7 Great Core Strengthening Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

7 Great Core Strengthening Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m going to show you seven easy core strengthening exercises. so let’s get started. Before we start if you haven’t subscribed already make sure and click on the button. so we’re gonna start off with some pretty easy core strengthening exercises and then get to a little bit harder. so the first ones we’re gonna start off with just gonna lie down on the floor.

Now if you are not comfortable getting on the floor, you can do this on your bed or a couch. you just want it to be firm enough where you can do the movement. so a lot of people say they can’t get up off the floor, just get on your bed or your couch and do it and that should be fine. so we’re going to start off with a pelvic tilt.

With the pelvic tilt, basically what you’re trying to do is flatten out your back onto the floor.

So that little curve that we have in our back, you’re moving that pelvis or you’re tilting the pelvis to push it flat down, and that kind of just contracts those core muscles. so once you do that, if you can see that movement almost like you’re going to lift up your bottom but you’re not going all the way up. hold that for about three to five seconds and then relax. so just start off with doing about ten of those and this is just really to kind of start getting them loosened up, getting those movements, getting the muscles starting, but not going too crazy yet.

So again just a three to five-second hold really trying to flatten it out.

if you need to put your hand under there as a target, you can, but you really want to feel that back flat on the floor, and then do about ten of those. so after you get those, get everything kind of loosened up in there, you’re gonna go into a full bridge. so now you’re just lifting your bottom up off the floor, and you want to lift it to about where it’s level, but not arching your back. and really just slow and controlled the whole time. so you’re coming up and then once you start to come back down, come one segment at a time.

so you don’t have to pause at each segment, but really control it so you’re going up and then nice and slow coming back down. so again just starting off with about ten of these. if this becomes really easy, you can do 15 to 20 up to 25. if you get to 25 and they’re pretty easy then you can actually start doing one-legged bridges.

So just coming up and then coming back down, still trying to keep everything level.

so if you feel like you go up and your hip is dropping, let me do it on this site so you can see, if it’s dropping like that, that just means you’re not quite strong enough and ready for it, so then go back to the two legs. so then we’re gonna go and use a swiss bowl. today I’m going to be using the King athletic Swiss ball, and if you’re interested in purchasing it make sure you click on the link up here. so now we’re going to go into a prayer plank on the ball. so I would start with a modified which is on your knees because this one is a little bit harder.

using a Swiss ball makes an uneven surface. so just kind of place your arms on the Swiss ball and then bring your knees back, tucking in the butt.

So squeeze those butt muscles in and try and be in a fairly straight line when you do it. if this is easy, if you can hold it and get to a minute and you’re just kind of like “do, do, do,” then you can come up into a full plank. but really squeezing in that butt, holding it nice and tight, keeping everything tight.

so you’re not sagging down, you’re not coming up like that, you’re really trying to stay in a nice straight line. so again starting off maybe 10 to 15 seconds and then working your way up from there. so the next one with a Swiss ball, you’re gonna lie down and put your legs on the ball. so bend the knees and get kind of in a comfortable position. if you need a pillow for your head, you can if you just want to lie down flat on the floor you can do that as well, but keep those knees just a little bit bent.

and then you’re just gonna kind of rotate your hips from side to side.

So almost like a trunk rotation, but now you’re just getting those core muscles strengthening in a rotation position. so you don’t have to go and rotate all the way down, just go until you feel a little bit of tightness and then come back up. keep it nice and smooth and controlled. so again just doing maybe five on each side, and then you can progressively go down deeper if you need to.

for the next Swiss ball exercise, you’re gonna be sitting on the Swiss ball. when you sit on a Swiss ball you want your hips and your knees to be about at 90 degrees. so your feet are nice and flat but your knees aren’t coming right up. so you want to be in a pretty comfortable position. so with this one I have a pretty heavyweight here, you probably just want to start off with maybe a two or three pound weight and then work your way up from there.

So just take the weight and put it straight out in front of you, and then just gently rotate from side to side. so again this is working the core in a rotational movement. try and keep your back nice and upright and just gently rotate back and forth. if you feel like the weight is starting to drop, and you’ve only done like two or three, it probably means the weight is too heavy, and then just get something lighter. you can actually do these if you’re not quite ready for a weight just clasp your hands out in front of you and still do that rotational motion.

so you’re still getting a good core strengthening exercise with this. so if you’re not quite ready for that weight, you can actually do that as well. whoa! so the next exercise is a tall kneeling lean back. this works your hamstrings as well as your core, so as you can see I don’t have anything anchoring my feet.

