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work out snack

We all see working out as an essential part of our daily routine. And while we are told that burning calories can help you feel energised, the contrary feels true at the end of the workout when you are exhausted and perspiring. The aches and soreness probably hint that your body was exerted and your muscles are strained. While such exhaustion is seen as a good sign, there are also ways you can combat this with antioxidant rich foods. Read on to know how eating berries can help your muscles recover after a workout.

work out snack

Why berries make a great post-workout snack

After a workout you’re probably extra cautious about the calories you may consume having worked out extensively to burn fat and tone your muscles. Hence, you need a food group that shall boost your health rather than offer you empty carbs. This is exactly why berries are a great post-workout snack.

  1. They comprise of polyphenols and these are plant-based antioxidants. Incidentally, they are coveted for their capability of safeguarding your cells from damage.
  2. The polyphenols in berries help alleviate swelling and muscle pain.
  3. The external layer or berries also have anthocyanins that are nothing but flavonoids that give them a great colour. However, few people know that anthocyanins can improve your blood circulation, which can come in handy after an intense session at the gym.
  4. Be it strawberries, raspberries or even blueberries you choose to have, they are made of complex carbohydrates that can boost your energy levels when you are feeling drained after exercise.

work out snacks

You can choose to make yourself a nice smoothie bowl with some acai berries and cranberries or blend some blackberries and strawberries together with your protein shake. But you must include these in your diet or have them as snacks after a strenuous gym routine for an energy boost.

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