The sporty set: 7 Under-appreciated essentials for your sports bag – The Examiner

The sporty set: 7 Under-appreciated essentials for your sports bag - The Examiner

Look your best after a workout. Photo supplied by Andrea Piacquadio

Any dedicated gym rat or sports bunny knows that it takes a village to emerge from the gym looking, feeling, and smelling clean, neat and put together, and ready to face the day!

Indeed, regardless of how much (or how little) a gym attendee sweats while working out, there are several essential items every gym junkie should and must keep in their sports bag to keep them feeling and smelling fresh and looking good after the gym.

So if you’re a fitness enthusiast who is interested in learning more about how to look and feel your best following your sweat sessions, read on to find out which essential post-workout items to keep in your sports bag to make sure that you are looking and feeling as fresh, clean and presentable as possible when leaving the gym after your workout.

1. Anti-perspirant deodorant, cologne, body sprays, and perfumes to make sure you stay smelling sweet!

Naturally, an antiperspirant deodorant or body spray is perhaps the most important item a gym rat needs to keep in their sports bag at all times. A particularly rigorous sweat session can have even the most hygienic of gym junkies emitting an unpalatable body odour, with male gym attendees often becoming especially stinky!

That is not to say that female gym-goers aren’t equally capable of working up a sweat or equally in need of antiperspirant deodorants and perfumes to keep them smelling as fresh and clean as possible at the gym. Roll on or spray – it goes without saying that using deodorant fragrances to ensure you smell good is essential!

2. A Change of clothes and underwear to keep you fresh, prepped, and ready for the day ahead

After your workout, it is very common for your gym outfit to become saturated with sweat! Many gym junkies even associate the sweatiness of clothes with the effectiveness of a workout. However, leaving the gym with sweat patches all over your clothing is not a good look, and sweaty underwear is similarly uncomfortable.

For girls, particularly if on their period, changing underwear is especially important. Luckily, Undercovers Period Underwear can keep us girls as fresh as humanly possible, even at that time of the month.

3. Sanitary pads and tampons – A girl’s essentials, even at the gym

Speaking of that time of the month, it is an unwritten rule that when attending the gym, a girl needs to pack pads or tampons into her sports bag. Unfortunately, while most women’s menstrual cycles are relatively regular, often, a period can strike at any moment during the window in which it is due to arrive. Therefore, it is important to be prepared and to have essential sanitary items on hand in case of an emergency.

4. Cleansing soap, shower gels, and body wash to clean your act up in your post workout shower

Showering post workout is essential, as is ensuring that you bring your favourite cleansing soap, shower gel, and body wash to clean yourself up before leaving the gym. While many gyms do provide low-quality soaps in their public showers, it is often preferable to bring along your own, better-quality soap products to ensure proper cleansing of the skin.

5. Hair products to wash out the sweat and care for and treatyour ocks

Many of us need a good hair wash after a particularly sweaty workout. Bring your favourite shampoo and conditioner with you to care for and treat your locks, as the complimentary hair products many gyms stock in their showers are often of poor quality and lacking in essential nutrients needed to look after your hair.

6. Essential hair styling tools to tidy up your look after your gym workout

Of course, once you have showered and washed your hair, it’s time to style it! A hairdryer is of course, essential. If your hair is wild, curly or unruly, you may also wish to bring along your hair straightener to tame and smooth it down. Alternatively, you may prefer to pack a heated curling iron or tongs to make your hair look well styled and presentable.

7. Water and sports rehydration drinks and wholesome, healthy snacks to keep your energy levels up

Lastly, let’s not forget healthy drinks and snacks to rehydrate and refuel post-workout. You may want to pack nutritious options such as nuts, protein bars, fruit, or even a protein shake made from concentrated protein powder. Some gym bunnies even choose to reach for energy drinks such as Red Bull, V or Monster for a quick boost in energy levels after they’ve finished working out. But of course, don’t forget water! Water is, after all, arguably the most essential item to pack when attending the gym.

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