How to Get Rid of Jowls

How to Get Rid of Jowls

Java’S and the thick lower face can make you look older than you feel this video will show you three different exercises to help you get rid of jowls hi, I’m grace mas Keller licensed esthetician, massage therapist, ah owner and founder of East fitness, where women over 45 Turn to learn how to look and feel younger, healthier and more beautiful. The easiest way to get rid of channels is to lift your cheeks. This is because, when the cheek muscles and fat padding fall, they fall to the lower part of your face. This is one very important reason why exercising all the muscle groups of the face is important for an overall lifted. Look, you can lift your cheeks with exercise or with implants our fillers, but know that the lower phase also has muscles that can be firmed and tightened and lifted. We have exercise I’ve already made cheek lifting videos, so today’s videos will focus on the muscles of the lower face. Let’S look at the facial muscle map again, don’t need to know the names of the muscles, but I want you to identify the muscles of the lower face. So when you contract your muscles, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking at the following exercises: firms the chin area under your lips and along the jawline, reducing jawline and our contributors to correcting the double chin. Continued efforts can strengthen and redefine the chin and jawline iron chin. This exercise can build the chin area and add fullness place. The fingers of both hands directly under your lips pressing, firmly and hold now make a pout with your lower lip and push up with your jaw. Your lip area should raise out from under your fingers, as it moves upward. Do this at least ton farm times this. This exercise engages all the muscles along the jawline, make this with your hands and place them vertically on your job about two inches below your ears. Push them downwards towards your chin and fall firmly, squeezing all the tissue from the chin and jaw together now engage all the muscles to pull the tissue back upwards along the jaw line toward your ears hold for a solid 10 seconds and then repeat this action. Ten times now slide your fist down your jaw line to just under the corners of your mouth engage all the muscles that pull the tissue back up towards your ears, hold for another 10 seconds and repeat this action 10 x from make a friend by drawing the Corners of your mouth down into a pout and hold firmly place the pads of your thumbs, pointing downward at the bottom of your phone and put your fingers on your temples. As you hold your frown tightly slide your thumbs up to the corners of your mouth. Repeat only five times this muscle the triangularis can easily over develop to look like a jello. If that happens to you no worries just stop exercising the triangularis and soon it will relax and lay flat from non-use. That’S it for today please subscribe if you have not yet done so. Leave me your comments. I want to know what worries you most about getting older and the challenges that you are facing feel for you to download my free face fitness workout guide. That shows you exactly how to get the most out of face Fitness, whether or not you’ve had Botox fillers or if these lifts that outlines for you exactly how to get started and track your progress. How many reps, and how often just these business, based on your age and answers your frequently asked questions by getting a little down arrow below this video that says, show more now have access to all my favourite leads see you in the next video

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Easy Stretches For Back Pain & Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises, Stretching at home or office

Easy Stretches For Back Pain & Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises, Stretching at home or office

