How-To Make Kombucha

How-To Make Kombucha

It looks a bit weird and feels slimy. It doesn’t look very attractive. It doesn’t die from your touch? No, it might just be right. There may be bacteria on my fingers that contribute to it. I think it likes to be touched. My name is Lisa Lov and I am the sous chef at Relae restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark. Today we are going to make kombucha It is a healthy drink made from sweetened, fermented tea. Hippies and alternative health communities swear by this A lot of companies make a lot of money from it. In front of me is a so-called scoby. The scoby is the essence of the kombucha. It converts the caffeine and sugar into different acids Scoby is an acronym for “Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast” We use that to make the kombucha You can get the scoby from an acquaintance who has one. Simply take a piece and use it for your own kombucha. Every time you make kombucha it multiplies.

If you make one [kombucha] you end up with two scobies. You can share it with friends and family or someone who really wants a scoby. Furthermore, I think some health food stores in America sell them. I have not encountered them here yet. Here we have some jasmine tea Let’s draw it We start with an amount of eight tea bags. I have loose-leaf tea. We use black tea for its caffeine The scoby converts caffeine and sugar into different acids. So you also need a good amount of sugar. About a cup, or 200 grams This is a normal sweetened tea, so far. Pour hot water on it Make sure all sugar has dissolved. We got our scoby from a guy who worked here. I’m not sure where he got it. Since he gave it to us, we’ve kept it alive. Making kombucha for the juice bar at Relae.

When I was younger I had some problems with allergies. My father is Chinese. He came up with old traditional medicine, kombucha. He brewed it for me when I was a kid. I remember the taste very well. Very vinegary. I don’t know if I liked it, but when I rediscovered it as a teenager, the fragrance brought me back to my youth. I am very fond of it. You let it steep for 4 to 5 minutes If you let it steep longer, it will become more bitter. If you like that, you can let it steep for as long as you want. I drink kombucha for its taste, but many people drink it for its health benefits It is said to help with depression, cancer, osteoarthritis or constipation. I don’t know if that has ever been confirmed.

Before we add the scoby, the tea must be at room temperature. The scoby must be handled with care. It should not burn. It doesn’t like high temperatures. The five minutes are up. We filter the tea Now let’s cool it to room temperature. Here I already have one at room temperature. I take the scoby from an already fermented kombucha and add it to the tea.

I cover it with a piece of fabric to keep the flies out. It still allows air, which is necessary for fermentation. You leave this in room temperature for three to five days. Or a little longer if you want. You can see it starting to fizz During these days the first fermentation starts which converts the caffeine and sugar into various acids and good bacteria. Then it turns into this. If you smell it, it looks more like vinegar, you can taste it too.

cheers If you want to add flavor with different fruit juices, you can start a second fermentation process. You can also add prick, which makes it sparkling and very pleasant to drink..

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