The #1 Important Nutrient to Shrink Your Prostate

The #1 Important Nutrient to Shrink Your Prostate

Well, today, I have a very interesting video on the prostate and the most important nutrient to maintain prostate health. Now, this topic was inspired by my new favorite book called soil grass and cancer. Okay. This is a book that I found uh. It was very expensive. It’S basically 250 dollars. I couldn’t find any used books, but it’s filled with nutritional information. That’S just fascinating and each chapter is very, very different, so the last chapter was on insulin, which I did a video on that and then this one was on the relationship between zinc and the prostate gland.

There’S some great data I want to share with you. I think the first thing to talk about is this big confusion about what the prostate gland is. Very few people know what the prostate gland does. All they know is that as you get older and enlarges, and then it affects your urination 50 of men over the age of 60 starts to get an enlargement of the prostate gland. So what we do know is, as you age, the prostate gets larger and that can affect urination stream flow, libido retention of urine, and your bladder backup of urine in the kidney.

And so I think it’s important to understand a little bit about the prostate in identifying. Why this occur? I mean it’s kind of weird that as men age, a high percentage of them start developing prostate problems, and then, as it gets, bigger, you’re more at risk of getting prostate cancer. But just because the prostate enlarges doesn’t mean that’s cancer. So, let’s first start with where the prostate is located, there’s a little bone in the front part of your pelvis called the symphysis pubis and the prostate is right behind that bone. Okay and then the prostate also is just underneath the bladder and there’s a little tube that comes down from the bladder that this prostate wraps around and the size of the prostate would be about equivalent to walnut size.

So it’s not that big, but it can get quite big, and then you have the rectum, which is right behind that. So that’s where it’s located, but what does it do? The prostate is about 70 glands and 30 muscles, so it does two things. It helps you secrete, a certain fluid which I’m going to talk about, and it also acts as a pump during ejaculation. So it helps push this fluid through the tube, which is the same tube, is where your urine goes through and then out of the body now sperm is created in the testicles, okay, and it takes roughly about 60 to 70 days for sperm to develop. So the sperm travels through this little tube up into the area of the prostate, where you have additional glands that produce fluid with the fluids of the prostate gland. All mix together into what’s called semen, and so the purpose of semen is to fertilize sperm and sperm. Is basically just the genetics from a male body which is then going to join with the genetics of the ovary to form a human body? So to do that, you need something to feed the sperm which is fructose from the semen. You need certain enzymes to help penetrate into the uterus lining because there’s mucus there and a lot of other factors to keep this sperm fertile and the sperm outside the body can last roughly about five days.

So, on the other end in the female, you have this egg, which is inactive and it becomes active once the sperm penetrates. So that’s a summary of what the prostate does in relationship to these other factors. Now, what’s interesting about the prostate gland in relation to nutrition? Is that it is the gland that has the highest concentration of zinc, so the prostate has a hundred times more concentration of zinc than your blood because if you test your blood and it’s normal with zinc, it might not tell you what’s going on inside the prostate Gland so in this book I want to mention a couple. Little points he’s talking about the relationship between a zinc deficiency and what happens with the prostate gland it actually enlarges. There is a study done and I will put some links down below that shows a normal, prostate, okay, and the level of zinc. That’S in it it’s like 744 micrograms, and then you have a mild, hypertrophy or enlarged, prostate gland that had a lesser amount of zinc which is 486 micrograms. Then they tested people with chronic prostatitis, and that was at 470 micrograms. Now, remember. This is all compared to a normal, prostate gland, which has 744 micrograms, and then he talks about prostate and cancer related to zinc.

Apparently, that level was actually on average 273 micrograms of zinc. So we have this relationship between a zinc deficiency and inflammation in the prostate gland, enlargement of the prostate gland, and susceptibility to getting prostate cancer very, very interesting. The other point I want to bring up about this is that you have a very powerful form of testosterone. Okay, called dht, so testosterone can convert to dht with a certain enzyme: okay, and that’s called 5-alpha reductase, and so there are certain medications that inhibit that enzyme to help reduce dht.