Psyche truth: life wisdom. Thank you for joining us today. My name is Mira Hoffman and in this video we’re going to be talking about some easy stretches that you can do at your desk. These are great for and low back pain or if you have neck and shoulder pain and just take a brief moment to and just engage from your work, maybe turn the sound down or and so you’re not getting those little notifications from your email inbox and the Phone on do not disturb so you can have a moment and just a little window to yourself to take, give it some stretches and some time to tune into your body. So a lot of us when we’re sitting at a desk, it’s natural everyone wants to kind of lean over you’re typing on the keyboard, you’re driving the mouse, we’re trying to get all those emails and work done, but you’ll notice, as I’m sitting here all the muscles On my front, side of the body are collapsed and the muscles on the back side of my body they’re, extended and also straining so they’re straining to try and hold the shoulders up and hold the back up. So, as I come back into a more on neutral position in alignment, you can see that the spine is stacked a little bit more naturally, and the body is actually having to do less work to hold itself up and a couple recommendations. If you’re sitting at your computer, some small things that you can do to change to help your long term posture, one is your keyboard. If you have like a little keyboard tray that can come towards you, so instead of holding your arms out here, which creates a lot of tension on these muscles, if you can bring in a little bit closer to you and a little bit lower down, that will Really help and one of our colleagues had mentioned, possibly putting the keyboard tray in your laps or you’re, welcome to try that and see if that’s a good fit for you. The other thing – that’s really big, is the position of your monitor, so many people’s monitors sits directly on the desk or maybe just on top of their desktop computer with a couple inches of her lift. But if you look at your eyesight, what you want is when your pop it back is in when your back is in the most aligned position. You want your eyes to be level with the screen. So if your screen is too low or too high, you’re going to be straining your neck to try and compensate for looking hours and hours at a time at that computer screen, so an easy trick for that, is you don’t have to buy a fancy? Little computer monitor Stan just grab a couple reams of paper from the copier area and stack them underneath your monitor, so it becomes more level so you’re, looking straight out at the horizon and another suggestion to you is, if you have a chair either making sure it’s A good height, so you’re getting a 90 degree angle at the knees or another thing that you can try is one of those exercise balls and one of the cool things about the exercise. Balls is you’re, constantly engaging your core and moving around and shifting so you’re. Not sitting in the same position for eight hours a day, you’re kind of moving it can bounce and get a little workout while you’re sitting at the desk. So there’s a lot of options for you, just small changes that you can make that can make a big difference if you’re experiencing low back pain or neck pain. So with that being said, we’re actually going to go into a sequence of stretches that you can do to help relieve tension and those areas. So the first one that I like to do is just gently inhaling and take a nice deep breath rolling the shoulders. All the way up to the ears and then exhaling rolling them back and down, and you may feel a few few pops on the back. That’S totally. Okay, just means that area is starting to open and real, I’m probably already starting to feel a lot of good relief. If you want to close your eyes, I know I do go ahead. You see that three or four time just gets nice open movement until the shoulder is my shoulder great and the next stretch, so we’re going to do is we’re going to bring the arm across the body. This is really good for opening up the back of the shoulders. So if you have tension in between the shoulder blades or on the rhomboids – and this is a really good opener – I’m just going to take a couple breaths here, allowing the body to relax. Lowering that arm we’re going to switch to the other side and you’re just really pulling all the way across really trying to keep so you notice, my torso is still facing straight, and I’m just pulling the arm across the body here nice to breath again, and we Can lower the arm and now we’re going to open a little bit of the side body so reaching the right arm up. I’M going to lift and then just reach over here, so really feeling all the intercostal muscles starting to open the lats are starting to open a little bit coming back to the other side, you get some pops in the spine and no my back’s already starting to Open up as you do, is try and keep both of your sits bones to go through the bones in your and buttocks area on the chair firmly. So if you’re using an exercise ball, this may be a little challenging. So you might want to find a regular chair to sit in coming back out and then another great shoulder opener is you can take the arm and using the opposite hand, just pulling it back and down so really trying to reach the fingertips all the way down? The back this is really opening this back part of your arm into the shoulders and the shoulder girdle and then coming back to the other side same thing. Opening the arms here may notice you get a little bit of popping and the shoulder is. Is you open up totally fine and if you or shoulders are a little bit more open or if you want to make this a little bit more of an advanced stretch, you can have one arm going up and then, with the opposite arm, come back and behind Now, for a lot of you, you’re not going to be able to reach in and interlock your fingers, so what you can do is just take a pen from your desk, so this any pen will do if you have a ruler that might work too, and with Your top hand hold the pin and, with the bottom hand, try and find it ludos, and then you can just tug on it kind of create that bottom and traction so you’ll notice it’s kind of natural to want to either turn into the pose. Let that front shoulder collapse. You really want to bring it up and back and it’s really helping open the shoulders and then I’m going to switch arms again. So, switching arms right arm up – and you can see this arm – I don’t have as much flexibility so can grab hold of the pin here. Nice huge shoulder opener here. This is really good if you have neck pain, shoulder tension and we’re going to do a little bit of a spinal twist here so and taking your right arm come out to the left knee and you’re going to start to twist. Now, if you want to take this twist, even further, take your back arm and reach it to the other side of your chair. So as you’re doing this, try and keep the spine erect, keep the spine straight up and then coming out. I’M going to do the opposite, so left hand to right knee and if you can rein that right arm over the chair reaching around and then looking over that right, shoulder to really extend that twist through the length of the back and coming back to neutral. We’Re going to do some hip openers, so if you’re sitting at a desk, sometimes you may cross your legs, that’s great and with this you’re going to be opening the IT band and the outer part of the hips. So I’m sitting here if my legs crossed my ankle is kind of over my knee and then I’m just going to fold my body forward. Let it come to rest wherever feels good. So right now, I’m feeling a stretch starting through my hips, all the way out. The outside of my leg into the knee you can just let your arms rest on your leg or, if you want to dangle them down, to create a little bit more forward movement, just really listening to your body and stopping wherever feels good for you slowly. Coming back up we’re going to reverse legs, so left leg over the right. I’Ve been forward, I’m letting the head hang head heavy here! So let your head be really nice and heavy the neck relaxed. You can use your breath to take some nice deep, inhalations and exhalations I’m slowly coming back up to neutral, putting the legs back on the ground. Another forward fold that you can do from your chair is sitting a little bit closer to the edge you can interlace. The fingers behind the back, if you can’t interlace the fingers, let’s grab our handy little pin again and you can use that to grab wherever feels comfortable. So I’m going to interlace my fingers as I can again. If you can’t just use the pin and release the figures – and you notice already how open my chest just became so before you’re kind of like this, this is a great opposite counter movement to typing on the keyboard and we’re just going to bend forward IMing onto Our knees and if you want, depending on how flexible and what feels gets you, you can continue to move the arms up towards the ceiling and then back over the head. I’M taking a few deep breaths here, not in the head and neck, be heavy in the last and you last the face and close my eyes. You want to inhaling coming back up neutral and we can stretch up towards the ceiling, so interlacing the fingers and pushing up towards the sky. Creating a nice long spine here, slowly letting the arms drift back down we’re gon na do a couple of neck stretches just to get that area a little bit of extra attention, so we opened up the shoulders really nice. You got some low back and hip openers. Here and we’re going to open up the top of the neck and the cervical spine, so the first one and all of these are really basic, so just join us and enjoy the movement we’re going to slowly lower the left, ear down the left side and all These muscles on the right side of the neck are getting a nice long stretch here you want, you can close your eyes. Let the right shoulder be nice and heavy, come back to neutral and do the other thing, the left side and inhale back to Center and then we’re going to fold the chest in we’re going to fold the chin into the chest and inhaling back to Center and We’Ll exhale bringing the chin up to the ceiling so with this stretch really stopping wherever feels comfortable, you don’t want to really crank the neck back too fast or too far, and for me I like to go pretty far back. You can start to see my neck muscles are starting to get a nice stretch here and coming back to scenario, and if you want to finish out, we can do some gentle neck rolls so really just going a full extended length, opening up each side of the Neck and going clockwise right now find a spot that feels good. You can stay, there, hang out for a couple breaths and then reversing the flow when counterclockwise. Now then, again, just moving really gently, it’s not about how fast we can do these, though I did these stretches, and I did three neck rolls and I’m all done. That’S not what it’s about it’s about tuning into your body and moving really slow with awareness and really creating that attune that, where you’re listening to your body and feeling it even if you’re at the office and working on some projects – and sometimes I notice when I Set my desk, I realize what I’ve been sitting like this, for I don’t even know how long and you can see how close my shoulders are to my ears, but when you realize oh, if I can let go of that tension, there’s really a lot more space. There so, and if you enjoyed this video, go ahead and like it, let us know if you have any comments or feedback if you were trying something out, and maybe you got a little confused about how to do it, we’d love to help give you some more Pointers and guide you through that movement – and maybe you have some prior issues or injuries that you’re trying to work through, maybe need some modifications or anything special instructions. We’Re happy to provide this for you you’re, watching the psyche. Truth youtube channel so subscribe to our channel. We have thousands of videos on all sorts of natural healthcare, massage and yoga we’d love to let you know about upcoming videos, as they released and new information that you can find out about, and my name again is Mira Hoffman. You can find out more about me and my practice at Mara, Hoffman com. Thank you. You

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Seven Steps for Infinite Abundance

Seven Steps for Infinite Abundance

Raise Your Vibration Today

Seven Steps for Infinite AbundanceAs women, we often believe that if our partner’s truly loved us, they would be able to see when we are upset and want to protect and comfort us. Isn’t that what a man is supposed to do Raise your vibration today?

