'Stop thinking about chocolate': Fitness guru's healthy snacks trick for easy weight loss – Express

'Stop thinking about chocolate': Fitness guru's healthy snacks trick for easy weight loss - Express

Carly Rowena is a fitness, diets, and self-love guru with over half a million followers and subscribers. She posts workout ideas and recipe inspiration on her Instagram @carlyrowena, and YouTube account.

Carly claimed dieters can lose weight by focusing on eating more.

Although it sounds counterproductive, focusing on adding foods into your diet rather than removing foods could be the key to sustainable weight loss.

Carly told Express.co.uk: “When people talk about dieting they say things like, ‘I’m going to remove chocolate, sugar, all these things’.”

However, Carly suggests adding in a new healthy snack recipe to replace those go-to sugary snacks.

“Let’s add in a new recipe that you’ve not tried before, let’s add in a new ingredient that you’ve not tried before. Let’s add in a snack.

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Carly explained the psychology of why this works.

She said: “Generally people tend to find that they are so focused on adding these new things in the chocolate might not get thought about until the following day.

“Or they might think about it, but they’re actually satisfied because they’re nourished and not craving sugar.

“They don’t feel that they need to just binge on something.”

Carly has a number of weight loss snack tips for handling sweet cravings.

She previously told Express.co.uk: “Think about the things that you love.

“If you really want to have like a brownie think, ‘Okay, how could I have a brownie in a healthier way that’d be like?

“Maybe I can have a hot chocolate, which is going to feed that chocolate craving.’

She said: “If you’re craving something like a Snickers bar, you can have mature dates and peanut butter.”

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