Four now pattern baldness, prostate hypertrophy, and erectile dysfunction because too much of that hormone dht can create bad effects. But what’s interesting about that is zinc is a natural inhibitor of that enzyme fascinating, and we also know that people with low testosterone are usually zinc deficient. So zinc is the most important trace mineral to make sure your testosterone is high, make sure that the fertility of sperm is there, and make sure that the size of the prostate is maintained. Now it’s going to get more interesting. Why would someone be deficient in zinc? That’S the big question. Okay, I’m going to go through the reasons they don’t consume enough red meat now think about this. What is the big push now especially for men as they get over the age of 50?.

Don’T consume red meat. Red meat is bad. Well, they never differentiate the quality of red meat. Okay, they lump red meat into one group. They don’t differentiate between processed meats and grass-fed organic. They just lump it into one big concept and tell you to get off red meat, and they tell you to lower your cholesterol foods which happen to be the building block of testosterone, and then what do they tell you to eat, eat plant-based, make sure you’re eating Enough whole grains, which is loaded with phytic acid, probably the biggest thing that blocks your ability to absorb zinc. In fact, two billion people on this planet are deficient in zinc, probably because they’re consuming too much cereal and too many grains.

Okay. Now the other interesting thing about aging is that when you age, you lose the concentration of stomach acids and we need stomach acid to be able to absorb this zinc. If you have low stomach acids, you’re not going to absorb zinc, not to mention if you’re taking an antacid you’re going to be deficient in zinc if you’re taking a diuretic that medication will deplete you of zinc. If you’re, taking statins you’ll have significant zinc deficiencies. Alcohol is another common thing that will cause a zinc deficiency.

Consuming a lot of sugar will cause a zinc deficiency eating frequent meals like snacking lid at night, while you’re watching the tv creates insulin, resistance which can also deplete zinc, and so I’m trying to prove a point here. If you’re not consuming enough zinc. That’S going to affect your libido, your testosterone, sperm count the size of your prostate, and eventually, your urine flow. One of the best sources of zinc is shellfish, as in oysters, but the second best source is red meat, and to be totally transparent. I do have a zinc product. It’S my trace minerals product, but I’m going to tell you right now. Taking zinc is not going to guarantee any type of cure for enlarged, prostate, lower testosterone, reducing your risk of prostate cancer, or anything related to any medical condition, because there are a lot of other factors involved. Your diet, how much alcohol do you drink? How much stress do you go through and a lot of other factors related to your medications, etc, etc? All right so now that you know a little bit more about the relationship between zinc and your prostate. I wanted you to watch this next video on zinc, which is quite interesting check. It out. You

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As found on YouTube

Mom Of 2 Sheds 70 Lbs. With This One Weird Drink

Mom Of 2 Sheds 70 Lbs. With This One Weird Drink

Weight loss stories are everywhere nowadays, but this is one you have to see to believe. It’s literally going VIRAL. Weight Loss Men And Women

> Watch the video here

Mom of 2 sheds 70 lbs. with this one weird drink

Amanda had tried everything to lose weight, but after having her second son, the weight wasn’t coming off. She tried all the popular plans like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, even some crazy fad diets from Doctor Oz… Weight Loss Men And Women

But Nothing Worked! (We’ve all been there right?)

Weight Loss Men And Women Until she discovered an enjoyable way to lose weight that fit right in with her busy lifestyle. It was so easy that ANYONE could do it.

Amanda has used this method to lose over 70 lbs. AND keep ALL the weight off!

This one video will change the entire way you look at weight loss.

> Watch Amanda’s Weight Loss Success Story

I really want to share the results I got using a diet called the Smoothie Diet I started the diet after my second son I gained about 70 lbs all in all throughout my pregnancy Yes and I’ve tried many other methods and gained weight and nothing worked for me.

It was all Too hard or I was hungry all the time and I was a cool cranky so I found the Smoothie Diet which is very easy to follow.

Just make great tasting smoothies You replace certain meals with them Shopping lists are included Recipes are all in all It was a very easy diet for me to follow I was using all What I learned from the weight maintenance program is coming out, so at this point I lost almost 70 pounds the smoothies were so delicious they satiated me.

