your fitness goals and abilities. You can take inspiration from Craig’s fitness and diet routine.

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