Sometimes people do need something holding their feet down to do this. again you can go modified and just go here, you can place your hands on your hips here, or you can just have it down by your side, but if you just want to start right here you can. I’m already feeling my core and my quads and my hamstrings working, but once you start going further back you’re gonna feel that a lot more, so don’t try going really far back in the beginning because you need good flexibility with this as well.

Just try a little bit and then you can try a little bit further. so I just start off with about ten or fifteen those and then work your way up.

so the last exercise is going to be standing. so the last core exercise is going to be a simple elbow to knee standing up. so you can either do the same side, or you can do opposite back and forth. so this one requires some balance while you’re doing it, so if you don’t have really good balance, you might want to start off doing these sitting or lying down and then you can work your way to standing up. some people put their hands all the way behind their head, I just kind of like to hold my hands up a little bit.

so you can do the same side, you’re kind of meeting in the middle. so you’re, but you’re not curling your upper trunk forward, you’re just kind of crunching as you’re going. or you can alternate sides back and forth. so this is not only working your balance, but it’s working your core as well.

But see I’m still pretty upright.

I’m not coming down and bending my back, I’m just meeting in the middle to really work those core muscles. so again, you can start off five on each side, then work your way up to 20. if you’re getting the 20 – 25 on each side and that’s easy, and then you can start doing some other stuff. so there you have it those were the seven easy core strengthening exercises. if you’re interested in purchasing the King Athletic Swiss ball, make sure and click on the link up there, and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking down there.

and remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon…

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Access To Automated Webinars With Webinaro Demo and Review

Access To Automated Webinars With Webinaro Demo and Review

Hi, Wilson, Phillips here today, I have a new webinar tool that will boost your business and save you time and trouble as well as save you money and I’ve got an insider’s dashboard demonstration to show you plus a very unique bonus that will show you the best Practices for webinar mastery proved tactics that will provide you with the maximum chance of success with webinars before that, though, please click subscribe, click, the bell, icon and select all notifications, so that all future review videos I create you – will see two all destined for your success To help your business prosper, okay, now, let’s see the webinar demonstration, hey guys, brett here and in this video I want to give you a quick overview of the webinar software. So, as you can see, I’m logged into my webinar members area, but first what I want to do is show you exactly the kind of webinars that webinar produces. So let me go ahead and take you over to a demo, webinar and then I’ll show you how I set it up. So right here is a demo webinar of the webinar software, and this is an evergreen just-in-time webinar. So you can actually see.

I have my title for my webinar. I have my video, which is optional. I have my webinar text. I have the countdown time telling people when the webinar is going to be starting, and I have my button for them to sign up for the webinar now. What’S important to remember is that these are evergreen just in time webinars.

As I’ve said what this means is, every time a person comes to this webinar they’re, just in time. It’s just about to start. I can actually set that countdown timer to anything I want. I can have it be five minutes, I can have it be three minutes I can have it be anytime, I like so that way when people visit the webinar sign up. Oh, look.

They just got here in time to see the webinar in progress and, as I said, they’re evergreen, which means they constantly run for everybody, and this way you have a webinar sales machine selling for you automatically without you actually needing to be there now, of course, people Can go ahead and click to secure your spot. They can sign up for the webinar, which captures their name and their email address for you, and once they continue, they will then go to the webinar which functions just like a live webinar, with a chat box with a presentation with handouts with everything you would expect In a live webinar, only it’s not actually live because you’re not actually there. Now. You may think that this is actually a little bit deceitful, not doing a live webinar, even though you’re presenting it as a live webinar, but you’re actually doing your site visitors a favor because with Webinaro webinars there are, never any tech issues. Your audio never goes up on your internet.

Never has problems with the Webinaro software, never crashes. Anybody that’s ever been on an actual live webinar knows that they’re generally plagued with tech issues. However, with webinaro, you don’t have to worry about any of that. It runs perfectly. You give them a perfect smooth presentation, every single time.

You’Re actually giving them a better experience, and because you can answer people’s questions that are on the webinar in the live chat from any device. Even your mobile phone you’re, giving them the full live experience without needing that worry about any of the tech issues that come with live webinars, so setting up a webinar is incredibly easy. The first thing you want to do is go over here to the video section and upload the video for your Webinaro webinar has built-in video hosting that way. There is no branding over your videos like they would have for Youtube or Vimeo, and the webinar looks like a live video so upload. Your video for your webinar in the video section then head over to webinars and click on create new.