I never felt like I was missing out on anything and the best part especially when you are young my mom was the amazing energy I had I felt like I didn’t feel I even need my morning coffee anymore. Weight Loss Men And Women

Drew’s mom was so great at work anytime I had a question or I needed more info about something I was able to email and he will do it, To me straight with the information I needed to I never felt like I was in the dark I always felt like there was the connection there OK Weight Loss Men And Women so I highly recommend this smoothie diet to anyone looking for a great and easy way to lose weight without feeling like you’re hungry or missing something Thank you and good luck To your health,

Find a How Old Are You That Matches Your Marketing

Find a How Old Are You That Matches Your Marketing

Do you know that almost every cell in your body is replaced every 11 months?
White blood cells live for about 1 year, red blood cells about 4 months, skin cells only about 1 – 3 weeks.
Most parts of your body are at most 11 months ‘old’ at any time!
What I want to illustrate is that roughly every 11 months, most of ‘you’ are no longer ‘you’ because most of your cells have already been regenerated.
Question is, what decides the health of your newly born cells?
It’s how you think NOW.
By changing your thoughts, you can rebuild a new YOU every 11 months.
Your achievement in life is pretty much the same.
Because the law of nature applies to the law of success.
Your thoughts NOW decide your achievement in the not-so-distant future.

Find a How Old Are You That Matches Your Marketing

In fact, from personal experience, I feel that our thoughts manifest into reality in much shorter than 11 months, probably about 9 months, I feel.
Think the right thoughts NOW.
They will soon be reflected in both your achievement and physical health.
Your future has nothing to do with your past, but everything to do with your thoughts NOW.
To your success,

Cleanse Intestines Clean Out Bowels Quickly

Cleanse Intestines Clean Out Bowels Quickly

Body Colon Cleanse

...To Lose Weight more people than ever take action with Body Colon Cleanse this is all the rage these days. What is it and why is it so important to clean out a certain part of your intestines? Basically, you build up a lot of gunk in your system and this keeps you from losing weight. The body colon cleanse helps you lose weight by cleaning your system out.

One body colon cleanse is called the lemonade diet. It was created by the late Naturopath Stanley Burroughs. It consists of fasting to rid the body of
toxins, created by improper diet, lack of exercise, and negative mental attitudes.

The body colon cleanses will dissolve and eliminate toxins and congestion. It will cleanse the kidneys and digestive system. It aims to purify glands and eliminate waste and hardened materials in the joints and muscles. You’ll start to build a healthy bloodstream which in turn leads to developing optimal blood pressure

Also, the body colon cleanses will help you lose weight. Most people lose about 2 pounds a day with no harmful side effects.

The lemonade diet should be followed for exactly 10 days. During this period, you will not eat anything and you will only drink a specially formulated lemonade. You need to drink at least 10 servings of lemonade a day, which can be difficult to manage without discipline.

The recipe for the lemonade is as follows: fill a one-gallon water jug with the juice of five lemons, 1 and ¼ cups of Organic Grade B maple syrup (no substitutes), 1/10 tsp. or more of cayenne pepper, and fill the rest of the jug with purified or spring water (do not use fluoridated tap water.)

When you get up each morning that you are on the body colon cleanse, you need to do a saltwater flush. Mix two level teaspoons of unionized sea salt with a quart of lukewarm water and mix. Drink this all right away.

Then in the evening, you’ll want to take an herbal laxative tea which you can find in most grocery stores.

You should be prepared to need to use the restroom a lot while on the body colon cleanse. Specifically, that means that you should be prepared to go every 15 or 20 minutes. If you have a job or other activities that will not accommodate this need, you may want to consider putting the program off until you can use the facilities whenever you need to.

You may think that drinking only lemonade, saltwater, and tea with no food for 10 days is dangerous. Well, you are certainly not going to die on this diet, but you will be hungry. Surprisingly, you will probably find that you have more energy as the diet goes on, despite the lack of food.

At the end of the body, colon cleanses, you can expect to have lost anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds (this is mostly water weight and will be quickly regained if you don’t follow a reasonable eating and exercise plan), feel increased energy, have an increased desire to eat healthy foods, and feel somewhat different about life in general.

