'Meaty' bakery snacks get a flexitarian makeover – BakeryAndSnacks.com

'Meaty' bakery snacks get a flexitarian makeover - BakeryAndSnacks.com

The Hamburg, Germany-based specialist develops clean label ingredients based on cereals and pulses for versatile applications in the baking and snacks sectors. The aim is always to combine maximum enjoyment with one or more additional benefits: consumer health (selected dietary fibres and an improved Nutri-Score), a future-proof planet (meat substitutes) or more economical production (by actively exploiting potential savings).

Its new vegan-snack-mix offers bakers and other foodservice providers in the snack segment the opportunity to reach new target groups – while also meeting the increasingly complex nutritional demands by all consumers.

The mix does not contain artificial colours or soy, and is characterised by a juicy bite and authentic meat flavour. It has been specially adapted for production in savoury bakery and snack applications, such as vegan or vegetarian burgers, meatball sandwiches, meat pies and sausage rolls, among other ideas.

Processing is extremely simple: the mix is simply combined with water and oil before shaping. The subsequent processing is similar to that of a meat mass that is freezer-stable in both the raw and baked state, and can be prepared in a pan or deep fryer, in the oven or on the grill.

No limits

Producers can also add their own twist with the addition of spices or fresh ingredients or follow the recipes developed by GoodMills Innovation.

Although more consumers are giving up meat, they certainly have no intention of sacrificing indulgence. Meat alternatives must therefore meet the highest sensory standards, especially when it comes to the flexitarian target group. That’s why, when developing the recipes, the chefs at GoodMills Innovation placed particular emphasis on a meat-like flavour profile and texture.

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