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Take the Stress out of Back to School - WCNC.com

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Going back to school and getting your household back into a routine, can be extremely stressful. Here with steps you can take to help cut that stress is Cognitive Specialist and Parenting Coach Beatrice Moise.

In the days leading up to school, your anxious child may cling, cry, have temper tantrums, complain of headaches or stomach pains, withdraw, plead or bargain, and become irritable or angry.  Worries are common. Anxious children and teens worry about many different school-related issues, such as teachers, friends, fitting in, and/or being away from their parents.

3 reasons for Back to School Stress 

Unknown Expectations from school and parents.

Parents fail to properly communicate with school about moving onto the next grade. Parent sometimes fail to tell their kids what to expect. Kids want to know things like who will be my new teacher and what if s/he is mean?  Will any of my friends be in my class?  Are my clothes OK?  Will I look stupid?  Who will I sit with at lunch?  It is important for parents to instill confidence in the child to ease the fears of going back to school.

Chaotic and Dreaded Morning Routine 

The morning routine can be a mess and stressful. If it is and you are having trouble getting your kids ready.  Here are things you can do. If your child has trouble putting on their shoes, bring the shoe to the car and put them on in the car. It will save time and maybe prevent a tantrum.  If your kids use electronics to comfort themselves put the electronics in the car. This will help the child have a starting point for electronic and a stopping point when they get to school.

Lack of structure after school.

Make sure you get into an afternoon routine. It should involve homework first , a snack and then free time for electronics etc… Ensure your child is getting enough sleep, eating regular meals and healthy snacks and has daily exercise. When your child’s mind and body are nourished, tackling school worries is easier. Plus, your child will be more likely to listen to you, and cope better when you insist on school attendance, if s/he has had a good nights sleep and a decent breakfast.  Having structure and a plan will reduce stress and prepare the way for a successful morning.

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