Those who make it through a body colon cleanse are generally very glad that they did it.

Body Colon Cleanse

Grab Any Images Use Any Videos

Grab Any Images Use Any Videos

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7 Great Core Strengthening Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

7 Great Core Strengthening Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m going to show you seven easy core strengthening exercises. so let’s get started. Before we start if you haven’t subscribed already make sure and click on the button. so we’re gonna start off with some pretty easy core strengthening exercises and then get to a little bit harder. so the first ones we’re gonna start off with just gonna lie down on the floor.

Now if you are not comfortable getting on the floor, you can do this on your bed or a couch. you just want it to be firm enough where you can do the movement. so a lot of people say they can’t get up off the floor, just get on your bed or your couch and do it and that should be fine. so we’re going to start off with a pelvic tilt.

With the pelvic tilt, basically what you’re trying to do is flatten out your back onto the floor.

So that little curve that we have in our back, you’re moving that pelvis or you’re tilting the pelvis to push it flat down, and that kind of just contracts those core muscles. so once you do that, if you can see that movement almost like you’re going to lift up your bottom but you’re not going all the way up. hold that for about three to five seconds and then relax. so just start off with doing about ten of those and this is just really to kind of start getting them loosened up, getting those movements, getting the muscles starting, but not going too crazy yet.

So again just a three to five-second hold really trying to flatten it out.

if you need to put your hand under there as a target, you can, but you really want to feel that back flat on the floor, and then do about ten of those. so after you get those, get everything kind of loosened up in there, you’re gonna go into a full bridge. so now you’re just lifting your bottom up off the floor, and you want to lift it to about where it’s level, but not arching your back. and really just slow and controlled the whole time. so you’re coming up and then once you start to come back down, come one segment at a time.

so you don’t have to pause at each segment, but really control it so you’re going up and then nice and slow coming back down. so again just starting off with about ten of these. if this becomes really easy, you can do 15 to 20 up to 25. if you get to 25 and they’re pretty easy then you can actually start doing one-legged bridges.

So just coming up and then coming back down, still trying to keep everything level.

so if you feel like you go up and your hip is dropping, let me do it on this site so you can see, if it’s dropping like that, that just means you’re not quite strong enough and ready for it, so then go back to the two legs. so then we’re gonna go and use a swiss bowl. today I’m going to be using the King athletic Swiss ball, and if you’re interested in purchasing it make sure you click on the link up here. so now we’re going to go into a prayer plank on the ball. so I would start with a modified which is on your knees because this one is a little bit harder.

using a Swiss ball makes an uneven surface. so just kind of place your arms on the Swiss ball and then bring your knees back, tucking in the butt.

So squeeze those butt muscles in and try and be in a fairly straight line when you do it. if this is easy, if you can hold it and get to a minute and you’re just kind of like “do, do, do,” then you can come up into a full plank. but really squeezing in that butt, holding it nice and tight, keeping everything tight.

so you’re not sagging down, you’re not coming up like that, you’re really trying to stay in a nice straight line. so again starting off maybe 10 to 15 seconds and then working your way up from there. so the next one with a Swiss ball, you’re gonna lie down and put your legs on the ball. so bend the knees and get kind of in a comfortable position. if you need a pillow for your head, you can if you just want to lie down flat on the floor you can do that as well, but keep those knees just a little bit bent.

and then you’re just gonna kind of rotate your hips from side to side.

So almost like a trunk rotation, but now you’re just getting those core muscles strengthening in a rotation position. so you don’t have to go and rotate all the way down, just go until you feel a little bit of tightness and then come back up. keep it nice and smooth and controlled. so again just doing maybe five on each side, and then you can progressively go down deeper if you need to.

for the next Swiss ball exercise, you’re gonna be sitting on the Swiss ball. when you sit on a Swiss ball you want your hips and your knees to be about at 90 degrees. so your feet are nice and flat but your knees aren’t coming right up. so you want to be in a pretty comfortable position. so with this one I have a pretty heavyweight here, you probably just want to start off with maybe a two or three pound weight and then work your way up from there.