So when he pulls away, we tell ourselves he doesn’t love us

For a long time, I believed this to be true. I thought if I showed how upset I was, that my partner would give me the comfort I wanted. And the more he pulled away, the more upset I got Raise your vibration today. I truly expected him to follow me and do whatever he could to make me feel better.

It was only after a couple of failed relationships that I discovered the truth. And like any ‘truth’, it will not be universal to every man however, it is common to the majority.

A man needs his woman to be happy in order to feel like a man!

If you are miserable, he feels like he needs to fix you. Raise your vibration today Well, the first time anyway.

But if no matter what he does, you are often upset, angry, or emotional, he feels worthless and helpless. He truly feels threatened at a very deep level and will often do anything to avoid facing you or your emotions even going so far as to leave the relationship altogether.

What might feel like a series of temporary emotions to you, spells ongoing misery to him particularly if you are telling him you are upset because of something he has or hasn’t done.

As women we can struggle to recognize this as for most of us, seeing someone upset or crying brings out our maternal or empathetic side. We have a desire to comfort that sees us move toward rather than away from the person. For us, in many ways, this brings a closer connection with someone we care for.

But most men are wired very differently. They care at a very deep level but if they feel unable to ‘fix you, they will often walk away rather than continue to experience feelings of helplessness or powerlessness

Men have an ability to compartmentalize different parts of their life in a way that sometimes I envy. So if it appears they are happily watching television even though you are clearly upset and wanting to talk, it’s because they can’t deal with how he feels when he sees and hears your emotions. He has simply decided to flick a switch in his brain as a way to escape.

Unfortunately, this defense feels like rejection to a woman. It feels rude, unfeeling, and even like abandonment in some cases. It leaves us feeling unloved and invisible. And as we see actions as demonstrating the truth far more clearly than words, we convince ourselves that our partner just doesn’t care.

It might feel true for you but for your partner who loves you deeply, he feels misunderstood, misaligned, and completely alone. He has nowhere to go with his feelings and so simply withdraws even further. And if he believes he can’t make you happy, he would rather let you go than continue to cause you pain.

When your man sees you happy, he will move towards you. He will want to bask in the reflection of your happiness as it makes him feel like a success. He will feel accepted and respected both of which are vital to a man’s sense of self-worth and his ability to truly be himself.

Now you may be thinking, ‘but I need to be myself too’. Why do I have to show a happy face when I’m annoyed or feeling hurt?

I’m not saying you can’t have emotions or that you can’t be honest about them. But when you bring those emotions into space between you and your man, the chances are that you will not get the outcome you are hoping for. In going to him when you are emotional, he will feel attacked and immediately be on the defensive.

Imagine you had an issue with a colleague at work. If you were to spew your emotions across the boardroom table, would you be met with respect and understanding? Would this be a path to resolution?

While your relationship with your partner is far more intimate, and you may feel it’s a place to be ‘completely honest’, bringing your intense emotions to the table will not result in the understanding or respect you desire. Your words will not be heard above the feelings that will be triggered in your partner.

So the way to resolve issues between you is to learn healthy ways to manage your own emotions so that you can have a rational and balanced discussion about what is bothering you. When you are in balance, you can address the issues in a calm manner which will encourage conversation. And remember that any conversation is a two-way street. If you want him to listen to your point of view, then you must be prepared to hear his in return even if it feels uncomfortable.

In this way, you give and receive respect. Two people who love each other and who choose to navigate the trials of a life together. Never forget that your partner has emotions too. Just because he doesn’t express them in a way that you recognize Raise your vibration today, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Seven Steps for Infinite Abundance
Seven Steps for Infinite Abundance

With a strong base, your partner will feel able to comfort you when you truly need it. In those times when life throws you a curveball, he will want to be your rock. And he will turn to you when things are difficult for him too.

Raise your vibration today And isn’t that what it’s all about?

Sharing the highs and lows of life in a supportive and loving way is a gift beyond comparison. A gift you can give to your partner and one you can receive in return.

Allanah was nice enough, that she is allowing you to download her <<>>7-minute abundance blueprint for free by Clicking Here. <<>>

Article Credit Allanah Hunt You can download your free gift: <<>>7-minute Abundance Blueprint by Clicking Here. <<>>>

Raise Your Vibration Today

How Does Inflammation Work in Your Body

How Does Inflammation Work in Your Body

Inflammation Process Steps

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Inflammation process stepsWhenever I hear that a new health product claims to reduce inflammation some red flags go up in my brain, it’s one of those words. Inflammation process steps That’s gotten more popular in health marketing in the last few decades, and people are willing to pay real money to do something about it. But inflammation is a normal biological process that our bodies use to keep us safe. We don’t want to get rid of all inflammation, so today we’re going to dig into the inflammatory response and come away understanding why the Inflammation process steps health claims need a little bit more nuance attached to them. Inflammation itself is an immune response to some kind of problem in the body that response might be acute, which means it comes and goes quickly or chronic.

It stays around longer. It could be triggered by any kind of infectious or non-infectious problem in the body. Anything from bacteria in a dirty cut to frostbite to a splinter. Regardless of what initiates it, though Inflammation process steps, the response is similar from just living and being a human you’re, probably familiar with the five signs of inflammation firsthand heat, redness, swelling pain, and loss of function, and they range from mildly annoying to seriously debilitating.

