The sweet taste of salt: MicroSalt poised to 'evolutionise' the snacks category with the world's smallest salt crystal –

The sweet taste of salt: MicroSalt poised to 'evolutionise' the snacks category with the world's smallest salt crystal -

Salt Me! potato chips are the proof-of-concept foray into the savoury snack sector by Florida-based British tech company MicroSalt, owners of a revolutionary patented technology that delivers natural salt with 50% to 70% less sodium.

MicroSalt achieves the same saltiness as traditional salt, but by reducing the size of the salt particle, a University of North Carolina researcher developed a means to slash the sodium content but maintain the taste.

“It’s quite amazing actually. It’s the world’s smallest salt crystal – a hundred times smaller than a regular grain of salt [one micron versus regular salt’s 100 microns],”​ Mike Marotte, VP of Sales, told BakeryandSnacks while exhibiting at Sweets and Snacks 2022 in Chicago.

“And why that’s important is that the small grain has more surface area, so when you put it in your mouth, it instantly dissolves giving you the saltiness of salt. With regular salt crystals, some of the salt falls off the chip and goes to the bottom of the pack; some you eat and melts a little bit … but you don’t get the full salt [mouthfeel].

“What the technology allows us to do is reduce the sodium content between 50% and 70%.”

On point to tackle the HFSS regs

With a long-term eye on the UK, among other markets, the West Palm Beach business is right on point in helping producers fall in line with the UK government’s soon-to-be implemented restrictions on HFSS (high in fat, salt and sugar) products.

The new HFSS timeline

October 2022: Instore laws remain applicable in England and Wales from October this year, banning HFSS products from ‘impulse’ areas such as checkouts or gondola ends. [Some exemptions do apply: stores that are smaller than 185.8m2 (2,000 square feet); speciality food stores that sell one type of product, such as chocolate; and businesses with less than 50 employees.]

October 2023: A veto on multibuy deals on foods and drinks and restrictions on free refills for soft drinks will now be delayed for a year.

January 2024: The planned restrictions for banning HFSS being advertised on TV before 9pm and paid-for adverts online have also been pushed back and will come into force January 2024.

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