So just take the weight and put it straight out in front of you, and then just gently rotate from side to side. so again this is working the core in a rotational movement. try and keep your back nice and upright and just gently rotate back and forth. if you feel like the weight is starting to drop, and you’ve only done like two or three, it probably means the weight is too heavy, and then just get something lighter. you can actually do these if you’re not quite ready for a weight just clasp your hands out in front of you and still do that rotational motion.

so you’re still getting a good core strengthening exercise with this. so if you’re not quite ready for that weight, you can actually do that as well. whoa! so the next exercise is a tall kneeling lean back. this works your hamstrings as well as your core, so as you can see I don’t have anything anchoring my feet.

Sometimes people do need something holding their feet down to do this. again you can go modified and just go here, you can place your hands on your hips here, or you can just have it down by your side, but if you just want to start right here you can. I’m already feeling my core and my quads and my hamstrings working, but once you start going further back you’re gonna feel that a lot more, so don’t try going really far back in the beginning because you need good flexibility with this as well.

Just try a little bit and then you can try a little bit further. so I just start off with about ten or fifteen those and then work your way up.

so the last exercise is going to be standing. so the last core exercise is going to be a simple elbow to knee standing up. so you can either do the same side, or you can do opposite back and forth. so this one requires some balance while you’re doing it, so if you don’t have really good balance, you might want to start off doing these sitting or lying down and then you can work your way to standing up. some people put their hands all the way behind their head, I just kind of like to hold my hands up a little bit.

so you can do the same side, you’re kind of meeting in the middle. so you’re, but you’re not curling your upper trunk forward, you’re just kind of crunching as you’re going. or you can alternate sides back and forth. so this is not only working your balance, but it’s working your core as well.

But see I’m still pretty upright.

I’m not coming down and bending my back, I’m just meeting in the middle to really work those core muscles. so again, you can start off five on each side, then work your way up to 20. if you’re getting the 20 – 25 on each side and that’s easy, and then you can start doing some other stuff. so there you have it those were the seven easy core strengthening exercises. if you’re interested in purchasing the King Athletic Swiss ball, make sure and click on the link up there, and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking down there.

and remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon…

As found on YouTube

Access To Automated Webinars With Webinaro Demo and Review

Access To Automated Webinars With Webinaro Demo and Review

Hi, Wilson, Phillips here today, I have a new webinar tool that will boost your business and save you time and trouble as well as save you money and I’ve got an insider’s dashboard demonstration to show you plus a very unique bonus that will show you the best Practices for webinar mastery proved tactics that will provide you with the maximum chance of success with webinars before that, though, please click subscribe, click, the bell, icon and select all notifications, so that all future review videos I create you – will see two all destined for your success To help your business prosper, okay, now, let’s see the webinar demonstration, hey guys, brett here and in this video I want to give you a quick overview of the webinar software. So, as you can see, I’m logged into my webinar members area, but first what I want to do is show you exactly the kind of webinars that webinar produces. So let me go ahead and take you over to a demo, webinar and then I’ll show you how I set it up. So right here is a demo webinar of the webinar software, and this is an evergreen just-in-time webinar. So you can actually see.

I have my title for my webinar. I have my video, which is optional. I have my webinar text. I have the countdown time telling people when the webinar is going to be starting, and I have my button for them to sign up for the webinar now. What’S important to remember is that these are evergreen just in time webinars.

As I’ve said what this means is, every time a person comes to this webinar they’re, just in time. It’s just about to start. I can actually set that countdown timer to anything I want. I can have it be five minutes, I can have it be three minutes I can have it be anytime, I like so that way when people visit the webinar sign up. Oh, look.

They just got here in time to see the webinar in progress and, as I said, they’re evergreen, which means they constantly run for everybody, and this way you have a webinar sales machine selling for you automatically without you actually needing to be there now, of course, people Can go ahead and click to secure your spot. They can sign up for the webinar, which captures their name and their email address for you, and once they continue, they will then go to the webinar which functions just like a live webinar, with a chat box with a presentation with handouts with everything you would expect In a live webinar, only it’s not actually live because you’re not actually there. Now. You may think that this is actually a little bit deceitful, not doing a live webinar, even though you’re presenting it as a live webinar, but you’re actually doing your site visitors a favor because with Webinaro webinars there are, never any tech issues. Your audio never goes up on your internet.