But they actually serve a specific role in protecting you from further harm and kicking off the healing process. Contrary to what some may think, the increased heat is not there to try to bake the infectious agent it’s there, because the blood vessels around the inflamed body part expanded, bringing more blood to that area.

That’s also why the area gets redder, you’re, passing more red blood cells through the inflamed tissue, just like how your cheeks get warm and red when you blush our blood is warm and with more blood flow, we feel more heat along with more blood the vessels that transport, that blood expand and become more permeable, which fills that area with fluid and shows up externally, as swelling pain, comes from the stimulation of pain receptors from the initial injury or from the inflammatory response itself.

Finally, the loss of function could come from either increased swelling, which reduces mobility, or from healthy tissue being replaced with less flexible scar tissue over time, and that’s only what we see from the outside of our immune systems, orchestrate all these different chemical messengers called cytokines cyto for Cell kine for movement, they’re chemicals that get cells to move to the inflamed area. You may have heard about cytokines in the context of a cytokine storm before when these messenger molecules recruit more immune cells which release more cytokines, which recruit more immune cells.

And you get this feedback loop that can cause sepsis or death and during the normal, acute inflammatory response, they’re recruiting mostly white blood cells to the area to attack any pathogens. And all of this is a thing so that your body can stomp out whatever’s, trying to hurt it, whether it’s a bacterial infection or a sprained ankle. But sometimes this process takes a little bit longer.

Our bodies continue to ship chemical messengers and white blood cells to the site, and, if that creeps into the multiple week-long territories, it’s classified as chronic inflammation, you don’t always need an acute inflammatory response to develop. Chronic inflammation, though, like rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of the joints. There was never one big injury that kicked it off either way. Chronic inflammation is where this whole inflammatory response gets more problematic.

For instance, in patients with atherosclerosis, a narrowing of the arteries around the heart that predisposes folks to heart attacks will have elevated, cytokines and inflammatory proteins in their blood. Because of that, healthcare providers might look for inflammatory markers in your blood as a way of predicting your risk of heart disease. If your liver experiences too much inflammation, you can permanently damage the hepatocytes cells that play a big role in metabolism and immune function.

Your lungs are in the same camp. One of the reasons that cigarette smoking is so lethal is because it causes a constant inflammatory response in the lungs that can narrow and stiffen the tiny airways in your lungs, making it harder for air to pass through. So in the case of livers and lungs, chronic inflammation literally leads to worse organ function.

With that in mind, you can see why people would want to reduce inflammation and certain drugs do that, but through different mechanisms, like if you’ve gotten injured, you might have taken ibuprofen a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory, drug or NSAID for the pain it works by inhibiting certain enzymes. In your stomach that make compounds called prostaglandins, those prostaglandins keep the Inflammation process steps process going so by inhibiting the enzyme that makes them ibuprofen reduces inflammation or people with rheumatoid arthritis might take a drug that reduces inflammation by inhibiting one of those chemical messengers called tumor necrosis factor Alpha both drugs result in a reduced, inflammatory response, but take different paths to get there.

Knowing all that Inflammation process steps, we can’t say that inflammation is clearly bad or clearly good. We need this process in order to survive, but too much for too long can be harmful. Thanks for joining us for season two of the seeker, human, I had so much fun with season one and I’m stoked to bring you more videos on this channel, make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more videos like this one and follow us on all the Social media, we’re at seeker on everything


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Inflammation Process Steps



This dynamic tension pattern is phenomenal for building whole body’s strength and performance, meditation coordination, mental strength, stamina, fatiguing, the muscles after an exercise, warming up and more. It’S also awesome for you, if you just don’t have the time to work out. Do this pattern for about five minutes in the morning and, if possible, five minutes at night, dynamic tension is one of the safest, most effective exercises you can do since the resistance is created by you as you get stronger the force and resistance increase. When you get tired force decreases, keeping you constantly at your maximum without over taxing or injuring your muscles and joints. You can take this dynamic tension pattern from the life under the Sun, workout anywhere you go, I love it and it’s a significant part of my routine before watching the pattern. One more time note the butt heel squat that begins the pattern. This is excellent for building your legs, fast-twitch muscle, fibers, strengthening your lower back and knees go down very slow. Your weight on your heels, then explode up in all this routine. Always keep your back and neck relatively straight. Your core powerhouse totally engaged and constantly be creating resistance and expending force in every move. This is awesome. I wish you the best you

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Water Water EveryWhere

Water Water EveryWhere

Water Purified Unique System

Q: How does The Water Freedom System work?

A: The device is based on a simple condensation principle. It sucks in humid air and cools it down, much like an air conditioner, but a lot more efficient…and transforms it into drinkable water. The water purified unique system and the unique system can produce up to 60 gallons of clean, freshwater a day…It’s a unique concept that can be used in every home or emergency situation.

Q: What’s Maintenance Like?

A: There’s no maintenance whatsoever because the device is a “one-time build”.

Q: Is the Water Freedom System Hard to Make Work?

A: Nope. When my uncle was helping me to come up with the designs, I was adamant that this be incredibly simple to build.

There’s very little water purified unique system physical labor, so even the elderly or those with a bad back or other ailments should have no problem putting everything together.

As a result, there are just a small handful of materials required, and you should allow about three hours total for assembly.

If you’re still feeling nervous, remember that the step-by-step manual is designed with you in mind. Simply follow each step and you’ll be there in no time. It’s really self-explanatory.

Plus, if you do get confused for even a second, don’t forget to take advantage of your free lifetime support that’s included.

Q: What’s Included Again?

A: Inside, you’ll get my comprehensive guide showing you EXACTLY how to create your own “home oasis” TODAY…and how to survive any tough century-long drought with a water purified unique system

I made this manual with an “over-the-shoulder” approach, so it’s basically like I’m there in the room helping you build it.