Once you create a new webinar, you can then edit the webinar and fill in all the settings. Now I’m not going to go through all the settings here, because this is not a tutorial video. This is just a quick overview of the system, but the settings allow you to fully customize the webinar you can put in your headline text. You can put in your sign-up text you can put in your video. If you want to have a video on the signup form, you can have retargeting code, you can have Facebook share images.

Everything you need is inside of here. You can also decide if your webinar is going to have simulated attendees to look like there are other people inside of the webinar. If you’re going to have live questions and answering if you’re going to provide a handout to people who sign up for your webinar and attend it, you can do everything in webinaro that you would expect from a live webinar platform. Only you don’t have to deal with any of the hassle of a live webinar platform now mike, and i realized that this is great for people that have webinar presentations. But what about people that don’t have webinars?

What about people that don’t have something to sell of their own? Well, we didn’t leave those people out. We included a done for you, webinar that allows people to sell our high ticket coaching and earn juicy 495 dollar commissions from every sale, with a webinar that they didn’t even have to create, using webinaro to run webinars that they don’t actually have to intend and loading. This done for your webinar is super, easy, simply go ahead and click on the load done for your webinar button and that’s it all of the settings are now filled in for you for this done, for your Webinaro webinar. That will allow you to earn 495 dollar commissions selling a product that you didn’t have to create.

Using a webinar you didn’t have to run. Webinaro is quite simply the most powerful, automated webinar platform. I have ever created it’s perfect for anybody who wants to run their own webinars and it’s perfect for anybody who wants to run a done for you, webinar that is proven to sell that has personally earned mike and myself over 22 thousand dollars in just 30 hours. Using the webinar platform, thank you and enjoy, and so, as you can see, it’s very easy to start a webinar using webinaro. Now here’s the thing you can upload any mp4 video to webinaro software to use as your webinar.

That’S right. Practically any mp4 video will work in the Webinaro webinar. You can also add handouts at any time if you want in the webinar. These handouts need to be in a zip file and can be documents, videos, mp3 files, etc. Webinar automated webinars are top-notch.

Webinar workshops, teaching portals, and marketing tools that will greatly enhance your audience reach and then, in turn, make you money. Your webinars are all done on autopilot running whenever you need them to run. There’S no software to install and all the training and tutorials are inside the member’s area to get you up and running in no time at all and the best part is there are no monthly fees to use webinars. If you are camera shy like me, then Webinaro is perfect for conducting webinars. It’S all you need.

In addition, you can add any call to action that you want to show your audience right inside the actual webinar. While it is running, as you can see, a webinar is ready for you to start using right away. If you are not using Webinaro webinars, or at least using your videos as simulated webinars, then you are really missing out on one of the best marketing and or showing to a live audience. Whatever you want tools, you can get your hands on it right now. The webinar online software is available for the lowest price possible, but the price will be rising shortly.

It’S time for you to get started with a webinar

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Read More: Humanity’s True Purpose

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Humanity’s True Purpose

Humanity’s True Purpose

Is humanity, nothing more than cancer on the planet consuming its hosts until it is gone, guaranteeing its own destruction in the process. A quick glance at the effects of our behavior might lead us to say yes, but looks can be deceiving. Nature shows us that what is destructive on one level can also be part of a larger process of change that creates new forms of value at another level. Consider the Indian elephant at first glance, the elephant appears to be destructive as she tramples through the forest. Breaking limbs from trees eating all the jackfruit and littering the landscape with huge piles of poo.

But when we look closer, we see that the trampling provides pathways for the other animals in the forest. The breaking of tree branches allows the sun’s rays to reach the forest floor. Abling plants grow in the understory and elephant poop contains jackfruit seeds buried in fertile manure, which propagates the jackfruit tree like the elephant. Could it be that some of humanity’s destructive behavior might actually have some positive unintended consequences? As we look back at earth’s story, we learn that its climate has been vastly different throughout its history.

When dinosaurs roamed, the land earth was void of ice, the sea level was hundreds of meters higher, and the temperature 10 degrees warmer than it is today. Modern science has learned that there is a direct relationship between the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere in the earth’s temperature. Greenhouse gases are like a blanket around the earth absorbing just the right amount of heat from the Sun to make life possible. The higher the concentration, the warmer the temperature in Earth’s more recent history, it has endured a series of long ice ages during each Ice Age, life struggles to survive. Imagine a one-mile-thick sheet of ice on top of Chicago all the forests died.

Most of the life in the forest died as very little can survive in these extreme conditions. Every hundred millennia, a slight change in the earth’s tilt, allows the planet to absorb just enough additional heat to thaw. Some of the ice life expands for a few thousand years during this interglacial period, before retreating again as the earth tilts back and falls into another Ice Age enter human beings. From the Earth’s perspective, humans are new to the scene. We’ve been here for a blink of an eye, but we’ve been busy as the earth entered its most recent interglacial period.

