HOW TO STRENGTHEN YOUR DEEP CORE MUSCLES ⎮ Transverse Abdominis Exercises For Smaller Waist ⎮ Ep. 1

In this video, I’ll show you how to perform a three-light core exercises that will effectively rebuild strength in your deep core and pelvic floor. These three exercises are also suitable for the first week postpartum, so if you’ve just had a baby and you want to reduce your diastasis recti these three exercises will also be suitable for you. Hi guys, my name is Amanda Louise. I’m a physical therapist and personal trainer, which means I help women just like you get in the best shape of your life. Today I’m going to take you through a program for the deep core muscles and this will be program number one out of three.

So this is the easiest version of this program. What we’re going to do is we’re going to tag the deep core muscles. That is usually the transverse abdominis. We also have the internal/external obliques, and on top of that, we have the rectus abdominis, which is usually what we want to train.

When we train the core, we want to do crunches, we want to do all these different things, but for many people, the rectus abdominis is actually relatively strong, but the weakness is from the transverse abdominis especially, and then the internal/external obliques as well.

So we don’t really have control of deep core muscles. We don’t have control of how our pelvis and our body rotates. We don’t have control when we want to avoid rotating. And in my experience as a physical therapist and a personal trainer, a lot of the people I see that have back pain have very low control of rotation and have a very hard time activating the transverse abdominis.

And also women that have given birth have had their abdominal muscles expanded, their rectus abdominis has been split as a thin line of fascia between the two sides of the rectus abdominis on each side of your belly and that fascia in the middle, especially when you’ve been pregnant, that has split and that makes crunches not the most ideal exercise to do.

I also have men who have this issue, so I’m not saying this is only for women who’ve been pregnant or for people with back pain.

These exercises up beneficial for anyone to do, but of course especially if you have issues with back pain or if you’ve had diastasis recti, which is the split of the abdominal muscles, this is even more targeted to you. But anyone can do these exercises, probably everyone should be doing these exercises, even if you are a guy who lifts heavy or a girl who lifts heavy. Having nice strong core muscles also helps you keep in the belly so you don’t have that little belly poop that pops out when you’re relaxing, but you’ll always have that nice firm stomach. Because the muscles are like a core set, they work as a core set holding in your organs, holding in your intestines, and who wants their intestines popping out?

One thing I’m not really covering in detail in this video is the correct breathing technique.

I will go over it briefly, but if you don’t know how to breathe right and you want me to do a video on it, just comment down below or send me a message that you would like me to do a video on it and I will. That is the foundation for all these three episodes of How to Train Your Deep Core. So if you don’t know how to breathe, let me know and I’ll do a video on it for you. Also, if any of these exercises, if you don’t feel them in your core, feel free to comment below or message me, contact me, get in touch with me and I’ll help you feel the exercises because you need to be able to activate your deep core.

It’s really important to me that people out there don’t walk around having a weak deep core, not having a muscle core set holding them up, not having the waist they could have because the muscles are not holding in your organs. So get in touch, if you don’t feel this, get in touch with me and I will help you.

I promise, I’m here to help you. All right, now let’s get into this. Exercise number one is the supine pelvic tilt, and you begin by laying on your back with your knees bent and both feet flat on the floor and the knees aligned with the second toe of each foot.

Take a deep breath in and expand your belly, and as you exhale, gently contract your abdominal muscles to flatten your low back into the floor. A boat trying to lift up your hips off the mat and hold this position briefly. Then inhale and slowly relax your abdominal muscles and gently contract your low back muscles to increase the arch in your lower back. A boat raising your hips off the floor should do this. Hold the position with the arched back briefly before exhaling and returning to your starting position.

The second exercise is the supine knee drop. Again, start the access by lying on your back with your knees bent and both feet flat on the floor and the knees aligned with the second two of each foot. Make sure your feet and your knees are both touching. Now place your fingertips on the pelvis where the hipbones are most prominent. From this position, exhale and gently contract your abdominal muscles to flatten your lower back into the floor.

Avoid trying to lift your hips off the floor. Hold this position. And now let one knee fall out to the side very slowly and controlled while keeping your core engaged and controlling any rotation in your pelvis or lower back.