You’ll also get the blueprints, full-color step-by-step directions, and the full materials list.

PLUS, your investment today will come with unlimited lifetime support.

This means you can email me anytime you have a question, and I’ll promptly reply.

Q: Is There A Guarantee?

A: YES! Once you place your order, you have a full 60 days to check out the manual, blueprints, and instructions.

Just follow along, and once you start building your system will be up and running in around three hours.

If at ANY point you are unsatisfied or change your mind about this, just send me an email and I will refund your entire investment – no questions asked.

Q: I’m Ready! How Do I Get Started?

A: Simply click on the “BUY NOW” button you see water purified unique system below. You’ll then be taken to my 100% secure checkout page, where you’ll enter your order information.

After you’ve completed your order, you’ll have access to my special “members only area”.

From there, you can instantly download everything water purified unique system.

Remember, you have a full 60 Day money-back guarantee here, along with unlimited lifetime support.

So, go ahead and seize your opportunity now by clicking the orange buy button below.

Water Purified Unique System

Exercise For Adults Using a Walker

Exercise For Adults Using a Walker

Welcome to lower-extremity sample workout number one. This workout is going to include two exercises for flexibility and four exercises for strength. Have your timer nearby, as you will need them for the flexibility exercises we will be holding them for a count of 60 seconds. You may also have your Walker nearby, as you will probably need it for upper extremity support. I will demonstrate the exercises utilizing the Walker. The first exercise we will do will be for the gastrocnemius we’re going to begin by taking the Walker and turning to the side. You’Re going to position the Walker in front of you if you have a four-wheeled role later, like I have in front of me, you’re going to want to lock the brakes you’re going to begin feet, hip-width apart and you’re, going to take your left leg and place It back behind you if having your feet apart, this far is uncomfortable. Then you can bring your heel in a little bit or you can also lighten up the front knee I’m going to lean forward on the knee. So I feel the stretch in the back of the left lower leg and I’m going to hit start. My timer is going to count up to 60 seconds. You want to make sure that, while you’re counting for your 60 seconds that you’re breathing that you’re thinking about your form that you’re in tune with your stretch, you want to make sure that you’re not uncomfortable or in pain, but that you are getting enough pull to Make a difference for your flexibility, I’m going to lean in, on my stretch a little bit more, I’m going to make sure I’m breathing and tightening the abdomen to remain in good form. So you know if you can have a conversation with somebody while you’re doing the stretch that you’re doing it correctly and I’m looking at my timer, we have 15 seconds left, make sure you’re breathing you’re almost done. We have five four three two and one okay, we’re going to bring the legs together; kind of walk them out. I’M going to reset my timer, I’m going to unlock the brakes and pull the Walker around we’re going to lock the brakes again and this time we’re going to stretch the right leg back so feet, hip width apart, take the right leg, bring it back behind you And lean your weight forward on the heel, we’re going to start the timer. The other thing that you want to make sure that you do when you’re stretching is hold the stretch and resist the urge to bounce when we bounce we’re telling our esel to contract and what we want is for our muscle to lengthen. So it becomes nice and flexible, make sure, you’re, breathing tightening I’m using my Walker for light balance. It’S there to support me. You might need it for a little bit more balance and that’s okay. You can also, if you don’t, have your Walker nearby you which you should, but if you don’t, you can use a countertop or a chair. Something of that nature to go ahead and keep you propped up and we’ve got ten seconds left, keep breathing keep stretching and we are finished with the gastrocnemius stretch. This is the hamstring stretch for lower extremity sample workout number one, I’m going to demonstrate the stretch without the Walker and with the Walker. I am also going to demonstrate this stretch and sitting for people that don’t feel that they have the conditioning to perform it in standing. So before you start, your timer just observe what I’m doing and standing I’m going to turn to the right and bring the left heel out bending the right knee. This is going to be the stretch without the Walker I’m going to grab my Walker. This is going to be the stretch with the Walker. If you need to lean on it with your elbows, that’s okay! I’M going to come back up we’re going to turn the Walker around, so you can sit on it always make sure that you lock the brakes. We’Re going to sit on the Walker lock it down and again, with the left leg out, you can lean over and you’ll feel a pull in the back of the left leg. It won’t be as intense as in standing, but you’ll get the stretch without feeling like you’re, going to lose your balance. Okay, standing back up we’re going to begin the stretch, I’m going to demonstrate it holding onto the Walker and we are going to use the timer. So begin turning to the right and we’re going to slide out the left leg make sure you lean your weight back and you’re on your left heel. The timer begins now we’re going to hold it. I’Ve almost never met anyone without tight hamstrings. We use them all. The time and if we don’t stretch them, they can become a nemesis and cause a low back pain, make sure you’re breathing who we’re feeling the burn on this one. I’M feeling the burn. I don’t know about you if 60 seconds worth of our stretch is too long for you, you can cut it down to 30 or 45. Do what is most comfortable for you and what’s safe. We have 15 seconds left on the stretch. Make sure you don’t stop? Breathing five seconds: five, four, three two and one slide the leg in and you’re, going to push back up into city, going to stop my timer and reset it we’re going to unlock the brakes and turn the Walker to the left side. Again: re locking the brakes. This time we’re going to slide out the right leg, lean back and begin your 60 seconds. You will feel probably that one leg is tighter than the other. This is feeling a whole lot easier on the right hamstring than on the left, make sure you’re, breathing try and talk, maybe singing to make sure that you’re breathing if you’re concerned you’re not able to it’s very important not to hold your breath when you do these Exercises it’s very important that the body process oxygen to bring circulation to the muscles that you’re stretching and we have 20 seconds left, I’m going to go a little deeper into the stretch, breathe we’re almost done and 60 seconds is up and you can slide the leg In sample lower-extremity workout number 1 includes for strength, training activities. The first one will be squats, we’re not going to squat all the way to the ground, but we’re going to squat in a safe range of motion holding on to our Walker. If you don’t need to hang on to the Walker, that’s okay simply spread your feet apart and use your hands for balance. Otherwise we’re going to grab our Walker and we’re going to count to 20. I’M going to explain to you as we’re doing it how to use the proper form right away, though just remember as you don’t want your knees going away over your toes, you don’t want your heels to come up and you don’t want to have any pain during The exercise you have pain during the activity you want to stop. Okay, so we’re going to grab the Walker, bring it in close, lock the brakes feet. Hip-Width apart and one two three make sure you’re breathing during the exercise. If you want to get a tummy exercise with it, make sure that you tighten the abdominal-wall as you’re squatting. There may be a tendency for you to put weight for one leg over the other, but try not to do that. You want to distribute your weight equally through both hips. This exercise is wonderful because it’s very functional and it simulates a sit to stand activity that we do all day long getting in that of the chair getting in and out of the car getting on and off the toilet seat. This is something that we do all day and 20 good job. The second strengthening exercise we’ll be doing today will be a basic heel. Raise I’m going to use the Walker. If you don’t need the Walker, just use your hands out beside you for a light, support and you’re going to lift the heel up and down like so I’m going to turn and face my Walker for those of you that are using the Walker. So you can see me from the side. The exercise will be lift and down we’re going to start now, 20 repetitions, one if you’re not able to do 20 just do as many as you can. If you have any kind of sharp pain in the calf or in the heel cord, you want to stop the exercise immediately, otherwise continue to breathe and we’re all finished. The third exercise we’ll be doing today is a hip abduction to work the gluteus medius. We activate these muscles when we go to walk I’m going to hold on to the Walker and do the exercise. If you don’t need the Walker. However, you can use a basic arm movement to accentuate the activity. It is going to be a leg. Kick out to the side with a soft knee bent, it is standing and a soft knee bent that is moving I’m going to grab my Walker, okay, and I think I can show you this from the front ready and one two three. It’S important to note on this exercise that you can do them all in a row or you can alternate. I think it’s a little bit easier to alternate the activity because it doesn’t put too much strain on the leg. That’S standing make sure you can continue to breathe during the activity and remember you know if you’re breathing, if you can talk to a friend hum these kinds of things, and then you won’t pass out from lack of bear. Almost there probably feeling a burn right now on the outside of the hip. Don’T lose your form last one and very good exercise. Number four is going to be a basic standing, hamstring curl without the walker. The exercise will look like this and you can use the hands to help balance yourself, while you’re moving I’m going to demonstrate the full activity, utilizing the Walker. So let’s go ahead and grab our Walker unlock the brakes. I’M going to strike this for you from the side again locking the brakes and you’re going to lift just like that. People want to know what counts as one exercise, one will be a lift on each leg, so we’re going to begin the activity. Now I’m going to turn an angle a little bit more this way and we’re going to begin one two three just like that and again you can always get an abdominal exercise by tightening the tummy muscles pulling in at the belly button. You’Re, almost all the way, through your six exercises, focus on tightening that muscle on the back of the thigh. We’Re almost done and very good