Humans began deforesting the earth to fuel their nation civilizations. It is calculated that more greenhouse gases were released into the atmosphere through deforestation. Then all the gases emitted from the burning of fossil fuels, humans, unknowingly to them, warmed the earth delaying the onset of the next Ice Age. It turns out that there’s a safe zone when it comes to greenhouse gas concentrations that keeps the earth at just the right temperature for life, as we know it to thrive any less, and we freeze anymore and we fry in the last few decades. We’Ve blew past this safe zone way too fast for life today to adjust, as we continue to destroy the forests for animal agriculture and find destructive new ways of extracting fossil fuels, adding evermore greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

While our actions have had devastating impacts on many species on the planet, they’ve also enabled humans to develop the technology necessary to monitor Earth’s composition like the part of the brain that helps stabilize and regulate our body’s temperature humans now have the ability to help earth regulate Its temperature we’ve already been doing it unconsciously for thousands of years. Perhaps it’s time we become conscious of our role on the planet as the thermostat species. When we choose to stop eating animals, the land used for raising those animals can be restored to forests, and those forests can sequester all of the greenhouse gases we’ve emitted during the fossil fuel age, bringing us back within the safe zone where life as we know it Can thrive? This requires that humanity undergo a metamorphosis from an egocentric consumer culture to an eco, centric life, enriching culture again. Nature shows us how this is done.

A caterpillar spends his entire life from the moment he’s born eating. He eats the nutritious shell. He was born out of then he eats the leaf. The egg was clinging to the caterpillar continues eating all the leaves. He encounters once fully satiated the caterpillar attaches to the underside of a twig and begins growing.

A cocoon of new imaginal cells are born at first, the imaginal cells are attacked by the caterpillar’s immune system, but soon they multiply in the immune system gives up what was once a caterpillar is now a messy glob of imaginal goo. Soon, out of the cocoon emerges, a beautiful, butterfly, [, Music ], the butterfly is a very light consumer as she sips the nectar she pollinates, the flower is helping to regenerate life-nurturing life instead of destroying it. The time has come for humanity to undergo its metamorphosis. Our imaginal cells are awakening. We have a unique opportunity in this pivotal time in history, to realize our full potential by considering ourselves, stewards of life.

Applying the lessons we’ve learned to nurture the conditions for life to thrive for all of Earth’s remaining years: You, you

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Read More: List Building Lifestyle

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List Building Lifestyle

List Building Lifestyle… Travel and work from anywhere.. closing On Saturday, June 26, 2021

Hi Friend, I wanted to let you know that I truly admire you for even being on my newsletter…

You see, with you being on my list it shows that “list building” works.. because you are reading this email ♥️

No, I do not live on the beach all day. I do work a good 6 hours a day on my laptop building my list but I can work from anywhere which is amazing. All because of list building.

However, everything I have learned I is literally giving away right here for less than $5.00

The catch? I want to pay back a world that has done so much for me.

Joel Therien Balance Body Alignment
Martial Arts Instructor Trainer Course

Martial Arts Instructor Trainer Course

Creating An Ethical Warrior

The Martial Arts Instructor Trainer Course is a seven-week course with the end results of being an ethical warrior. Creating an Ethical Warrior is a combination of everything in regards to the physical, the mental, and the character disciplines of the Marine Corp’s martial arts program. An ethical warrior is an individual who emulates and lives and eats and drinks these great values we have, the core values of honor, courage, and commitment. An ethical warrior is somebody that can be counted on. Instead of freezing their the first ones to step up and said I got it, I’ll take care of this.

You know you can count on them Creating an Ethical Warrior because you know that person’s going to do the right thing twenty-four-seven, three-sixty-five. I live my career, my lifestyle based on some of the core values and the synergies of MCMAP of the physical, mental, and character disciplines; where now, it just made me a better person in general. If you’re a good person you’re most likely going to be a good leader. The purpose of me coming here is to further educate myself on how to train my Marines on how to be ethical warriors. You need to push yourself enough to where you stop thinking about yourself.

