HEALTHY MORNING HABITS » + printable checklist

HEALTHY MORNING HABITS » + printable checklist

Welcome back to PICKUP LINES or if you are new. Hey, I’m a sadist. Morning can be a source of stress for many people Hurry to prepare, so that they can go outside. Or think about the things they need to get done during the day. For me, personally The morning is the favorite part of the day, and by adopting these 10 healthy morning habits, I think it would be your favorite too, if it wasn’t already. In the description box Below, you will find a download list for the things I will mention in this video. You can use it as a tool to help you start healthy morning habits. right Now Do you need to follow every habit I mentioned on this list? No, of course not Just pick the one you think will make you grateful for the morning or the most helpful.

Let’ Begin. I am strongly against rushing in the morning I guess how our day begins, gives a glimpse of what the rest of the day will be like. You start tense You will tend to stay charged with emotions. Start relaxed and your mind will be more relaxed during the day Wake up a little earlier if you need. So you don’t have to hurry. For some stimulation, put together soothing, gentle music to help you get up. And do not hit the snooze button when you hear the alarm Let the natural light in to boost your mood, let your time coincide with the morning light Meditation. Grainy as it looks. Many of us have heard of it and yet have not. And I am not preaching to you to begin with. The idea of ​​sitting on the floor in The complete calm of someone who has not yet contemplated before, it may be an uncomfortable thought. So if meditation doesn’t work for you, and it’s not amazing as I think it is. Try this as an alternative Take a deep breath and then do the 5-4-3-2-1 exercise.

Tell yourself five things you can tell Carpet, plant type *, candles, bowl and books. Four things you can feel on a sofa behind the back, Attachment on the armrest, hair on the neck, A warm cup in the hand. Three things a bird can hear on a tree The sound of the refrigerator, the kettle boils the water. Two things you can smell Essential oil, The aroma of tea. One thing you can taste, even if you don’t drink or eat anything There is a taste in your mouth, be aware of it. This exercise is the most interactive way to have your mind present at the same moment I’m also against turning on the TV in the morning, because I think it strips us of our ability to stay in a clear mind Present moment And I think it can add tension, especially if you watch something like the morning news.

Are you used to watching TV? If he tried to replace it with quiet music as an alternative If you need to check your phone for messages, do so after breakfast. The morning deserves your attention Drinking water helps restore hydration after a long night’s sleep It helps stimulate metabolism, helps the body flush out toxins, and helps maintain regular bowel movements. I used to have a tall glass as soon as I woke up before breakfast. Do not drink water every morning? Here is a way to make it more attractive. Add Cucumber, berries, lemons, lemons or orange slices to taste. If you feel so Too stressful Add a little 100% of your favorite fruit juice to give it some flavor. Me, too, keep hydrating all morning with plenty of tea. As a nutritionist and dietitian, This is an area that I attach great importance to. Eating a nutritious breakfast helps boost our energy and start our mental focus for the day. Includes whole grains and fruits Vegetables, nuts, seeds, plant-based milk and yogurt. Breakfast time and fiber will keep you full for the rest of the morning, so you can focus on things other than your grumpy stomach.

I also used to take vitamin B12 and vitamin D supplements for breakfast, too. Here is an important suggestion. Enjoy breakfast with someone, if you can Family, partner, roommate or friends Communicating and talking about your thoughts and plans for the day is a great way to start the day. You enjoyed breakfast alone, ditched the TV or computer screen, and instead practiced the mindfulness method, which I mentioned before In fact, look at your food, and feel the texture in your mouth, Hear the sound that you make when you pick it up with a spoon or bite into it, actually you smell the food and the taste, Really taste the food instead of eating it mechanically. Don’t you think it deserves your attention? Some people choose to write down a list of gratitude or intentions each morning. Personally, I prefer talking to them rather than writing them down. So if I share breakfast with someone, which is most of the morning, Then these are questions that I ask the other person and they can ask me too. I think it helps to build a closer bond with this person It also keeps you accountable for the intentions you said and the insights they shared with you that you may find actually helpful Start your day.

But if you are someone who enjoys breakfast yourself, no problem. You can fill out the questions in the downloadable PDF file. Questions to answer: What do I think? How do I feel emotionally and why? How do I feel physically? What are my intentions for today? What are two things I am grateful for? What is the one thing that can increase my happiness today? By checking daily what is going on inside you, You will have more control and understanding of what is going on around you. Some people recommend creating a plan or to-do list for your day in the morning. But personally, I prefer to do it the night before, that way I can hit the run. Instead, I spent a few minutes in the morning reviewing this list and actually Imagine what I’m going to do for today.

Visualization is a very powerful tool, So if you can actually dedicate even a minute or two Plan a movie in your eyes about the things that matter to you to accomplish the day. Is likely to occur. Preparing your snacks for the day in the morning means you will be less likely to graze throughout the day or reach unhealthy The right foods when hunger strikes. Chop some fruits until ready to eat. Dice up some nut butter and crackers or set aside some dried fruits, like figs or dates. So they come in handy when you need something to conserve your energy. I mentioned it in a previous video and it’s a habit I live by.