Never has problems with the Webinaro software, never crashes. Anybody that’s ever been on an actual live webinar knows that they’re generally plagued with tech issues. However, with webinaro, you don’t have to worry about any of that. It runs perfectly. You give them a perfect smooth presentation, every single time.

You’Re actually giving them a better experience, and because you can answer people’s questions that are on the webinar in the live chat from any device. Even your mobile phone you’re, giving them the full live experience without needing that worry about any of the tech issues that come with live webinars, so setting up a webinar is incredibly easy. The first thing you want to do is go over here to the video section and upload the video for your Webinaro webinar has built-in video hosting that way. There is no branding over your videos like they would have for Youtube or Vimeo, and the webinar looks like a live video so upload. Your video for your webinar in the video section then head over to webinars and click on create new.

Once you create a new webinar, you can then edit the webinar and fill in all the settings. Now I’m not going to go through all the settings here, because this is not a tutorial video. This is just a quick overview of the system, but the settings allow you to fully customize the webinar you can put in your headline text. You can put in your sign-up text you can put in your video. If you want to have a video on the signup form, you can have retargeting code, you can have Facebook share images.

Everything you need is inside of here. You can also decide if your webinar is going to have simulated attendees to look like there are other people inside of the webinar. If you’re going to have live questions and answering if you’re going to provide a handout to people who sign up for your webinar and attend it, you can do everything in webinaro that you would expect from a live webinar platform. Only you don’t have to deal with any of the hassle of a live webinar platform now mike, and i realized that this is great for people that have webinar presentations. But what about people that don’t have webinars?

What about people that don’t have something to sell of their own? Well, we didn’t leave those people out. We included a done for you, webinar that allows people to sell our high ticket coaching and earn juicy 495 dollar commissions from every sale, with a webinar that they didn’t even have to create, using webinaro to run webinars that they don’t actually have to intend and loading. This done for your webinar is super, easy, simply go ahead and click on the load done for your webinar button and that’s it all of the settings are now filled in for you for this done, for your Webinaro webinar. That will allow you to earn 495 dollar commissions selling a product that you didn’t have to create.

Using a webinar you didn’t have to run. Webinaro is quite simply the most powerful, automated webinar platform. I have ever created it’s perfect for anybody who wants to run their own webinars and it’s perfect for anybody who wants to run a done for you, webinar that is proven to sell that has personally earned mike and myself over 22 thousand dollars in just 30 hours. Using the webinar platform, thank you and enjoy, and so, as you can see, it’s very easy to start a webinar using webinaro. Now here’s the thing you can upload any mp4 video to webinaro software to use as your webinar.

That’S right. Practically any mp4 video will work in the Webinaro webinar. You can also add handouts at any time if you want in the webinar. These handouts need to be in a zip file and can be documents, videos, mp3 files, etc. Webinar automated webinars are top-notch.

Webinar workshops, teaching portals, and marketing tools that will greatly enhance your audience reach and then, in turn, make you money. Your webinars are all done on autopilot running whenever you need them to run. There’S no software to install and all the training and tutorials are inside the member’s area to get you up and running in no time at all and the best part is there are no monthly fees to use webinars. If you are camera shy like me, then Webinaro is perfect for conducting webinars. It’S all you need.

In addition, you can add any call to action that you want to show your audience right inside the actual webinar. While it is running, as you can see, a webinar is ready for you to start using right away. If you are not using Webinaro webinars, or at least using your videos as simulated webinars, then you are really missing out on one of the best marketing and or showing to a live audience. Whatever you want tools, you can get your hands on it right now. The webinar online software is available for the lowest price possible, but the price will be rising shortly.