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Sleep Why We Need It And

Sleep Why We Need It And

Discover The Secret Technique

What Happens Without It
If you are looking for someone who is regular in his sleep, certainly not the one to count on Evening is when I do my best work and the best time to play. Waking up at 8 AM is not my style And, while a part of me wishes, I never slept, I definitely enjoy it. One of our strongest vital requirements is the need for sleep One of the few desires that we cannot control. In fact, sleep deprivation can lead to death faster than food deprivation Time, to find the scientific Discover The Secret Technique reason that we do a third of our lives Try to stay awake for it, Although the average person will spend 25 years of his life sleeping, There is no scientific consensus On exactly why we do this. One thing we’re sure to know is that our brain definitely thinks sleep is important. Deep in the hypothalamus is the small walnut-sized region at the bottom of the brain. You have a group of cells that is your biological clock. The nucleus is called the suprachiasm When exposed to light. This small group is busy releasing hormones like cortisol And inhibits the secretion of inactive hormones such as melatonin, And does the opposite when it gets dark. The second sleep trigger is thought to be an adonisin build-up in the brain. Adonisin is a by-product of your nerve cells, And the other cells when damaged, are ATP. The basic molecule that our bodies use to store energy Research indicates that when a group of adonisin residues builds up in your brain, You feel sleepy. We previously talked about adonisin when we discussed the science of caffeine Because the effect of caffeine occurs through its binding to the same receptors as adonisin. It tricks the body into thinking, it’s not tired, But when you sleep, your adrenaline levels drop, And gradually your nerve cells absorb it again. This is what makes you feel somewhat relaxed when you wake up, So we fall asleep when our brain tells us that, But this does not answer the most important question: Why are we programmed to sleep Seems like a very annoying thing to do? It is also dangerous if you are surrounded by leopards or others. There are many theories and it is unlikely that any of them is the only answer. Instead, they can all contribute to this strange craving That necessitates us to lose our awareness.

First of all, mammals and birds, sleep And other creatures, such as reptiles, insects and fish, show sleep-like behavior. This includes even a millimeter-long nematode that is put under pressure when it refuses to rest. Some Discover The Secret Technique scientists suggest that staying at night is an evolutionary adaptation that enhances animal survival By keeping him safe from danger when he is most vulnerable to it. Sleeping can be a way to stay still so that you don’t attract attention, Even so. The lion sleeps 15 hours a day While it can be said that the giraffe is the delicious meal of the sad lion. You sleep less than two hours a day, So another theory is that sleep might be a way to conserve energy Life in general and at least in the wild, is all about providing the calories to keep going So getting rest. The third of your day is fine. Humans use approximately 10 % less energy during their sleep, Our breathing heart rate, and body temperature. All drop Sleep theory is often reinforced by the fact that it secures a return to a normal state. Sleep is when muscle tissue grows, your cells produce protein and your tissues renew themselves. It secretes growth hormones, But of course, we can take care of that without losing consciousness right. That is why our body does not repair itself when we sit on the sofa And we watch “ Milwaukee Housewives”

Because our minds need sleep as much as our bodies do. New research suggests that sleep allows the brain to regenerate And, even more importantly, can reorganize. This theory is known as brain plasticity. Discover The Secret Technique We all do and see different things every day We can remember most of them when we wake up, but not necessarily all of them. The plasticity of the brain explains that sleep is when it replaces and stores the events of the day. It saves approximately 8 hours to process and capture new memories. This theory supported human trials in one of the experiments. A group of volunteers memorized a set of patterns in the morning. The other group did so in the evening. The brains of the morning group were tested. After 12 hours without sleep, The evening group was tested 12 hours later, but after they fell asleep The evening collection proved to be a plus for remembering patterns.