It’s more about the Marines to your right and left. C̲r̲e̲a̲t̲i̲n̲g̲ ̲a̲n̲ ̲E̲t̲h̲i̲c̲a̲l̲ ̲W̲a̲r̲r̲i̲o̲r̲ So even if you know you’re hurting, it’s not just about you. (Hurry up! Catch up with the first squad) This is the Mecca of mentorship. We pull the best Marines get them to come here and lead and guide Marines.

and what they’re doing is no more than what the Marine Corps has already asked of them, which is to be a mentor be a leader. (Let’s go!) The ITs here have all been through the training that we’re putting these Marines through which is going to be our weapons sparring. They have combat conditioning hours that they have to meet. They’re gonna go through low-light engagements.

They’re also going to experience engagements in different terrains. Ultimately, our job is to build better leaders. We tell them we don’t want you to be just a great Marine, we want you to be a great man and woman first.

The program is a three-legged stool. the first leg gets the physical leg.

Creating an Ethical Warrior The second one is the mental leg, and then the third leg of the stool is the character. The beauty behind this program is you have to do all three because if you only do one discipline it’s like sitting on a three-legged stool. If you’re only sitting on one leg, you’re gonna fall down. It’s important. This course is something the Marine Corps should not let die.

This is something that we need to continue and sending Marines here. This program has affected many people on all levels: personal…Creating an Ethical Warrior professional Just myself, has made me a better husband, a better father, a better Marine.

..a better leader. It’s extremely important. (No sir.) (Do you deserve to be an IT?) (Yes sir.) (Welcome to the family. Nice job. I’m proud of you. ) (Thank you, sir.).

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As found on YouTube

Creating An Ethical Warrior

6 minute Home ABS and Waist Workout

6 minute Home ABS and Waist Workout

Dynamic Bodily Remedy Treatment

This is your 6-minute intense abs and waistline at home. Dynamic bodily remedy treatment There are only 6 minutes on the clock, each exercise is 30 seconds. No interruptions and trust me, you’re going to burn. I want you to do this homework three times a week, and let me know how you go about it in the comments below. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram for a chance to appear.

Honestly, your girls are amazing. The Dynamic bodily remedy treatment result is phenomenal. You can also do a full YouTube review if you like, like this lovely lady right here. It’s so wonderful to watch. I know how much work there is in the YouTube review videos.

I am so, so, so grateful. This Dynamic bodily remedy treatment outfit is also brand new. It will be launched soon, so be sure to check the description box below. My link to the store is there too. I really appreciate you using it.

What I know so many of you girls use it already, so make sure you check the description box.

Okay, let’s have some fun. The music is going to pump, let’s do it. (timer beeps) Start in a sideboard and go turn, and the dip, one, two, three, four. (timer beeps) Incredible, now come down in lie, turn, lift, bag.

Okay, double the pass guys, one, two, one, two. Really turn to hit in that middle. (timer beeps) Amazing work, feet down, reach, reach, middle, middle. Left, right, middle, middle. (timer beeps) Okay, hands in a diamond shape under the back, and reverse crunch, straight, open, closed.

(timer beeps) Okay, keep your legs straight, wait for the beep, pull the core in tightly, tap off and up, off, up, off, up. Good job, core stiff, you guys. (timer beeps) Okay, now open, closed, open, closed. If you struggled, just bring the legs higher, okay, you got it. Hi Teddy.

(timer beeps) Legs off, amazing, we’re getting up sit, clap okay. (timer beeps) Amazing job, your core needs to burn. Dead bugs, arms up, legs upright, straight the opposite arm to leg, find it beat, one, two.

(timer beeps) Until you sit down. Okay, roll back to where you really feel that the core kicks in one, two.

(timer beeps) Okay, now on the other side for that sideboard. All up, okay, dip, up, turn, up. Hi Teddy. (timer beeps) Okay, in full boards to end up, up, down. One, two, three, four, tap, tap, tap, back up, down.

There are almost 10 seconds. (timer beeps) You crushed it! Do not forget to click on the up button. Also, click on subscribe. Dynamic bodily remedy treatment We are almost two million subscribers.

Which blows my head. I can not believe it. Thank you so much and I am so proud of you. You are strong, you Dynamic bodily remedy treatment glow. You deserve it all, I’m so proud of you.


As found on YouTube

Dynamic Bodily Remedy Treatment

How to Get Rid of Lower Back Rheumatoid Arthritis FAST!

How to Get Rid of Lower Back Rheumatoid Arthritis FAST!

Hello, my friend. Do your friends and family think you are a lazy person? Is your back pain so severe that it makes you bedridden? If you suffer from RA in the lower spine, You are not alone. Our charity Farida asked for a natural way to treat this problem.

Imagine how much better you would feel When this pain diminishes. Let’s get rid of it then! Before we begin, make sure you inhale through your nose. Exhale through your mouth naturally while performing this exercise. Rub your hands, one, two, three, four, five.

