Weight loss: 4 dangers of intermittent fasting for women (and what they can do) – Times of India

Weight loss: 4 dangers of intermittent fasting for women (and what they can do) - Times of India

Intermittent fasting has gained huge popularity over the past few years. In fact people who follow it hate to call it a diet routine, they call it a lifestyle. For the unversed, intermittent fasting is basically dividing your day into eating and fasting windows. The most common intermittent dieting is which involves 16 hours of fasting, which leaves you with 8 hours to plan your eating window.

Loads of people have benefitted from it and have lost weight. Its biggest benefit is that it reduces the time frame in which you can eat. There are other types of intermittent fasting too – like the one where people eat for 5 days and fast for 2 days, or fast for 24 hours and then eat the next day. Most people have an early dinner and then skip their breakfast. That makes it an easy-to-follow 16-hour fasting cycle.

But is intermittent fasting good for all? Some nutritionists feel that it may not be the best for women. Let’s find out why

Intermittent fasting does not impact men and women in the same way. Some researchers have seen that fasting for long windows increases glucose control in women rather than improving it. So instead of doing it in one go where you fast for 3-4 days at a stretch, it’s good to break it down.

Another study revealed that extended fasting and restricting calories in women can affect the hypothalamus which hampers the release of hormones which regulates LH and FSH. This can lead to irregular periods and may contribute to a woman’s infertility.

It can increase cortisol in women, leading to stress and weakening the body to fight it. So try IF for a shorter period and include super nutritious meals like bone broth or yoghurt before bedtime.

For those who follow an 18 hours fasting window may be depriving themselves of essential nutrients. They may see weight loss results but they have to ensure their meals are calorie and nutrients dense.

Bharti Singh is the most recent example of someone who lost weight with Intermittent fasting. Among other stars, Malaika Arora, Alia Bhatt, Jacqueline Fernandes are some of the other stars who follow IF on a regular basis.

The real deal breaker for those following intermittent fasting can be what they eat during the eating window. Do not break the fast with a calorie dense meal but slowly introduce dense foods.

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