It can be good advice to take a nap when you run into problems Or slow down before making an important decision. Your brain needs time to absorb everything, you’ve noticed, But if sleep enhances the strengthening of the brain, What about the things we want to forget? For example, there is no reason to remember the color of the car that crossed my path in the morning Or the words of a radio ad where someone sings about furniture. Fortunately, sleep can help filter all of the junk and excess from our brains. When you make memories during the day, The brain strengthens the nerve connections or the connections between nerve cells. Learning new things usually causes neurons to form completely new synapses By tracking the flow of electronic activity that occurs thousands of times every night. Among the billions of your nerve cells, Scientists discovered that during sleep, Both high and low frequencies flow, but the moderate frequencies decrease their flow. In other words, your brain chooses to either increase or calm the nerve connections it produced. While you sleep, As a result, each bond is strengthened or weakened, Although it’s a little sad when you think about it, The insignificant details of the previous day are likely to be lost forever. After you, wake up Keep in mind without the daily filtering. Your brain can face a lack of energy And space crunch and somehow the sleep function is like doing a hard disk format. The problem is that people and Americans in particular, are not getting enough sleep. The National Sleep Foundation did the research On average. Americans earn less than an hour Of the recommended. Eight hours per night Teens need more too. Likewise, nearly 20 % of Americans report trouble sleeping More than 200,000 car accidents every year caused drivers to become sleepy Killing more people than driving under the influence. It doesn’t take long for the brain and body to feel the effects of sleep deprivation And problems arise over time.
Sleep Why We Need It And

Just spend one night without sleep and your brain will quickly start trying to fight Beginning with the amygdala. A part of the brain that tells the body to prepare for when danger is imminent. Short-Term sleep deprivation causes the amygdala to overreact. Thus it obscures the prefrontal cortex.  Discover The Secret Technique This is the part of the brain that controls logical thinking, among other things, So waking up all night. It can sign you in a situation that a researcher calls Jell-O Because when it exceeds the prefrontal cortex, The sleep-deprived brain connects to another part And which, from an evolutionary perspective, is one of the oldest and most primitive regions. The blue locus of your brain is called ( locus coeruleus ) Because for some reason the fabric is blue. Its job is to motivate you to instinctively respond to stress and panic, But it can interpret almost anything as a threat. Car derailment short mail, impromptu comment from a companion. It leaves you anxious and suspicious of everyone and everything.

The longer you sleep, the worse things, get Memory and control of speech are the next two exposes of suffering, but only after several days, Things look very strange. General paranoia can reveal more and more pronounced hallucinations. Some have interpreted this to mean that your brain forces you into an awake state, But the question is: can lack sleep really kill you? The answer is almost certain. Yes, Sleep is directly related to healthy immunity. Studies reported a 50 % decrease in antibodies in those who underwent the trial, And they were only deprived of sleep for a week Which exposed them to receive diseases And in a well-known study on sleep from the 1980s conducted by sleep researcher, Alan Rachfan, A group of Sleep-Deprived mice all died within two weeks. The reason as far as Rakshafan turned out was simply exhaustion. They had no physical defect. A later experiment conducted in 2002, similarly failed to find an apparent cause of death. So you probably want to know how long you can go without sleep, The longest recorded state of a person, volunteering to be awake is 264 hours, Or about 11 days. It happened in 1965 when 17-year-old Randy Gardner set a record As part of his science project. Gardner appeared relatively healthy, most likely a result of his age. In the end, however, he was described as cognitive impairment. Discover The Secret Technique When he was awake, he felt blurred vision and involuntary eye movements. His hallucinations included seeing fog around streetlights and feeling a fanciful hat ribbon, And he thought he was the San Diego Chargers’ back-back. I think the lesson here is not to try to break the Gardner record At the next science. Fair in your school. No good will come from that. Thank you for watching this episode of Sai Shaw. If you have questions or comments So share them with us on Facebook and Twitter and in the comments below And if you want a little more intelligence with us here at Sai Shaw. Go to and subscribe

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Discover The Secret Technique

How to Accurately Rate Your YouTube Content: PROFANITY

How to Accurately Rate Your YouTube Content: PROFANITY

– What’s up, insider’s Connor here not with the news flash this time, but with something that we know will be a huge importance to everybody in the YouTube partner program. what is that? It’s the advertiser friendly content guidelines. So why we’re bringing it up today is the page itself has been updated. There’ve been no policy changes.

However, there are a ton more examples added. And the lens through which we’re delivering these examples is through self-certification.

So, where as previously you would’ve seen tables with broader examples under a title limited or no ads. If you go to any one of the guidelines that relates directly to the questionnaire itself, you’re gonna see a guide to self-certification option. If you click on that option, you’re gonna allow it to expand.

On what you’ll see beneath that guide to self certification, is as much detail as we can publish around what falls in each of those three categories.

So the first category is what you can run ads on. The second is what you can’t run ads on, but some advertisers may update. And the third is stuff that we just don’t wanna monetize at all. So, why we’re bringing this to the creator insider community is because we want eyes on this article.