With both hands, work your lower back up and down. One. Knead as hard as possible, And don’t worry. five. And forward one, two, three, four, five.

And to the left, one … Make sure you stretch Across the tensile zone…

. five. And to the right, one …

Do not feel shy. Massage the area as hard as possible … Five Spin clockwise.

One, Two, Three, four. I ask you when you turn to make a wide rotation. Do the movement twice a day three, four, For three weeks. five. And counterclockwise, one, two, three, four, five, One, Two, Three, four, five.

Place the left hand behind your head and stretch it back.

One, two, three, four. If you bend low enough, You will feel the tension in your lower back. three, four, five. Make sure to keep breathing.

Place the right hand behind your head and extend back. One, two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four, five. Place the left hand behind your head and extend to the right. One, two, three, four, five.

One, two, three, four, five. Place the right hand behind your head and extend back. One, two, three, four. If you bend enough, You will feel the tension in your lower back. four, five.

Place both hands behind your head and stretch back. One, two, three, four, five. One, two, Do the movement twice a day. three, four, five, Put both hands down your back, For three weeks. Lean forward and hold for five seconds.

One, two, three, four. Lean forward well Until you feel the tension in your lower back.

Then relax, And put your hands down…

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How to Get Rid of Jowls

How to Get Rid of Jowls

Java’S and the thick lower face can make you look older than you feel this video will show you three different exercises to help you get rid of jowls hi, I’m grace mas Keller licensed esthetician, massage therapist, ah owner and founder of East fitness, where women over 45 Turn to learn how to look and feel younger, healthier and more beautiful. The easiest way to get rid of channels is to lift your cheeks. This is because, when the cheek muscles and fat padding fall, they fall to the lower part of your face. This is one very important reason why exercising all the muscle groups of the face is important for an overall lifted. Look, you can lift your cheeks with exercise or with implants our fillers, but know that the lower phase also has muscles that can be firmed and tightened and lifted. We have exercise I’ve already made cheek lifting videos, so today’s videos will focus on the muscles of the lower face. Let’S look at the facial muscle map again, don’t need to know the names of the muscles, but I want you to identify the muscles of the lower face. So when you contract your muscles, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking at the following exercises: firms the chin area under your lips and along the jawline, reducing jawline and our contributors to correcting the double chin. Continued efforts can strengthen and redefine the chin and jawline iron chin. This exercise can build the chin area and add fullness place. The fingers of both hands directly under your lips pressing, firmly and hold now make a pout with your lower lip and push up with your jaw. Your lip area should raise out from under your fingers, as it moves upward. Do this at least ton farm times this. This exercise engages all the muscles along the jawline, make this with your hands and place them vertically on your job about two inches below your ears. Push them downwards towards your chin and fall firmly, squeezing all the tissue from the chin and jaw together now engage all the muscles to pull the tissue back upwards along the jaw line toward your ears hold for a solid 10 seconds and then repeat this action. Ten times now slide your fist down your jaw line to just under the corners of your mouth engage all the muscles that pull the tissue back up towards your ears, hold for another 10 seconds and repeat this action 10 x from make a friend by drawing the Corners of your mouth down into a pout and hold firmly place the pads of your thumbs, pointing downward at the bottom of your phone and put your fingers on your temples. As you hold your frown tightly slide your thumbs up to the corners of your mouth. Repeat only five times this muscle the triangularis can easily over develop to look like a jello. If that happens to you no worries just stop exercising the triangularis and soon it will relax and lay flat from non-use. That’S it for today please subscribe if you have not yet done so. Leave me your comments. I want to know what worries you most about getting older and the challenges that you are facing feel for you to download my free face fitness workout guide. That shows you exactly how to get the most out of face Fitness, whether or not you’ve had Botox fillers or if these lifts that outlines for you exactly how to get started and track your progress. How many reps, and how often just these business, based on your age and answers your frequently asked questions by getting a little down arrow below this video that says, show more now have access to all my favourite leads see you in the next video

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Easy Stretches For Back Pain & Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises, Stretching at home or office

Easy Stretches For Back Pain & Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises, Stretching at home or office