So try to get used to Clean the surfaces in your home Before you leave for today. Clean up your kitchen counter, dining table, coffee table, or any mess and wash the dishes as well. By doing this, even if you have a really long and stressful day, you know you can take home somewhere clean. You may have heard of this important thing called exercise. do not worry I’m not about to preach to you to begin with. When you know it’s helpful to do, and if it’s something you haven’t already started, Then we might just need to try a new approach. Remember, the scariest part is always before you start. Try to start as soon as you get some fresh air. Go out to the balcony Or have tea on the patio in the morning. It becomes very easy, then get off the bus one at a time and stop driving Little bit or try riding a bike to work or school, as much as possible. If the weather is holding you back, try doing some gentle indoor stretches Small changes made in increments will get you closer to an active morning in no time, and if you are a person prefers Exercise in the evening It’s still important to get a little fresh air or maybe some light stretching in the morning, if you can.

And the There you have it, 10 healthy morning habits. Hope you found them useful Don’t forget to download the PDF in the description box Just below and start checking out the items you choose to follow. You can also use this as a tool to add your own Custom healthy morning habits. Things like remembering my thread or remembering to pack my lunch for the day.

Another recommendation I have you to add or change Only one new habit at a time. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm yourself and then don’t commit to it after a while some days. They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. So once you’ve held it for the full three weeks, consider adding a new habit if you like. OK, This is from Pick Up Limes today. You know the exercises: like subscribe. I’ll see you in the next video..

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Achieve A Healthy Lifestyle Now

Achieve A Healthy Lifestyle Now

Do you want a strategy to start a healthy lifestyle, but you don’t know how to don’t worry before you start doing anything? Let’s talk about what you should stop doing: A Healthy Now Lifestyle You Can Achieve every week we spill out valuable tips, tricks, and hats on a happy and healthy lifestyle. If you haven’t already considered subscribing and if you would like to remain updated on this beautiful journey click that icon below, I guess what we’re on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, if you want to see some inspirational posts, workout routines, and recipes.

Have a look at this strategy to start a healthy lifestyle content And give us a follow in this video, we’ll show you a simple strategy on how to start a healthy lifestyle before you buy an expensive gym membership or design your meal plan. Let us tell you actually what you should stop doing simple, but it will change your life immediately and push you towards a healthy and healthy life, much quicker than you think. We want to cover 10 tips in this video about how you can improve your gym food and mind.

We also have a bonus, tip, and end so stick around all of these things easier said than done, but then again know everyone does it, but do you want to be everyone, our biggest, which we can give you now it’s just to start. Of course this s̲t̲r̲a̲t̲e̲g̲y̲ ̲t̲o̲ ̲s̲t̲a̲r̲t̲ ̲a̲ ̲h̲e̲a̲l̲t̲h̲y̲ ̲l̲i̲f̲e̲s̲t̲y̲l̲e̲, you need a plan, but before you get to that phase start to stop doing things, stop counting calories or macros eating. Whole Foods and eating processed foods are completely two different things. Click This Image See For Yourself

Just because three bananas would have the same amount of sugar. That would be in a donut, doesn’t necessarily mean that equal in society or the benefits that they would bring from a nutritional perspective. similarly eating an organically sourced or a grass-fed steak. It’s not the same as having a double patty burger from a McDonald’s or a fast-food chain, just because it’s got beef in it, so stop counting calories and macros just eat. Whole Foods stop dieting because it’s a lifestyle, as we mentioned in our previous videos, don’t go on any diet, because this is the pure recipe to bounce back. This is the pure recipe to bounce back with time they will challenge your willpower.

Your cravings will skyrocket and you will become mentally because diets are malnourished, not balanced, and this is unsustainable. small choices entirely become the hafiz and the habits become the way you’ll eat a squid. Most things go through the effort phase because not everything good is for free. stop chasing short term goals if you were to chase short term goals, you’re, naturally, setting yourself up for failure.

Have you ever bounced back from a diet, gained more weight than you actually lost you’re in there deer in the diet? Have you actually felt miserable along the way? These are all repercussions of short term goals? If you consistently want to wake up every morning, energetic or always feel comfortable with your body or always sleep off every single night and not make it short-term intervals of your life, where you gain weight, then prepare yourself again to go to a beach holiday or Try and sleep better for a month, let’s just make it consistent and sustainable. so it’s just like Vera said it’s about creating a lifestyle, change, stop chasing short term goals, and actually think about a long term perspective because that would simply be like every single day. You’d be building a house up, breaking it down and destroying it, and then trying to rebuild it again.

Don’t try to fool your body, probably many times you’ve heard different advice to stop the keto diet, Atkins, etc. It might be beneficial for your health short-term, but very detrimental for your health functor. Would you need to take away from this is what is our body? Equal first and foremost is survival and keep our body weight. so every time when we do something which jeopardizes it bites back, stop eating processed food or drinking empty calories. All these foods are full of sugar preservatives chemicals and actually do not contain a lot of nutrition and, as a result, there’s no society.