Use your fingertips to give you feedback of any movement of the pelvis. A common mistake in this exercise is letting the knee go too far towards the side and losing control of the anti-rotation of the hip or lower back.

So make sure you only let the knee fall out as far as you have control, 100% control of the position of your lower back and your hip. Doesn’t matter how far you go out, as long as you can keep your pelvis and your lower back in full control throughout the whole exercise. Exercise number three is the supine modified leg raise. Again, start the exercise by lying on your back with your knees bent and both feet flat on the floor, and knees aligned with the second toe of each foot. From here, gently contract your abdominal muscles to flatten your low back into the floor.

Again, avoid trying to lift up your tailbone off the floor. Hold this position briefly, then lift up one foot and if you can do it without the lower back lifting off of the floor, you can stretch out the knee. Try and keep the foot as close to the floor as you do this stretch, then return the foot to the starting position and alternate with the other leg. Throughout everything, you keep your lower back flat on the floor.

A common mistake with this exercise is challenging yourself too much too soon and allowing the lower back to lift off of the floor to extend the knee.

This is not worth it. Instead, stay in the position with your back flat on the floor and just lift the foot slightly off the floor without any movement from your lower back or your hips and then return the foot to the floor and repeat. As you get stronger, you can start experimenting with extending the knee halfway, still keeping that lower back down, until eventually, you’ll get strong enough to extend the knee fully.

Take your time with this and don’t go too far. You won’t get the deep core activation you want if you do that.

I really hope you found this exercise useful. Remember, if you don’t feel it in your core, don’t hesitate to message me or comment down below and I’ll do my best to help you out and get you to feel your core properly.

This was episode number one, I have two more coming. And again, if you want me to do a fourth one about breathing and activating your deep core while you breathe, again comment down below or message me that is something you want and I’ll make sure to do that as well. But for now, two more episodes coming up.

If you don’t want to miss them make sure you subscribe to my channel. And if you want to support me also like this video and leave a comment down below, it all really helps me to figure out what it is that I can give you guys, what do you want from me? I’m a physical therapist and a personal trainer, and I am here to help you activate your muscles, feel your muscles get stronger, get in the best shape of your life.

If you want more free content like this, don’t forget to also follow me on my Instagram and on my blog where I post more free content like this every single week. That’s all for me today.

Remember, train right and stay fit…

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7 Great Core Strengthening Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

7 Great Core Strengthening Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m going to show you seven easy core strengthening exercises. so let’s get started. Before we start if you haven’t subscribed already make sure and click on the button. so we’re gonna start off with some pretty easy core strengthening exercises and then get to a little bit harder. so the first ones we’re gonna start off with just gonna lie down on the floor.

Now if you are not comfortable getting on the floor, you can do this on your bed or a couch. you just want it to be firm enough where you can do the movement. so a lot of people say they can’t get up off the floor, just get on your bed or your couch and do it and that should be fine. so we’re going to start off with a pelvic tilt.

With the pelvic tilt, basically what you’re trying to do is flatten out your back onto the floor.

So that little curve that we have in our back, you’re moving that pelvis or you’re tilting the pelvis to push it flat down, and that kind of just contracts those core muscles. so once you do that, if you can see that movement almost like you’re going to lift up your bottom but you’re not going all the way up. hold that for about three to five seconds and then relax. so just start off with doing about ten of those and this is just really to kind of start getting them loosened up, getting those movements, getting the muscles starting, but not going too crazy yet.

So again just a three to five-second hold really trying to flatten it out.

if you need to put your hand under there as a target, you can, but you really want to feel that back flat on the floor, and then do about ten of those. so after you get those, get everything kind of loosened up in there, you’re gonna go into a full bridge. so now you’re just lifting your bottom up off the floor, and you want to lift it to about where it’s level, but not arching your back. and really just slow and controlled the whole time. so you’re coming up and then once you start to come back down, come one segment at a time.

so you don’t have to pause at each segment, but really control it so you’re going up and then nice and slow coming back down. so again just starting off with about ten of these. if this becomes really easy, you can do 15 to 20 up to 25. if you get to 25 and they’re pretty easy then you can actually start doing one-legged bridges.

