Visceral fat: The sweet snack that could help reduce the dangerous belly fat – Eat 'more' – Express

Visceral fat: The sweet snack that could help reduce the dangerous belly fat - Eat 'more' - Express

Hidden deep inside your belly, visceral fat surrounds some of your vital organs, like the liver, kidney and intestines. While this precarious position makes it dangerous, research shares a small food that could help burn the culprit.

When it comes to busting visceral fat, the benefits of fibre are well-established.

Out of the two fibre types, soluble fibre can help slow the speed at which your stomach releases digested food into your gut.

Furthermore, research, published in the journal Obesity, found that the more soluble fibre you eat, the greater reduction in visceral fat you can see.

The researchers from the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre suggested that getting more of the goodie from fruits and veggies could help burn the culprit.

Looking at 1,114 people, the researchers conducted a physical exam, a CT scan as well as provided extensive questionnaires focusing on the participants’ lifestyles.

After gathering the initial data, the research team also conducted a follow-up five years later.

The results showed that an increase in soluble fibre was linked with a decrease in visceral fat.

Apart from fibre, strawberries also help to support the production of two fat-burning hormones called leptin and adiponectin.

Adiponectin acts as a barrier against visceral adipose, while leptin is believed to play a role in body fat distribution.

Plus, the American Dietetic Association shares that the sweet snack may help with weight loss by stimulating your metabolism.

While strawberries could help you cut visceral fat, the red fruit also packs high levels of antioxidants, which help to ward off stroke, cancer and high blood pressure.

Based on the research as well as the nutritional profile, strawberries could help reduce the belly fat. The NHS adds that seven fresh strawberries make up one portion size.

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