Unexpected Health Benefits Of Celery – Health Digest

Unexpected Health Benefits Of Celery - Health Digest

In addition, celery has several impressive health benefits when it comes to the digestive system. Not only do celery’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties support the digestive tract, but the ample amounts of fiber and high water content found in celery also help keep you regular (via LiveScience). According to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) two medium stalks contain 15 calories and 2 grams of fiber (which is 8% of the daily recommended value). Fiber helps curb hunger and support satiety, which can help with weight loss, points out LiveScience.

On top of the fiber content, celery extract was found to protect the lining of the stomach and reduce the chances of stomach ulcers in rats, according to a 2010 study published in Pharmaceutical Biology. Researchers from the study explain that this gastro mucosa protection is likely due to the antioxidant potential found within celery. More specifically, Healthline points out that celery contains a pectin-based polysaccharide called apiuman, which can also promote a healthy stomach lining. 

Celery is a great addition to a healthy diet. Munch on it raw, add a smear of creamy nut butter like almond butter, or toss it into a stir fry for dinner.

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