So just coming up and then coming back down, still trying to keep everything level.

so if you feel like you go up and your hip is dropping, let me do it on this site so you can see, if it’s dropping like that, that just means you’re not quite strong enough and ready for it, so then go back to the two legs. so then we’re gonna go and use a swiss bowl. today I’m going to be using the King athletic Swiss ball, and if you’re interested in purchasing it make sure you click on the link up here. so now we’re going to go into a prayer plank on the ball. so I would start with a modified which is on your knees because this one is a little bit harder.

using a Swiss ball makes an uneven surface. so just kind of place your arms on the Swiss ball and then bring your knees back, tucking in the butt.

So squeeze those butt muscles in and try and be in a fairly straight line when you do it. if this is easy, if you can hold it and get to a minute and you’re just kind of like “do, do, do,” then you can come up into a full plank. but really squeezing in that butt, holding it nice and tight, keeping everything tight.

so you’re not sagging down, you’re not coming up like that, you’re really trying to stay in a nice straight line. so again starting off maybe 10 to 15 seconds and then working your way up from there. so the next one with a Swiss ball, you’re gonna lie down and put your legs on the ball. so bend the knees and get kind of in a comfortable position. if you need a pillow for your head, you can if you just want to lie down flat on the floor you can do that as well, but keep those knees just a little bit bent.

and then you’re just gonna kind of rotate your hips from side to side.

So almost like a trunk rotation, but now you’re just getting those core muscles strengthening in a rotation position. so you don’t have to go and rotate all the way down, just go until you feel a little bit of tightness and then come back up. keep it nice and smooth and controlled. so again just doing maybe five on each side, and then you can progressively go down deeper if you need to.

for the next Swiss ball exercise, you’re gonna be sitting on the Swiss ball. when you sit on a Swiss ball you want your hips and your knees to be about at 90 degrees. so your feet are nice and flat but your knees aren’t coming right up. so you want to be in a pretty comfortable position. so with this one I have a pretty heavyweight here, you probably just want to start off with maybe a two or three pound weight and then work your way up from there.

So just take the weight and put it straight out in front of you, and then just gently rotate from side to side. so again this is working the core in a rotational movement. try and keep your back nice and upright and just gently rotate back and forth. if you feel like the weight is starting to drop, and you’ve only done like two or three, it probably means the weight is too heavy, and then just get something lighter. you can actually do these if you’re not quite ready for a weight just clasp your hands out in front of you and still do that rotational motion.

so you’re still getting a good core strengthening exercise with this. so if you’re not quite ready for that weight, you can actually do that as well. whoa! so the next exercise is a tall kneeling lean back. this works your hamstrings as well as your core, so as you can see I don’t have anything anchoring my feet.

Sometimes people do need something holding their feet down to do this. again you can go modified and just go here, you can place your hands on your hips here, or you can just have it down by your side, but if you just want to start right here you can. I’m already feeling my core and my quads and my hamstrings working, but once you start going further back you’re gonna feel that a lot more, so don’t try going really far back in the beginning because you need good flexibility with this as well.

Just try a little bit and then you can try a little bit further. so I just start off with about ten or fifteen those and then work your way up.

so the last exercise is going to be standing. so the last core exercise is going to be a simple elbow to knee standing up. so you can either do the same side, or you can do opposite back and forth. so this one requires some balance while you’re doing it, so if you don’t have really good balance, you might want to start off doing these sitting or lying down and then you can work your way to standing up. some people put their hands all the way behind their head, I just kind of like to hold my hands up a little bit.

so you can do the same side, you’re kind of meeting in the middle. so you’re, but you’re not curling your upper trunk forward, you’re just kind of crunching as you’re going. or you can alternate sides back and forth. so this is not only working your balance, but it’s working your core as well.

But see I’m still pretty upright.

I’m not coming down and bending my back, I’m just meeting in the middle to really work those core muscles. so again, you can start off five on each side, then work your way up to 20. if you’re getting the 20 – 25 on each side and that’s easy, and then you can start doing some other stuff. so there you have it those were the seven easy core strengthening exercises. if you’re interested in purchasing the King Athletic Swiss ball, make sure and click on the link up there, and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking down there.

and remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon…

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