Psyche truth: life wisdom. Thank you for joining us today. My name is Mira Hoffman and in this video we’re going to be talking about some easy stretches that you can do at your desk. These are great for and low back pain or if you have neck and shoulder pain and just take a brief moment to and just engage from your work, maybe turn the sound down or and so you’re not getting those little notifications from your email inbox and the Phone on do not disturb so you can have a moment and just a little window to yourself to take, give it some stretches and some time to tune into your body. So a lot of us when we’re sitting at a desk, it’s natural everyone wants to kind of lean over you’re typing on the keyboard, you’re driving the mouse, we’re trying to get all those emails and work done, but you’ll notice, as I’m sitting here all the muscles On my front, side of the body are collapsed and the muscles on the back side of my body they’re, extended and also straining so they’re straining to try and hold the shoulders up and hold the back up. So, as I come back into a more on neutral position in alignment, you can see that the spine is stacked a little bit more naturally, and the body is actually having to do less work to hold itself up and a couple recommendations. If you’re sitting at your computer, some small things that you can do to change to help your long term posture, one is your keyboard. If you have like a little keyboard tray that can come towards you, so instead of holding your arms out here, which creates a lot of tension on these muscles, if you can bring in a little bit closer to you and a little bit lower down, that will Really help and one of our colleagues had mentioned, possibly putting the keyboard tray in your laps or you’re, welcome to try that and see if that’s a good fit for you. The other thing – that’s really big, is the position of your monitor, so many people’s monitors sits directly on the desk or maybe just on top of their desktop computer with a couple inches of her lift. But if you look at your eyesight, what you want is when your pop it back is in when your back is in the most aligned position. You want your eyes to be level with the screen. So if your screen is too low or too high, you’re going to be straining your neck to try and compensate for looking hours and hours at a time at that computer screen, so an easy trick for that, is you don’t have to buy a fancy? Little computer monitor Stan just grab a couple reams of paper from the copier area and stack them underneath your monitor, so it becomes more level so you’re, looking straight out at the horizon and another suggestion to you is, if you have a chair either making sure it’s A good height, so you’re getting a 90 degree angle at the knees or another thing that you can try is one of those exercise balls and one of the cool things about the exercise. Balls is you’re, constantly engaging your core and moving around and shifting so you’re. Not sitting in the same position for eight hours a day, you’re kind of moving it can bounce and get a little workout while you’re sitting at the desk. So there’s a lot of options for you, just small changes that you can make that can make a big difference if you’re experiencing low back pain or neck pain. So with that being said, we’re actually going to go into a sequence of stretches that you can do to help relieve tension and those areas. So the first one that I like to do is just gently inhaling and take a nice deep breath rolling the shoulders. All the way up to the ears and then exhaling rolling them back and down, and you may feel a few few pops on the back. That’S totally. Okay, just means that area is starting to open and real, I’m probably already starting to feel a lot of good relief. If you want to close your eyes, I know I do go ahead. You see that three or four time just gets nice open movement until the shoulder is my shoulder great and the next stretch, so we’re going to do is we’re going to bring the arm across the body. This is really good for opening up the back of the shoulders. So if you have tension in between the shoulder blades or on the rhomboids – and this is a really good opener – I’m just going to take a couple breaths here, allowing the body to relax. Lowering that arm we’re going to switch to the other side and you’re just really pulling all the way across really trying to keep so you notice, my torso is still facing straight, and I’m just pulling the arm across the body here nice to breath again, and we Can lower the arm and now we’re going to open a little bit of the side body so reaching the right arm up. I’M going to lift and then just reach over here, so really feeling all the intercostal muscles starting to open the lats are starting to open a little bit coming back to the other side, you get some pops in the spine and no my back’s already starting to Open up as you do, is try and keep both of your sits bones to go through the bones in your and buttocks area on the chair firmly. So if you’re using an exercise ball, this may be a little challenging. So you might want to find a regular chair to sit in coming back out and then another great shoulder opener is you can take the arm and using the opposite hand, just pulling it back and down so really trying to reach the fingertips all the way down? The back this is really opening this back part of your arm into the shoulders and the shoulder girdle and then coming back to the other side same thing. Opening the arms here may notice you get a little bit of popping and the shoulder is. Is you open up totally fine and if you or shoulders are a little bit more open or if you want to make this a little bit more of an advanced stretch, you can have one arm going up and then, with the opposite arm, come back and behind Now, for a lot of you, you’re not going to be able to reach in and interlock your fingers, so what you can do is just take a pen from your desk, so this any pen will do if you have a ruler that might work too, and with Your top hand hold the pin and, with the bottom hand, try and find it ludos, and then you can just tug on it kind of create that bottom and traction so you’ll