'I didn’t recognise myself': Dad loses 4 stone with diet that 'tastes like a treat' – Express

'I didn’t recognise myself': Dad loses 4 stone with diet that 'tastes like a treat' - Express

At his heaviest, Tim weighed 16 and a half stone. He admitted: “I didn’t recognise what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I became really lazy with my food and that’s when the tiredness set in. I was left feeling unhappy. I knew I had got myself into a bad position health and fitness wise and needed to get back on track ASAP.”

Tim had previously competed in bodybuilding competitions and decided he wanted to lose weight, get fit and get back into it.

For that, he followed a diet using The Skinny Food Co products, which are low-calorie, low-sugar foods designed to help people lead a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing taste and “without restrictions”. Other low-calorie substitutes are available and can help with a weight loss journey.

He explained: “It tasted like a treat without the calories! I now use the Skinny Food Co low-sugar syrups in my coffee for sweetness instead of sugar, the Skinny Food Co’s low-calorie BBQ sauce to add flavour to my chicken and veg at lunch time, and also their low-calorie Southwest sauce on my white fish for dinner.

“Whenever I fancy a snack, I eat some porridge oats covered in their low-sugar maple flavoured syrup,” Tim said.

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With a low-calorie diet plan full of flavour he was truly enjoying, Tim also implemented a training routine he was determined to stick to.

He explained: “I train five to six times a week incorporating mainly weight training with a bit of cardio through prep.

“Walking has also massively helped this year, and I aim to hit 15,000 steps most days.

“The Skinny Food Co really helped with my fitness regime and goals, as it allowed me to enjoy my diet plans with ease so I could hit my targets.”


“Most of the time, thirst is mistaken for food cravings or hunger. Additionally, drinking water before consuming food can decrease appetite hence assist in losing weight,” they said.

They also advised planning the meals and snacks ahead and opting for low-calorie and healthy snacks.

“Make vegetables exciting. Pair some fresh veggies with peanut butter, hummus, or a low-fat cheese dip.

“Or snack with The Skinny Food Co healthy alternative snacks, including high protein bars, low sugar chocolate treats and lots more.”

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