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The Mind Body Business Show

welcome to the mind/body business show the three keys to your success is just moments away here’s your host Brian Kelly hey welcome to the mind/body business show all right it’s not actually a formal show I just had a few things I wanted to talk about because you know it’s a long time till this Thursday to our next show and we have an amazing amazing guest coming on his name is Dennis nirmala I cannot wait for you to meet him amazing entrepreneur and has helped build multi-million dollar businesses the man is just on top of his game and he’s just one of the most heart centered people I’ve met yeah I just want to talk about you know have you ever had one of those days you know one of those days you know what I’m talking about where things don’t seem to go right and they accumulate one after the other well that happened recently and the reason this is not a was me and a boohoo and a this is not a rant just to set the table the thing is several things occurred this actually happened last Thursday first of all this very show which I take deep pride in testing thoroughly all the technology that goes behind it there is a lot by the way a lot a lot of moving parts and I had a very phenomenal guest on by the name of Alex browning you may remember seeing him but not hearing him yes ergo there was one of the problems that the sound wasn’t coming through and I didn’t know it until we were partway through the show and a couple people started commenting on the Facebook live that you know we can’t hear Alex I was like oh man I hope it’s really going through and it’s just on there and the whole time right it’s an hour-long show and the thing is it wasn’t I didn’t feel bad so much for myself if things were going bad I was curious I was more concerned about the fact that you know my guest Alex he had invested his time his valuable time to be on this show and even before the show behind the scenes most people don’t recognize but there is a test a session a test session that occurs several days before the actual show to ensure all of these technologies are working properly together the interesting thing is I could hear him just fine on my end that was the very intriguing thing it happened to be just one component just one where the sound driver had not been properly assigned to the right output and now I know and so you know I was really dejected I spent several hours several hours I took the resulting recording of that video and rather than dump it on somebody to take care of it you know I felt that cause for this this was my own doing I did not thoroughly test even though I’ve spent hours and hours and have several successful shows prior to it yeah it’s fun with technology so I just hunker down I pulled up my big boy pants and I went to trying to salvage that video and went through every segment where Alex spoke the thing is his voice came in partially through this microphone it will came out of the speakers of my system back in through these this microphone and he could you could hear him faintly so I went through and turned up the volume spent hours again then published the video and uploaded it it just did not come out good it wasn’t pretty so I felt really horrible and Alex was such a wonderful guy about it I mean what a wonderful reaction and I promised him we’re gonna have him on another show it’s gonna be August 16th and all of this this technology will be working well I was a bit dejected I’ll be honest you know I’ve got I’m a human being I’ve got feelings I’m not always that positive guy that some of you think things like this happen and then then the next morning the next morning I get a text from somebody I’m not gonna point fingers or name names this I was glad that somebody told me that they received a text announcing this show at 1:15 a.m.