notice it’s kind of natural to want to either turn into the pose. Let that front shoulder collapse. You really want to bring it up and back and it’s really helping open the shoulders and then I’m going to switch arms again. So, switching arms right arm up – and you can see this arm – I don’t have as much flexibility so can grab hold of the pin here. Nice huge shoulder opener here. This is really good if you have neck pain, shoulder tension and we’re going to do a little bit of a spinal twist here so and taking your right arm come out to the left knee and you’re going to start to twist. Now, if you want to take this twist, even further, take your back arm and reach it to the other side of your chair. So as you’re doing this, try and keep the spine erect, keep the spine straight up and then coming out. I’M going to do the opposite, so left hand to right knee and if you can rein that right arm over the chair reaching around and then looking over that right, shoulder to really extend that twist through the length of the back and coming back to neutral. We’Re going to do some hip openers, so if you’re sitting at a desk, sometimes you may cross your legs, that’s great and with this you’re going to be opening the IT band and the outer part of the hips. So I’m sitting here if my legs crossed my ankle is kind of over my knee and then I’m just going to fold my body forward. Let it come to rest wherever feels good. So right now, I’m feeling a stretch starting through my hips, all the way out. The outside of my leg into the knee you can just let your arms rest on your leg or, if you want to dangle them down, to create a little bit more forward movement, just really listening to your body and stopping wherever feels good for you slowly. Coming back up we’re going to reverse legs, so left leg over the right. I’Ve been forward, I’m letting the head hang head heavy here! So let your head be really nice and heavy the neck relaxed. You can use your breath to take some nice deep, inhalations and exhalations I’m slowly coming back up to neutral, putting the legs back on the ground. Another forward fold that you can do from your chair is sitting a little bit closer to the edge you can interlace. The fingers behind the back, if you can’t interlace the fingers, let’s grab our handy little pin again and you can use that to grab wherever feels comfortable. So I’m going to interlace my fingers as I can again. If you can’t just use the pin and release the figures – and you notice already how open my chest just became so before you’re kind of like this, this is a great opposite counter movement to typing on the keyboard and we’re just going to bend forward IMing onto Our knees and if you want, depending on how flexible and what feels gets you, you can continue to move the arms up towards the ceiling and then back over the head. I’M taking a few deep breaths here, not in the head and neck, be heavy in the last and you last the face and close my eyes. You want to inhaling coming back up neutral and we can stretch up towards the ceiling, so interlacing the fingers and pushing up towards the sky. Creating a nice long spine here, slowly letting the arms drift back down we’re gon na do a couple of neck stretches just to get that area a little bit of extra attention, so we opened up the shoulders really nice. You got some low back and hip openers. Here and we’re going to open up the top of the neck and the cervical spine, so the first one and all of these are really basic, so just join us and enjoy the movement we’re going to slowly lower the left, ear down the left side and all These muscles on the right side of the neck are getting a nice long stretch here you want, you can close your eyes. Let the right shoulder be nice and heavy, come back to neutral and do the other thing, the left side and inhale back to Center and then we’re going to fold the chest in we’re going to fold the chin into the chest and inhaling back to Center and We’Ll exhale bringing the chin up to the ceiling so with this stretch really stopping wherever feels comfortable, you don’t want to really crank the neck back too fast or too far, and for me I like to go pretty far back. You can start to see my neck muscles are starting to get a nice stretch here and coming back to scenario, and if you want to finish out, we can do some gentle neck rolls so really just going a full extended length, opening up each side of the Neck and going clockwise right now find a spot that feels good. You can stay, there, hang out for a couple breaths and then reversing the flow when counterclockwise. Now then, again, just moving really gently, it’s not about how fast we can do these, though I did these stretches, and I did three neck rolls and I’m all done. That’S not what it’s about it’s about tuning into your body and moving really slow with awareness and really creating that attune that, where you’re listening to your body and feeling it even if you’re at the office and working on some projects – and sometimes I notice when I Set my desk, I realize what I’ve been sitting like this, for I don’t even know how long and you can see how close my shoulders are to my ears, but when you realize oh, if I can let go of that tension, there’s really a lot more space. There so, and if you enjoyed this video, go ahead and like it, let us know if you have any comments or feedback if you were trying something out, and maybe you got a little confused about how to do it, we’d love to help give you some more Pointers and guide you through that movement – and maybe you have some prior issues or injuries that you’re trying to work through, maybe need some modifications or anything special instructions. We’Re happy to provide this for you you’re, watching the psyche. Truth youtube channel so subscribe to our channel. We have thousands of videos on all sorts of natural healthcare, massage and yoga we’d love to let you know about upcoming videos, as they released and new information that you can find out about, and my name again is Mira Hoffman. You can find out more about me and my practice at Mara, Hoffman com. Thank you. You

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