It’S time for you to get started with a webinar

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Humanity’s True Purpose

Humanity’s True Purpose

Is humanity, nothing more than cancer on the planet consuming its hosts until it is gone, guaranteeing its own destruction in the process. A quick glance at the effects of our behavior might lead us to say yes, but looks can be deceiving. Nature shows us that what is destructive on one level can also be part of a larger process of change that creates new forms of value at another level. Consider the Indian elephant at first glance, the elephant appears to be destructive as she tramples through the forest. Breaking limbs from trees eating all the jackfruit and littering the landscape with huge piles of poo.

But when we look closer, we see that the trampling provides pathways for the other animals in the forest. The breaking of tree branches allows the sun’s rays to reach the forest floor. Abling plants grow in the understory and elephant poop contains jackfruit seeds buried in fertile manure, which propagates the jackfruit tree like the elephant. Could it be that some of humanity’s destructive behavior might actually have some positive unintended consequences? As we look back at earth’s story, we learn that its climate has been vastly different throughout its history.

When dinosaurs roamed, the land earth was void of ice, the sea level was hundreds of meters higher, and the temperature 10 degrees warmer than it is today. Modern science has learned that there is a direct relationship between the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere in the earth’s temperature. Greenhouse gases are like a blanket around the earth absorbing just the right amount of heat from the Sun to make life possible. The higher the concentration, the warmer the temperature in Earth’s more recent history, it has endured a series of long ice ages during each Ice Age, life struggles to survive. Imagine a one-mile-thick sheet of ice on top of Chicago all the forests died.

Most of the life in the forest died as very little can survive in these extreme conditions. Every hundred millennia, a slight change in the earth’s tilt, allows the planet to absorb just enough additional heat to thaw. Some of the ice life expands for a few thousand years during this interglacial period, before retreating again as the earth tilts back and falls into another Ice Age enter human beings. From the Earth’s perspective, humans are new to the scene. We’ve been here for a blink of an eye, but we’ve been busy as the earth entered its most recent interglacial period.

Humans began deforesting the earth to fuel their nation civilizations. It is calculated that more greenhouse gases were released into the atmosphere through deforestation. Then all the gases emitted from the burning of fossil fuels, humans, unknowingly to them, warmed the earth delaying the onset of the next Ice Age. It turns out that there’s a safe zone when it comes to greenhouse gas concentrations that keeps the earth at just the right temperature for life, as we know it to thrive any less, and we freeze anymore and we fry in the last few decades. We’Ve blew past this safe zone way too fast for life today to adjust, as we continue to destroy the forests for animal agriculture and find destructive new ways of extracting fossil fuels, adding evermore greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

While our actions have had devastating impacts on many species on the planet, they’ve also enabled humans to develop the technology necessary to monitor Earth’s composition like the part of the brain that helps stabilize and regulate our body’s temperature humans now have the ability to help earth regulate Its temperature we’ve already been doing it unconsciously for thousands of years. Perhaps it’s time we become conscious of our role on the planet as the thermostat species. When we choose to stop eating animals, the land used for raising those animals can be restored to forests, and those forests can sequester all of the greenhouse gases we’ve emitted during the fossil fuel age, bringing us back within the safe zone where life as we know it Can thrive? This requires that humanity undergo a metamorphosis from an egocentric consumer culture to an eco, centric life, enriching culture again. Nature shows us how this is done.

A caterpillar spends his entire life from the moment he’s born eating. He eats the nutritious shell. He was born out of then he eats the leaf. The egg was clinging to the caterpillar continues eating all the leaves. He encounters once fully satiated the caterpillar attaches to the underside of a twig and begins growing.

A cocoon of new imaginal cells are born at first, the imaginal cells are attacked by the caterpillar’s immune system, but soon they multiply in the immune system gives up what was once a caterpillar is now a messy glob of imaginal goo. Soon, out of the cocoon emerges, a beautiful, butterfly, [, Music ], the butterfly is a very light consumer as she sips the nectar she pollinates, the flower is helping to regenerate life-nurturing life instead of destroying it. The time has come for humanity to undergo its metamorphosis. Our imaginal cells are awakening. We have a unique opportunity in this pivotal time in history, to realize our full potential by considering ourselves, stewards of life.

Applying the lessons we’ve learned to nurture the conditions for life to thrive for all of Earth’s remaining years: You, you

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