Your body’s regulation goes out of whack, you gain weight, you become mentally fogged and then you’re back to no boy and you’re. No longer healthy, so this one’s quite simple, stop anything, that’s processed or junk and stop drinking empty calories. Another point is to stop struggling. This is very straightforward. Actually, we want you to put any effort into a healthy lifestyle or to making this sweet, but it shouldn’t be a struggle because everything which will be a constant battle for you, it won’t be sustainable, long term, stop overdoing or ordering try to find balance and simply stop overeating overtraining over drinking over-consuming over anything figure out why you are overdoing something whether it’s over-consuming or overeating or overtraining.

If you are overeating, make simple steps: control the portions that you eat, use the fist rule or avoid buffets. If you’re overtraining introduce rest days consciously to your workout routines, maybe yeah maybe take an active rest. I don’t know, read a book or go to go to the sauna instead of actually going and lifting weights and to very simply summarize, this point just introduce and do whatever you do in moderation, not over no under stop doing things that don’t serve the purpose. You want to achieve don’t force yourself to do stuff that someone recommended on TV to have like super toned body or don’t just get like suggested new plans which can make you worse, as you probably remember, from our first episode. Bio individuality matters the most, so everyone is different and everyone has completely different needs, so stay with us to uncover what actually serves you the best.

Next one-stop excuses and if you haven’t checked it already, we’ve made a whole video about the most common excuse that we come up with not to start or continue having healthy life stuff so check this out after this video. It’s quite simple: we break it down into three things, whether it’s an actual concern or whether it’s an actual excuse understand why you come up with these excuses, whether it’s because you don’t have enough information to make it make a sound decision or whether you just say You know what I just can’t. I can’t give a and thirdly become strong enough to challenge that excuse, and this one is yet again very easier said, I’m done but get to the mindset that way.

You can start recognizing that, excuse and challenge that excuse, and maybe sometimes even say no to that. Excuse me another thing which you should immediately stop doing. stop comparing yourself to others. Honestly, you should strive to be better than you were yesterday. Everyone is completely different and there is literally there is no point to compare yourself to others. so simply be your only hero, your own role, model, which you’ll be improving every day and they buy, they become a better version of yourself. Okay, it’s attempting to control relapse. Yes, we intentionally say control, because it’s fair to recognize that sometimes we all relapse, and we’re all human we’re not robots. We’Re not perfect. In that sense, when you do relapse actually enjoy that relapse. If it’s, if you’ve been on a consistent streak of great food decisions, good activity enriching your mind, and sometimes you know what you miss a meditation day or you want to have a cookie, because I know it’s like oh yeah yeah, you just don’t like it.

The only thing to recognize here is that it is a relapse or it’s a change of your due course, but you should not feel guilty about it and you should just enjoy that relapse. The thing you need to stop doing is continuing that relapse and, as we promised honestly, stop treating the effect and figure out the cause, indeed treating sin, it’s simply suppressing them where, if the only information we have on what is actually going on in our body, those Big give you a simple example with very popular cold and running nose. This is a natural healing process of our body, as well as like fever, suppressing them actually eliminating information which may support us and help us with healing ourselves. We agree.

This is one of the scientific ones. Let’s take a couple of more examples, maybe a little bit more scientific as well insomnia or, alternatively, you consistently feel tired, and what do we do? We pack ourselves with coffee, caffeine, pills, Red Bulls, and guess what there’s only going to grate the problem. It’s not really resolving the underlying issue and the worst part is figuring out. The underlying cause actually takes a little bit more time and actually challenges the conventional medicine practice that we have and we used to today as soon as we get a call for a cold or fever we run to the doctor and the doctor would sign. I don’t know from paracetamol or simple paracetamol or a painkiller to extreme versions of penicillin or antibiotics which again literally only responds or suppresses the side effect, not the actual cause, exactly, and don’t be afraid.

Looking for a strategy to start a healthy lifestyle answers yeah, I know how it is when you just like get medication, and my doctor has the license and have everything which supposed to be in place to provide that advice and gives you medication and prescription, but don’t be afraid to just question them And look for the answers there’s a very simple way of looking at this. If you think about statistics, a general doctor has a 10-minute slot to recognize and diagnose a patient’s symptoms, out of which, statistically, he only spends ten seconds listening to the patient, explaining what the issue is that should purify us killed. Its response is to your illness and we’re not saying we’re. Medical practitioners, but functional medicine has a better way of understanding the underlying cause than treating and suppressing just the symptoms that come across.

That’s been a long list of things that you should stop doing and guess what we’re doing next week, we’re going to start talking about what you should start doing, the basic steps that you should be taking to live a healthy lifestyle so tune in again next week And let us know in the comments below what will be your thing. You will start doing it today. Thank you so much for watching this video. There was an absolute pleasure and if you like, this video gives us a thumbs up, because it would really support our channel. If you know anyone from your family friends who benefit from the content of our Channel, please share and thank you very much and we’ll see you in the next strategy to start a healthy lifestyle video A Healthy Now Lifestyle You Can Achieve, your body your mindset…

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