Like what so I use a service that it’s a phenomenal service and a setting most likely yours truly made booooo booooo somewhere instead of setting it to go out at 5:15 p.m. the prior evening it went out the following morning at 1:15 a.m. I’m sure that upset a few people that got a text it didn’t have their phone turned off and boy if you’re one of them I deeply apologize for that that has also been remedied so there was number two and then it got even well I wouldn’t say better got worse next I receive a text this is the following day actually but it’s a 1 right into the next and next I got a text from my son I’m in the middle of working out and he said I just got rear-ended I’m on this street in the street I said what and it was a text so I’m thinking oh no no way and we’ve been going through a myriad of car issues let’s just say of late several of our vehicles have been in and out of the shop it’s been an interesting little run of late and the first thought was of course you know are you ok he didn’t say anything so I’m assuming so but immediately I called him you know voice that’s the thing we do these older folks do his voice and I called him and everything was fine he was fine turned out to be a multiple car accident he was sitting front of the line at a stoplight and there were two vehicles behind him and the the fourth vehicle that was involved in it came around behind and hit the vehicle two cars behind him hit the one right behind him and then hims like an accordion effect and thankfully for him he got the least brunt of it in fact you have to look really close to see the damage however there is damage and it’s not going to be cheap so we have to go through insurance all that fun beautiful thing was he was ok the unfortunate thing was the first person in line I should say the last person in line that ended up getting the first impact from the person at fault apparently she went into shock and was taken in through emergency to the emergency room and I hope I hope she’s ok so that was the third so it was kind of this rollercoaster of you know where the old me could have just said my gosh this this string of events just outright sucks you could you say that and just be upset and pissed about my life for that couple of days but rather instead you know I decided yeah things sucked they were they weren’t cool but you know it all depends on it’s not what happens to you really it’s really how you react to it to what happens to you and so one great amazing reframe that helps in all these situations is and setup instead of saying something like that happened to me is reframe it and say well that happened for me wait Bryan you just had three horrible things happen well one horrible and two just annoying things horrible being the car accident and yeah so how could how could the sound quality going bad be something that happened for me well if I twist it around and look at a learning that could come from it as well I need to be even more stringent in my testing in my pre-show checklists which I have and I go through literally with this pen and check off each item thirty minutes before the show with the other person that is expert online with me and still missed that one so what happened for me so I can revise and better dial in this show and make it better for every one of you so that was one thing then the second thing was the service that didn’t go out again more for me to verify double-check there was a setting in an area of this service that I probably messed up but didn’t even realize it had impact on the actual sending of the messages and so I just said well that happened for me so that I can be more you know take more time and put more energy into the pre-everything checklist for shows going out and I have a before show checklist a right before the show checklist during the show checklist and I have a post show checklist still inadequate and that’s okay it happened for me again I don’t feel good for my guest expert and I apologize profusely and he was just so gracious in accepting that apology and said no big deal Brian let’s let’s knock him dead next time and that was phenomenal phenomenal it and that’s the kind of guest experts I have on this show they all have a certain mindset they’re very positive their integrity based and that’s why I bring them on for you I can’t wait for the next one with Dennis and I certainly can’t wait to re to do the next show with Alex because my goodness the quality he provided was off the charts amazing I cannot wait for you to meet him for the first time in Boise I thought you could see him but you couldn’t here I was just looking over some quick notes I got it down yet so son is good happened for me that’s really the only thing I wanted to get across here today was just talk about times you know we all have them no matter what level of success you have achieved you know actually it it really turns out to be the more successful you are the more issues you have it all comes down to how quickly you deal with them and get past them and over them and beyond them that’s really what it comes down to and so I just wanted to impart that to you I I’m not perfect of course I I got I was upset myself personally wasn’t too happy that this all happened and yeah you can still make you can still turn situations that aren’t so great into something that better serves you so this has been an impromptu version of my body business show I do not have a bookmarks section or session for you today and we don’t have a guest expert today wait till Thursday Thursday is the day this Thursday so go to the mind body business show calm go to the mind body business show calm and there you’ll see an opt-in form you know show you the upcoming guests that are coming on and then an opt-in forum if you desire if you want to get a notification that the show is coming on I promise I’ll do my best for it not to come out at 1:15 in the morning it’ll be more like 15 minutes prior to live going live so that you know it’s something while you have it on your phone it’s on your mind you can just pop on over there and hang out till we go if you want to get a notification if you want to be notified when we go live we have some amazing guests would love to see you there I’d love to see your comments your loves your likes everything so that we can interact and yes we do monitor your comments and your loves and likes and we give you a shout out a shout out as a result of your participation so I’d love to have you and and we as always as always some of you may not even know this but we have a fantastic vacation stay giveaway a five-day stay at a five lot of fives at a five-star resort in Mexico and these are amazing amazing resorts and you get to choose amongst a few if you come and watch live and you watch and you hang on to the end of our lives and they typically go from 5:30 p.m.

Pacific Standard to 6:30 p.m. Pacific Standard and so right around very close to the 6:30 mark or maybe some time before that just for those either trying to book the system if you’re on live with us at that moment you’ll have the opportunity to enter to win a five star five day or five night make Asian stay in Mexico amazing amazing and that’s just our way of saying thank you for coming on and watching love to get those away love to have you on looking forward to the next one Thursday so remember if you’e catch yourself saying this happened to me you know something that wasn’t as great as great as you wanted to happen to you a great way to turn your day around turn your week around is to get in the habit of reframing reframe it and perhaps it would be better to say something like you know what that happened for me it happened for me how blessed are we that our son had a car and you know he’s okay so now looking at that we can now look at all the great things you know we’re blessed that he had a car that he was able to have transportation to go to and from his place of business his work you know how blessed was I to be able to have a show to bring this great value to you to begin with to have the technology around me the knowledge to put it together over the some years and experience in God’s blessings there’s so many good things that come out of everything in life it’s again not how you react to it or it is how you react to it it’s not what happens to you but it is how you react to it alright enough of my preaching I can’t wait to see you Thursday Thursday this Thursday evening 5:30 Pacific Standard Time go to the mind body business show calm the mind body business and just enter your information you can opt out at any time it’s all we grant all those requests automatically it’s all automated we don’t play any games looking forward to seeing you there take care and we’ll catch ya on the next mind about it business show all right I’m out have a great one thank you for watching and listening this has been the mind/body business show with Brian Kelly

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Keep Your Goals Realistic With List Building!


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