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Cotton candy burrito at Creamberry

Summers in Las Vegas demand heaping styrofoam containers of sweet, frozen ice cream. But I want something more. Sweet, yes. But also sour, spicy, and salty. Cue the humble pickle.

Creamberry already stole my heart about seven years ago when they debuted the cotton candy burrito — a fluffy mountain of candy floss smashed into something of a tortilla, filled with ice cream and all manner of cookie pieces, gummy bears, and sprinkles, before being rolled up into a handheld conduit for sugar. Its only drawback was that it was maybe too sweet, which wouldn’t surprise anyone.

Cotton candy burrito at Creamberry

Cotton candy burrito at Creamberry
Amelinda B Lee

The shop’s new creation subs out the ice cream and candy fillings for one entire dill pickle, frozen mango chunks, and a healthy shake of spicy Tajin seasoning. The result is a sweet, spicy, sour, salty mouthful that’s unexpectedly refreshing. It makes for something so photogenic that I immediately texted a photo of it to everyone I knew — but also self-consciously lifted that styrofoam lid so that no one inside the ice cream shop would actually see the monstrosity I was daring to eat.

The burrito’s major downside lies, unsurprisingly, in its structural integrity. One bite of pickle, and the release of pickle juice reduces most of the cotton candy into a sticky purple syrup. Regrettably, this is a dish best eaten with a fork and knife — and within about four minutes.

A whole dill pickle wrapped up in cotton candy

Cotton Candy Pickle Burrito
Janna Karel

While the Pickle Back shot has effectively cycled through initial shock and subsequent normalcy in bars all across the Las Vegas Valley, the cotton candy pickle burrito may be a combo that works even better.

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