'Simple habit': Fitness guru's healthy weight loss snack tip 'won't send you sugar crazy' – Express

'Simple habit': Fitness guru's healthy weight loss snack tip 'won't send you sugar crazy' - Express

Health and fitness expert Alex Crockford explained a simple yet effective snack tip to help Britons stay on top of weight loss goals.

The founder of CrockFit posts his insights on his Instagram account @alexcrockford.

He recommends having snacks prepared to curb cravings and keep blood sugar in check.

It came has another fitness expert suggested healthy snacks to “feed that chocolate craving”.

Low blood sugar could cause a dieter to reach out for an unhealthy snack in desperation, just to begin a cycle of sugar high and withdrawal, causing the same cravings again.

The tip was one of a number of daily habits the expert recommend to Express.co.uk.

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What other daily habits does Alex recommend to boost weight loss goals.

He said: “It’s really important to have an awareness of how active you are each day.

“Do you go from the bed, to the car or the train, to the office and then reverse back to bed?”

There are small ways to become more active in your day, Alex says.

“Are there periods of time where you can get off the bus a stop early or do a 10 minute walk here and there.

“Taking the stairs, getting off a stop early on the train.”

Alex has suggested fitness be tackled “one challenge at a time”

“What we see a lot with motivation is when you do something small correctly, you then take on too much at once and you fail. Then motivation declines,” he said.

He advises tacking on fitness goals one small change at a time.

He said: “Add a bite-size habit on to the next, and to the next, by taking on one challenge at a time.”

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