We want eyes on this article for two reasons. The first is to give you the very best chance at maintaining a high accuracy score in self-certification. And the second is to ask for more feedback. When it comes to inappropriate language, we are challenged by the sheer volume on changing nature of profanity, both on the platform and in the real world offline. So if there’s something that you feel is unclear in any of these sections, make sure you call it out to us in the comments below, make sure you send feedback through the send feedback line, whichever works better for you, but there are three things that I’m gonna let you know.

The first is that you’re gonna see definitions. Now we’ve worked really hard to make these definitions as clear and concise as possible. But, if I’m looking at the article now, as I hope you are, I’m gonna see self like sensory profanity. And we say here that it refers to things like bleeping or muting the word as well as covering written words with black bars, symbols, or textiles and post-production. That’s hopefully really useful information for when you’re filling out the questionnaire in your account.

Now, the second thing I’m gonna point out is some helpful tips in these examples.

So thumbnails containing strong profanity is actually something that you can run ads on, but only for brands who opt in to run those ads on your content. These are small things that may not have been clear before, but we hope with all of the detail that we put into this page, will be a lot clearer now. And the third point appointed is a lot broader. When it comes to these questionnaire options, We’re really trying to condense a big book of policies into one page.

So when you’re selecting those options, we’re picking out the things that are most common in any different category. But the questionnaire language itself is obviously not gonna be comprehensive. Think about the platform we can’t possibly put in every permutation of content out there. So that’s why our feedback loop, when it comes to this article through the comments below through the sent feedback link, is really, really important. So, if you have ideas about something that may be missing here, something that we could improve on, please let us know.

We’re gonna be updating this article on a constant basis on the basis of the feedback that you provide. Now, we’re gonna be coming back every week and taking a part each one of these guidelines sections. So that’s it for this segment of the advertiser friendly guidelines series. Make sure you provide that feedback to us. Thanks for checking in and as always from the creators of YouTube to YouTube creators, it’s been a pleasure presenting you the information today.


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6 Tips for Better Audience Retention!

6 Tips for Better Audience Retention!

How do you get people to watch the entire video? We’ve seen a lot of videos on our Creator Insider channel About the audience retention feature. And you now know the YouTube system in search And Discovery loves videos that people love And an excellent way To determine this, is audience retention. But from a content strategy standpoint, From a creative strategy, How to keep followers following you? I’m Matt Koval, and I want to give you six ideas On how to keep followers following your video.

Let us start. I have my notes here. And the number one is a “strong cause for suspicion”. There’s a reason this video won’t start With the phrase “Hello Creator Insiders.” My name is Matt Koval.

I’m the YouTube Creator Coordinator. how are you? I hope you are fine.

It’s raining a little bit here. No, I didn’t start with all of that.

You start with what I think you care about, Which is what I clicked, How to increase audience retention for your videos. So if you can, when you think about how to design Your video or how to write your script, List what they care about up front. Check if you can raise the value of the video in advance Something tempting helps people know They must stay. Second, “delivery speed.” I’m not usually a quick talker, But when I’m in front of the camera, I am trying to increase the speed, and I am trying to increase my energy My speed of delivery and my positivity.

Because you have options, you have millions of options Another thing you can watch is now.

So, I want to try a delivery This information as quickly as possible. So when you create videos, raise your energy level. Try to speak a little faster than usual And using jump cuts to cut out all um and uh. Number three.

“Add a lot of visuals”, If you can, or mix sites. Now you might know Casey Neistat, Very talented filmmaker and vlogger But it does record a vlog on many different sites. And if you’re paying attention For how he creates his videos, He tells a story like everyone else, Directly to the camera, But it doesn’t sit in one place all the time. He is trying to get up and trying to change the angle And he goes here and there.

I don’t have time to do that now.

So I hope you stay with me. But if you can show a lot of people visuals, Be it graphics, animation, or at least Move the camera and show people different locations, It can really help maintain their attention. Well number four is Drama and Conflict. Here in the United States we have these offers Like Dateline or 2020, And they are incredibly captivating. I can’t watch one of those series, even for one minute.

Without getting caught up in it. So, is there anything about what you do Can it generate some drama or conflict? I hope it is not a real drama or conflict, But drama and conflict can really grab people’s attention. Number five, “grand climax.” Is there anything you can put in the end From the video, this really exciting moment That people will wait for them anxiously?

We’ll go to another content creator A favorite of my son is MrBeast. And we saw a video a while ago about MrBeast Buys the largest fireworks fireworks can be bought. Its price was $ 600,000. But the video started setting off firecrackers Its price is one dollar, so it started slowly and slowly It climbs to higher and more expensive fireworks. At the end of the video, There was a moment of great climax He set off fireworks worth $ 600,000.

that’s what I mean. Can you put anything in the end From your video where people will really stay for it Are craving him? What is the climax of this video? I didn’t set him a climax, it was probably number six, This might be the best, and maybe not.

Number six, “Public Loyalty.

” When your fans and viewers are They look like you, they tend to watch longer. All the work you do is to build a fan base All weekly videos or daily videos, You are building that bond Or that relationship with your audience, And this really helps retain your audience In my opinion, this will keep your followers following you. So let’s summarize here. We have a strong reason to get stuck at first, We have speed in delivery and power, Try to make it sexy, We have a lot of visual elements And many more sites, if you can.

Number four is some drama or conflict, If you can create that, maybe there is some suspense.

Number five is the big climax Near the end of your video. And you’ll talk about this first, On the hook, to see if you can lead people Along near the end, the big climax moment. And the sixth is the loyalty of the public. All the work that you do, really helps create this bond It will get people to view more of your content.

I’m Matt Koval.

Thanks for following. Check out all the videos on this channel About audience retention. There are some great new features to help you understand Retain audience and when to come viewers And they stay longer in your videos, So check those out. Thank you for staying till the end. Are you still here?

You are great, I appreciate your patience.

Well, be on your own..

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Keep Your Goals Realistic With List Building!
Keep Your Goals Realistic With List Building!


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